Matt & Luke Goss – twins who came unstuck

Identical twins who had a major fall out lasting a decade is an intriguing astrological puzzle.

  Matt and Luke Goss, a massively successful music duo in the 1980s split up after facing financial ruin having been mismanaged.  Matt went onto a solo music career playing a Las Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace, while Luke went on to a film career.

 They didn’t speak for a long time until their mother’s death in 2014.

  They do appear to have different temperaments. Matt is a fixer, who nursed his mother in her final months of cancer and cared for his stepfather for four years after her death. He says: ‘Me and my brother could not be more different. Luke’s more of a rocker kind of guy. I like George Michael, love Amy Winehouse, love soul. Yes, we’re identical twins but we don’t even really look exactly the same anymore.’ They got together for a sell-out reunion gigs three years ago and aired their  tears and tantrums, ego clashes and music differences in a documentary After The Screaming Stops at the same time.

Luke was born 29 September 1968 in Lewisham, England at 6.11pm with Matt arriving 10 minutes later at 6.21pm.

  The time difference was enough to shift the house position of the super-confident and pushy Jupiter Pluto in both charts to sit on Luke’s Descendant which will make him come on strong in relationships and be overly intense at times and controlling. In Matt’s chart, Jupiter Pluto falls in the helpful, hard-working 6th house so he will be less full-on in one-to-one interactions.

  The other key difference between them are the Midheaven aspects with Matt’s highlighting confidence, determination, discipline and the ability to overcome setbacks. Luke’s Midheaven aspects are also lucky but more sporadic, less disciplined.

  Luke’s Ascendant aspects to Midpoints highlight a personal of dynamic confidence; while Matt’s hint at a changeable image.

  It may not amount to much but it isn’t often identical twins with high profile lives and settled birth times crop up.

  They do have a fairly tricky chart with a Saturnine Yod of Jupiter Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn in tough-minded Aries which takes maturity to get the best out of it; and a needs-space Sun Uranus conjunction in their 7th house – so neither was well-designed for hothouse 24/7 togetherness. They needed their independent space.

  Interesting question of how easy it would be to get on in a relationship with one self. Speaking personally I’d think not at all.

6 thoughts on “Matt & Luke Goss – twins who came unstuck

  1. Good morning,

    How appropos this posting was. I just got an email from a woman who is an identical twin!…. asking for a reading. My best friends in high school were identical twins… and they certainly were different. I also have an elderly friend who is a fraternal twin. So intriguing!

    I’d certainly like to learn more about how to offer a reading.. to one, or both.
    I have been dabbling in it, but if any of you have more insights, happy to learn more!


  2. A friend of my daughter’s who practises astrology sets the chart of the second born twin precisely six months later. She says it explains the differences. She is half of a twin, as is her partner. She says it shows both the sibling and partnership relationships between all 4 of them very well. Something to experiment with?

  3. I watched a documentary about their relationship. It is fascinating and they cannot be three minutes in a room with each other. Both are very nice guys.

  4. Years ago I had an astrologer friend who was an identical twin with a very close birth time to her sister. She reckoned they split one chart between them, rather than having two separate charts. For her, this explained their very different characters. I never met the twin and can’t comment on the efficacy of her approach, but I thought it was an intriguing idea. With the Goss twins there do seem to be some clear differences in their charts so no need to resort to such ‘division’ of a single chart.

    • I think she was right. Early on before I had got into astrology properly I read out to the mother of twins a description from an Astro-cookbook of their sun sign. She said one had all the positive traits and the other all the negative.

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