Mary Lee Trump – shining a light on family secrets


Mary Lee Trump, Donald’s niece and daughter of his late brother Fred Jr who died of alcoholism, has written an excoriating family memoir – Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man – due to hit the bookshelves late July.

She will reportedly reveal she supplied the NY Times with confidential documents to back up their exclusive investigation into Trump’s personal finances, including allegations of “fraudulent” tax schemes. Though the main thrust appears to be about Trump’s behaviour in relation to his brother and the way he “dismissed and derided” his father when he developed Alzheimer’s. After Fred Senior’s death, she and her brother sued to dispute the money left to them by his estate. They said the 1991 will was “procured by fraud and undue influence” on the part of Donald Trump and his siblings, as the family patriarch suffered dementia. In retaliation the Trump company cancelled their medical insurance, vital for her brother’s daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy. It was eventually settled and details were not released.

She was born 3 May 1965 (I think, courtesy of Seth B. Leonard @sethbleonard) and is a clinical psychologist by training and a life coach. If accurate, she’s a stalwart Sun Venus in Taurus in an idealistic opposition to Neptune; with a volatile collection of Mars, Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn square North Node and Moon in Gemini with Jupiter also in Gemini.

Her Saturn opposition Pluto, Uranus, Mars square onto Trump’s erratic 10th house Uranus, so her anger and resentments from the past will be directed at destabilising his career. Plus her Sun squares his Pluto for a power-struggling interface. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun square a hostile Mars Pluto; with a can-be-fanatical Uranus square Neptune which is being rattled in the first half of this July and the first half of August and again mid-November to December.

Trump’s sister former Judge Maryanne Barry, 5 April 1937, will evidently be dragged into the furore. She’s a Sun Aries with a pushily-confident, above-normal-rules Pluto opposition Jupiter. She’s looking rattled at the minute with tr Uranus conjunct her Uranus; with her mood from mid August through the first half of November being less than delighted with tr Saturn squelching her confidence as it opposes her Pluto and hits her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. Her relationship with Mary Lee is also less than delirious with serious aggravations from mid August onwards, increasing chill and building worries in 2021. So it’s possible, just possible, the fall out from the book will rumble on.

If it gains traction it could be more damaging even than the John Bolton book which if past experiences are anything to go by will be written off by Trump’s fan base as a disgruntled ex-employee’s gripes. Though Bolton isn’t to be underestimated being a Sun Scorpio with his Scorpio Mercury square Pluto, so once he gets his teeth sunk in he won’t let go easy. And he has a successful and pushy tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint through July/August and again late November into December. Oddly enough Mary Lee Trump has the same timings from her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and she’s on the whole chipper this year; though 2021/22 isn’t too progressive for her.

PS If other birth dates appear do let me know.

12 thoughts on “Mary Lee Trump – shining a light on family secrets

  1. There’s a discrepancy about Dr. Trump’s middle name: Lee vs. Lea. Since her mother’s middle name was Lee, that one is more likely. Question: Why is London used as the location for the composite chart, when both Donald and Dr. Trump were born in New York City. Why not use NYC?

  2. Am reading the book now. It’s not such a revelation, other than explaining the illness of Donald’s mother which prevented her from giving some key nurturing to him. The president was really a bully and brat to his younger brother. It really seems to shine more light on Mary Lea Trump’s resentment, and her feelings of her dad’s mistreatment. True the family disliked her mother, but it’s not that much new. Not the best book, really.

  3. She isn’t telling us anything we haven’t observed over the last five years since Trump began his run for the presidency.

  4. Looking forward to this!
    He puts down people he hired as wackos and nutjobs but who hired them?
    It will be interesting what his extended family think of him.

  5. Thank you Marjorie. Looking forward to this book too. There’s some quite powerful synastry between Trump and his father. Fred Trump’s Pluto in Gemini conjuncts Donald Trump’s Sun as well as Trump’s north node plus it opposes Trump’s Sagittarian Moon. In turn, Trump’s Mars in Leo conjuncts Fred’s north node and opposes Fred’s Saturn in Aquarius. Trump’s Mercury in Cancer conjuncts Fred’s Neptune. There’s an exact conjunction between Trump’s Jupiter/Chiron conjunction and Fred’s combust Sun and Mercury in Libra. Those Sun/Pluto conjunctions and Sun/Chiron conjunctions in synastry can be really troublesome.

    • Been enjoying the BBC article today, highlighting the choicest morsels from John Bolton’s book including Lord Dampnut’s cosy relationships with dictators in particular Xi Jinping who he thought could help him win a second term, telling Xi he was going to overturn the two term limit of the presidency, his hostility towards the US’s traditional allies and his desire to quit NATO, the fact that he didn’t know that the UK was a nuclear power, agreeing with Xi that concentration camps for ethnic minorities were a good thing, thinking that Finland was a part of Russia and thinking that invading Venezuela would be ‘cool’ and being ridiculed by his own allies including Mike Pompeo who wrote a note describing his boss as ‘full of ****’.

  6. Like many, I can’t stand Trump but I am fascinated in what makes him tick and what kind of childhood he had to make him such a vindictive, malignant narcissist, racist, misogynist, and admirer of human rights abusing dictators. I’d certainly buy the book to get an insight into those 3 precious seconds that make this man tick.

    • Same. I’m not the slightest bit interested in any exposees coming from former Trump Administration members (the incompetency and wickedness have been there to see all the time), but have already preordered this one.

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