Hugh Laurie & John LeCarre – a Leo and Scorpio Jupiterian bond

John Le Carre’s The Night Manager made into a lavish BBC six-parter has been a ratings hit. Hugh Laurie, who played the amoral, sophisticated arms’ dealer, has added another success to his belt in a long and astonishingly varied career. Long gone is the hapless, witless Bertie Wooster morphed through grumpy genius Dr House which made Laurie the highest earning television actor for several years with multiple awards to boot and now a prime time baddie up there with Blofeld.

Born 11 June 1959 in London, tentative time 4.30pm, he’s a Sun Gemini, so no surprises about the breadth of his range. That sextiles onto a showy and unpredictable Moon Uranus in Leo. With Venus Mars also in flamboyant Leo in a creative, showbiz square to Neptune in Scorpio. Plus a hard-working Saturn in Capricorn opposition Mercury, trine/sextile Pluto – so a depressive though also highly conscientious streak. And a confident Pluto square Jupiter in money-attracting Scorpio.

His actor’s 15th Harmonic is very strong.

He evidently bought the option on Le Carre’s book but it never made it to the screen so this time round he offered his services and was snapped up.

John Le Carre, 19 October 1931, former spy and spy writer extraordinaire, has a tough chart with a Libra Sun opposition Uranus square Pluto opposition Saturn in Capricorn. So one of the early Depression generation, whose mother abandoned the family when he was young and his con-man father didn’t give him an easy transition into adult life. His Pluto is trine Mars in Scorpio and his Uranus is trine Jupiter in Leo so it would stiffen his spine and give him a taste for adventure.

His Jupiter is conjunct Laurie’s Moon Uranus and Le Carre’s Mars is conjunct Laurie’s Jupiter – so a good connection for fun and enthusiasm.

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