Marcia Clark – the past coming back to unnerve her

Marcia Clark, the lead prosecutor in the infamous OJ Simpson trial, was born 31 August 1953 12.35pm Oakland, California (ADB). She said the trial, which turned into a media circus and focused more on racial issues than two dead victims, ruined her life. So she wasn’t looking forward to seeing it all dragged up again in a new ten part television series. She was so disgusted by the verdict in 1995 she resigned from the law and wrote a book ‘Without a Doubt’ which is now sailing back up the best seller list, has written several crime novels and now handles some criminal appeals.

She has a very strong, ambitious and legal-orientated chart. Her Sun Mercury in Virgo are in her 10th square a Gemini Moon at the end of the 7th.  But it is her lawyerly 9th house which is eye catching. An ultra-determined and relentless Mars Pluto in Leo are there on the midpoint of a mini-Grand Trine to Neptune Saturn in Libra trine Jupiter in Gemini. Uranus and creative Venus in Leo are also in her 9th, often a writer’s house as well.

When the not guilty verdict was announced on 3 October 1995 she had tr Pluto square her MC which is often a devastating career setback; with an enfuriated and trapped tr Pluto square her Sun/Mars midpoint as well. Plus a disappointing tr Neptune opposition Mars/Jupiter and Jupiter/Pluto eroding her confidence and hopes.

In the aftermath tr Saturn in Pisces moved to square her Jupiter, dipping her enthusiasm further. Tr Neptune was also square her Neptune and Saturn, opposition her Uranus – so a troubled time especially for her belief in a fair world (Saturn Neptune).

At the moment she looks up and down with high hopes, great insecurity and some disillusionment. Tr Jupiter is moving through her 10th across the transmission which will boost her profile. Tr Uranus has moved on a quarter of the zodiac to be opposing her Neptune Saturn and square her Uranus this year, as it was through the trial.

She’s a robust and redoubtable lady but with tr Saturn now into her 2nd house, in a generally less successful patch of her life. She’ll have a major setback in about 18 months time and be changing direction again by 2018 with tr Uranus trine her MC.


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