Mavis Wanczyk, powerball winner – secret of her success



Mavis Wanczyk, a Massachusetts nurse, has won the $758 million Powerball. She was born 23 April 1964, Southbridge, Massachusetts with a rectified time of 6.10am by Isaac Starkman (rectified birth times are always a guesstimate to be treated with caution.)

This makes her a Sun Jupiter Mercury in Taurus trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo, so she clearly has the potential to be lucky, though it hasn’t appeared in spectacular fashion before now. The only thing that does show up of note at the moment is that her Pluto has moved by Solar Arc to oppose her Jupiter Sun at the moment – which certainly suggests a mega event. Taurus is the sign of acquisition and possessions, Pluto is super-powered especially in aspect to Jupiter. And this year into early 2018 she has tr Uranus conjunct her Mars/Jupiter midpoint which will also bring luck, high confidence and an urge to be free.

However there are risks. Experts recommend that winners keep quiet and don’t take a lump sum, but spread it out over 30 years. She leapt into a press conference immediately and is now sinking under soliciting requests and media attention. She also requested a lump sum which after taxes comes to around $336 million. About a third of lottery winners eventually go bankrupt.

She does have tr Pluto square her Mars in Aries this year and next which will put her under acute pressure till late 2018. Although next year she also has tr Uranus conjunct her Jupiter followed by tr Uranus conjunct her Sun in 2019 which points to major and probably positive changes in her life. Emotionally she’ll be all over the place with tr Saturn square her Moon this November and by 2019 tr Neptune is square her Venus which can be disappointment in love or financial matters. By the mid 2020s her Solar Arc Saturn will be conjunct her Jupiter Sun, for a downturn in her enthusiasm and maybe fortune.

If the rectified birth time is accurate then her Solar Arc Jupiter Sun are just on the cusp of her 2nd house of personal finances in which they’ll stay for the next two decades which should keep her afloat. Tr Saturn is preparing to go into her 8th for the next two years which will force her to cope with financial affairs and at times feel lonely. It is a staggeringly large sum of money for someone not used to wealth, will split her away from friends and she hasn’t been well advised up to now.

On her harmonics: She has a has a well-aspected healer’s 12th harmonic as to be expected from a nurse. Her 13H is especially strong which is associated with upheaval, change and rebirth. Her 19H which brings prosperity though not necessarily happiness is also marked. Though it is her 7th Harmonic and multiples thereof, 14H and 21H, which are most striking. Usually these aspects are associated with creativity – musicians, painters, writers. David Hamblin says it is the number which contains cosmic secrets and points to man’s fantasies and inspiration and thus has the ability to turn imaginings and visions into reality. Her natal Jupiter trine Pluto gives the same flavour since it known for the ability ‘to turn thoughts into things’. Though seven is a number of transience not permanence. Which doesn’t mean she’ll lose her fortune, merely that the ‘creative act’ which inspired her choice will be difficult to replicate.

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  1. I rectified the birth time of Mavis L. Wanczyk as 8 hours, one minute.
    Ascendant 29 Gemini; MC 3 Pisces conjunct ruler Eight House Saturn also 3 Pisces.; ruler MC Neptune in Fith House.
    Jupiter 3 Taurus in Eleven House trine natal MC/Saturn and conjunct Sun 4 Taurus (Sabian symbol Taurus 4: The rainbow’s pot of gold).
    When she bought the winning lot MC was 27 Virgo and conjunt Moon 27 Virgo conjunct natal Moon 27 Virgo, ruler Second House.
    Mercurius 10 Taurus in Eleven House ruler Ascendant; Mars 20 Aries in Eleven House ruler Eleven House C-11 7 Aries.
    On 23 August 2017 Mavis had Progressive aspect 23-Aug-2017 028°,01’00 Leo Moon 60 Asc and
    24-Aug-2017 +15°,07’04 Mars # Nep transit
    The progressive Moon 29 Leo is also Sun eclipse 29 Leo degree on 21 August 2017.
    Her progressive MC was 29 Aries conjunct transit Uranus 29 Aries and sextile natal Ascendant 29 Gemini.
    Second House 27 Gemini square natal Moon 27 Virgo.
    I constructed the moment she knew that she had all Lottery numbers right as 23h 25 m. 15s.
    MC 9 Aquarius conjunct natal Ninth House; Ninth House 18 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 18 Capricorn conjunct natal Eight House.
    Fith House 7 Virgo conjunct Mercurius 7 Virgo conjunct natal Uranus 7 Virgo.
    Pars 4 Cancer in second House opposite Black Moon 4 Capricorn, resp. sextile and trine natal Sun.4 Taurus.

  2. Deadly accident husband WILLIAM WANCZYK .
    6 November 2016.
    Timezone + 5h.
    42°,22’40,0 n

    Cusp 11 21°,58’11,2 Taurus.
    Merc 21°,27’37,2 Scorpio ruler Twelve House and Third House.
    Ura 21°,36’49,0 R Aries.
    Moon 06°,40’04,4 Aquarius co-ruler Twelve House and positioned in natal Eight House Mavis Wanczyk.

    Mavis Wanczyk.
    Natal pars 22 Scorpio.
    Natal Eleven House 7 Aries.

  3. I rectified the birthtime of Mavis Wanczyk as 8 hours.00 minutes and 58,5 seconds.
    GMT 13.00.58,5.

    Natal chart: MC 3 Pisces conjunct Saturn 3 Pisces.
    C-11: 7 Aries.

    Progressive aspects and transits Mavis Wanczyk.

    6 November 2016 her husband had a deadly accident.

    6-Nov-2016 027°,34’11 Taurus Mars 180 Black Moon
    6-Nov-2016 004°,21’04 Gemini C-11 45 Mars
    6-Nov-2016 028°,01’00 Capricorn Mars 150 Asc transit
    6-Nov-2016 012°,19’25 Libra Jup 90 Black Sun transit
    6-Nov-2016 002°,18’42 Aquarius Moon 45 Chiron transit
    7-Nov-2016 -22°,15’44 Mars # C—2 transit
    7-Nov-2016 012°,34’11 Libra Jup 45 Black Moon
    23 August 2017 2.30 pm. She bought her winning lot.

    MC and Moon 27 Virgo conjunct natal Moon 27 Virgo ruler c-2: 18 Cancer.
    C-2: 12 Capricorn trine natal Pluto 12 Virgo.
    Pars 4 Capricorn trine natal Sun 4 Taurus.
    Uranus 29 Aries sextile natal Ascendant 29 Gemini.
    Mercurius 7 Virgo conjunct natal Uranus 7 Virgo.
    Mars 22 Leo square natal pars 22 Scorpio.
    Pluto 18 Capricorn trine natal C2: 18 Cancer.
    C-12: 19 Scorpio opposite natal C-12: 19 Taurus.

    23-Aug-2017 028°,01’00 Leo Moon 60 Asc
    24-Aug-2017 +15°,07’04 Mars # Nep transit
    27-Aug-2017 028°,08’51 Leo Moon 90 mutual Mars
    27-Aug-2017 026°,32’00 Virgo C–3 135 AR11
    31-Aug-2017 009°,33’26 Gemini Merc 30 Merc

    4-Sep-2017 028°,26’27 Leo Moon 120 mutual MC

  4. No surprise that a Taurus won the big prize. Every Taurus I’ve ever known has been a money magnet. I know that’s a generality–there must be exceptions depending on aspects, etc.–but Bulls do seem to have a monopoly re the Midas touch.

  5. Dear God, who would want to go public with that kind of news? You’d have every dirt bag, sob story, fair weather friend, and deceitful family member crawling out from under their rocks, all desperate for a piece, as well as the glare of the media on you. Then, there are the threats to you and your family that come with it. I think you must have to crave that kind of attention to step forward and put yourself under the mainstream lens. Better to count your lucky stars, live the life you want, and do good for others with a measure of control over it, and remain anonymous. It’s the only sane outcome I can imagine out of this.

  6. The Event Chart for the sell of the ticket has a nice stellium of Opportunity = NN = Mony = Mars conjunct her natal Ops (Abundance) and guess where Mony was? . . . . . 22 Leo! That’s right on the LE at 22 Leo from Feb of this year. That eclipse is a once in a lifetime type of eclipse with lucky breaks, lucky wins and things that seem too good to be true (but are actually true! as Bernadette Brady said). This eclipse had just triggered on Aug 14 and was being triggered again by Mars. However, it appears it was the SE at 8 Pis that held a little more weight. (same Saros as the 22 Leo). It fell in partile opposition to her Uranus/Pluto MP which falls in her 5H of speculation along with her p-Moon and p-Ops – and was also conjunct her Rockefella! So she had Uranus in the 5H opposed Rockefella in the 11H at same degree . . . . who says asteroids can’t show a giant windfall like winning the powerball directly? It couldn’t be plainer! This eclipse had triggered on Aug 21 via Rx Mercury and Mercury is her 2 and 5H ruler!

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