Joe Arpaio – a Sun Gemini, Mars in Taurus raging zealot



Donald Trump used the cover of the Texas hurricane to pardon former Joe Arpaio, the hardline Arizona lawman, recently convicted of contempt of court in July for defying a judge’s order to stop racially profiling Latinos. And to sign in the bill banning transgenders from enlisting in the armed forces. Arpaio called his own jail while still sheriff a “concentration camp”, serving inmates just two ‘inedible’ meals a day and forcing them to wear pink underwear and socks and old-fashioned black-and-white striped prison jumpsuits. He revived chain gangs and made the inmates live outdoors in sweltering Arizona desert temperatures. He became a national figurehead for the virulent xenophobia that Trump embraced in his presidential campaign, and was at the forefront of the so-called birther movement against Barack Obama.

Arpaio, 14 June 1932, is a Sun Gemini like Trump; with Arpaio’s Mars in obdurate Taurus exactly conjunct Trump’s midheaven, so he threw his raging-bull temperament behind Trump’s ambitions. His Mars squares a flashy Jupiter in Leo and is sextile Pluto, so opportunistic as well as can-be ruthless. With his Sun sitting on the midpoint of Mars and Pluto which adds another level of forcefulness.

He certainly disliked Barack Obama, with his Mars square Obama’s Uranus and his Sun squaring Obama’s Mars.

His relationship chart with Trump has a composite Jupiter Neptune square the Sun and trine Uranus – which suggests alongside the fanaticism of Uranus Neptune a degree of delusion. They don’t look an altogether happy duo moving ahead, especially this October when tr Saturn opposes the composite Sun; and mired in confusion in 2018.

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