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Bill Clinton isn’t in the greatest phase of his marriage. He and the Mrs have been looking out of sorts earlier this year with tr Uranus opposing their composite Venus repeating through April and December 2018 and January 2019. Plus tr Saturn is square the composite Sun Mars this December, which will be irritable and chilly. If both birth times are accurate then 2018/19 will be strained also with tr Pluto square the composite Moon. Their respective Sun/Moon midpoints (the marriage significator) have been getting pounded in recent years by the tr Pluto square tr Uranus; and there’s one last assault on that midpoint in 2019 from tr Saturn in hard aspect. Though they are fairly lashed together and have survived through these sorts of times before.

Exactly now he has his Solar Arc Venus opposition his Uranus, which won’t contribute to snug togetherness. His next three years is a mix of undermining Neptune transits plus some confidently upbeat Pluto to Jupiter, or to Jupiter midpoints. In many ways he looks in better shape morale-wise than Hillary. Though tr Neptune is moving through his 6th which will lower his energy. Tr Saturn will square his Mars Neptune in 2018 and his Venus Jupiter in 2019, which will be downbeat at times. And tr Uranus is square his Saturn from mid 2018 for a year will give him a few jolts.

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  1. Buckeye, where is the evidence the election was stolen from Hillary? If anything those three million votes came from illegals. I gave very detailed accusations against Hillary Clinton but Carole did not name a single incident to justify calling President Trump a criminal and a traitor. Hillary Clinton was protected by the Obama Administration for eight years, thwarting many calls for a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of many of the allegations against her. Regarding abandoning Americans in Benghazi, it is well documented that requests for increased security were repeatedly denied, and the day of the attack military operatives capable of providing assistance were told to stand down. The money trail from Hillary for the golden showers dossier led to and from foreign sources; it IS illegal for foreigners to contribute monetarily to a US campaign AND it is illegal for candidates to pay foreign sources for “opposition research” and other help with political campaigns. Finally, it IS illegal to destroy emails (whether personal or business) from government computers. Hillary HAS broken the law; she even admits to actionable offenses (as previously noted). Beyond what she has admitted, there is plenty of “smoke” regarding the other allegations against Hillary Clinton, so all Americans should welcome an independent investigation or two or three or four. I would
    I would suggest you look in a mirror because you haven’t been brave enough to objectively look at the facts surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation and you don’t have the integrity to acknowledge the illegality of Hillary’s known actions. Truth is easy to obfuscate, and there is no better proof of that than the Clinton Crime Syndicate and those who aid them in spreading the narrative. The Left has started turning on her the last couple days. Where will it end? She’ll be protected in 2018 by her Solar Return with Sun conjunction Jupiter but she won’t be so lucky come 2019.

    • Can it, Deborah. This is an astrology website, not Craig’s List rant-n-rave.

      “I would suggest you look in a mirror because you haven’t been brave enough to objectively look at the facts surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation and you don’t have the integrity to acknowledge the illegality of Hillary’s known actions.”

      Personal attacks. Not permitted on the site.

      • Can it? How rude you are. You aren’t the boss of me or anyone else who wants to post here. Are you Marjorie’s guard dog? You have no authority here unless she says so. I haven’t been the least bit rude unlike everything I have read from you for many months to anyone you disagree with. In fact, you are the reason I rarely read the comments because you say nothing beneficial. My last sentence has some astrology. Where is your astrology? Have you studied astrology? Do you understand it? I never see ANYTHING from you. Or are you just here to fan flames? You have the most personal attacks of anyone here. I can give you quite a bit about Hillary’s future. Just say the word. One thing I’d like Marjorie to comment on is 2019 when Hillary has Progressed Moon squaring her Mars then Pluto then Saturn. What do you think that suggests oh wise and nasty one?

  2. Oh puhleeze Cynthia, you talk about being careful with the truth at the same time you call President Trump a criminal and turn a blind eye to everything Hillary has done just to get the nomination much less thousands of other things she has done. It is an astounding crime to have literally stolen a presidential nomination from the most viable candidate and it doesn’t matter if the DNC is public or private. As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing PDJT has done to consider him a criminal. Where is your evidence?

    • Its also an astounding crime to win the presidency by three million plus votes and have it stolen from you, as was done to Hillary. All you folks who are roiling against her, what do you think makes the proper karma for her alledged crimes? Why wouldn’t it be this?

      And what is the proper karma for damning Hillary for things she didn’t do? Let us know how that works out for you.

  3. They won’t split because married partners can not testify against each other.
    Hillary’s SA Saturn just hit her Sun and will be exact a couple days after Christmas. Will be interesting to see what happens then, could be a wide array of crimes she gets nailed for. Not only did she sell our national secrets to our enemies, sell 20% of uranium to Russia, abandon Americans in Benghazi, cheat on debates, pay for the “golden showers” dossier, rip off Haiti and heaven knows what there, and profit from pay to play…she also abused FEC laws with the DNC. Donna Bazille has just thrown her under the bus. The blocks are tumbling.

    • I’m sorry to read this. HRC did not sell our national secrets to anyone, nor did she sell 20% of uranium to Russia (google Joy Ann Reid’s latest takedown on this), abandon Americans or rip off Haiti. Donna Brazil did gave HRC a debate question, not HRC, so that’s on Donna. The golden showers dossier was started by a GOP donor’s self-owned news outlet and the DNC picked up the $168K bill as opposition (on DJT) research; not illegal either and SOP for any competitor the world over. The Clinton Foundation & the Clintons have broken no federal, state or jurisdictional laws. What HRC and Donna Brazil are up to their necks in is: they UNethically rigged the DNC’s nomination process – it is NOT against the law, especially when the DNC (like the RNC) are private, not public, entities. HRC can be said to be sneaky with an extreme penchant to have her ducks lined up but a criminal? Not there. Unethical? Yes but not criminal unlike the traitor occupying the people’s (and as Michelle Obama stated more than once with truthful facts) slave-built White House.

      It’s imperative that we exercise discernment. Truth is very easy to obfuscate – it’s usually dull and lacking glamour. Lying to ourselves regarding just about everything is the devil that Americans have to wrestle with. It’s our own karma and if we can’t, or won’t, face it head on with courage and integrity, we can kiss our country buh-bye. It cannot exist when it’s not real. Fear is the killer and it’s driven by human beings stoked up on hatred(s).

      • Cynthia, you are awesome! God bless you and your clear mind. The Hillary-damning deluge is a smokescreen. The indictments by Mueller are bringing us closer to the whole truth about Trump’s crimes and the rats are coming out of their holes. These people aren’t even americans, and some aren’t even human (bots). Keep up the good fight.

      • Did you read the comment downthread, under your name? Is that you, too? Whats up? If thats not you, contact Marjorie. She can tell from the IP address, and put a ban on the one that isn’t you, if she wants. We certainly don’t need active skullduggery on this site.

  4. Donna Brazil exposed Hillary today with the truth that she colluded with the DNC to rig the Democratic Party’s 2016 nomination processes. She is burnt toast and no amount of justification will ever fix that. The Clintons’ days of influencing and running the D party has ended, their era is over forever. Bill and Hill have done their work and their story has concluded. They will plow forward through the rest of their days, both tarnished but profoundly human.

  5. Solaia: Could you (or Marjorie) elaborate on what makes Bill Clinton’s chart so lucky? I’m not asking for great detail–just some basic indicators. I’d be interested to know what a super lucky chart looks like. Thanks.

  6. Thank you for this one! One thing I have to say, Bill Clinton’s chart has “luck” written all over it. He will always fall on his feet.

    Having looked at many other politician’s charts, the only other one nearing this is Paul Ryan’s. Which is the reason why I’ve maintained, since February-March, that when/if dominos start to fall in WH, he will be President of The US. It now looks like Mueller’s Russian Probe has enough to nail everybody working in Trump’s Campaign up to Jeff Sessions. There are insistant voices on Michael Flynn co operating, which would nail Pence. I think we might see an Agnew scenario soon – Pence is much more likely to resign than Trump. Trump would have no other option but to nominate Ryan as his VP. After 2018 Midterms, we could see Democrats winning, and making Imbeachment possible for Trump. And this would make Ryan President, at least for 24 months or so.

  7. The Clintons marriage has been one of political convenience for years.It is a professional pairing that has benefited both of them.So it seems unlikely they will split now.

    • This is exactly the reason I think they will split the moment Hillary comes in terms with her political career being truly over. 😉 In fact, I think some of the things we see on her chart may be indicative of that happening, too. She has loads of Scorpio, she is stubborn and needs time to process things. Also, she may start to realize she lost at least partially because of Bill. I saw loads of comments by Independent/Moderate Republican women, whose main issue with Hillary was that she did non leave Bill after all the affairs. The fact she “endured” these made them question her integrity and more willing to believe what ever Russian bot driven smear campaign on her.

      • Having Venus in Scorpio, like Hilary, I can perfectly understand her staying with Bill, despite everything. I probably would do the same. I can understand the staying power and commitment, even though they have loads of problems and she is frustrated with him. It is also consistent with Hilary as a person who never gives up. That is how she does everything. Jackie Kennedy stuck with her man, even though he was cavorting in the Mediterranean with a mistress after she had a miscarriage. People never disrespected her for that.

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