Lunar Eclipse – a chance to change



Eclipses are about challenges since they link into the North Node, a so-called karmic point, which lays out a path of development each individual hopefully follows in life – becoming more at the end than the beginning. It prompts us to move away from a line of least resistance. The test is to see whether we can find the courage to learn from our weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Avoidance tactics can lead to crisis later which force us into actions we would have been better to volunteer for. So it’s about getting ahead of the game and to some degree trying out the unknown, finding a new mindset.

The Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday is an especially powerful Full Moon – with the Aquarius Sun on the opposite side of the zodiac to the Leo Moon, both at 11 degrees. Here the lesson is to find a balance between head and heart, not being too single-minded. If you’re a workaholic then you need to find time for home and emotional life. If you’re a rugged individualist, you need to find a way of co-operating in partnership as well as maintaining your independence. If you drown in details and trivia, then you need also to stand back and see a broader picture. If loved ones are your mainstay then you need to find time for friends as well.

The Solar Eclipse in late Aquarius which follows in two weeks’ time, is focussed on one area. But for this week it’s about balancing opposites. Life shouldn’t be a conflicted choice of Either Or. There is a third way, which requires maturity to rise above the ambivalence, and become more whole, better rounded.

It will have more effect on people who are Sun Aquarius or Leo, born 11 days after the sign change. Or where planets in a chart fall around this degree.

The Lunar Eclipse itself is not badly aspected only being tied into Venus, but it may be more emotional than some – overly excitable, passionate and mystical.

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  1. The sabian symbols for the degrees the eclipse falls onto through opposing are interesting.

    One is about mingling with others, or being in competition with others as to who can go up the social ladder (Aquarius 12) or try to, despite the social disparity one may find themselves in, specially women, because of a separating Venus from a sun conjunction and also separating Venus moon opposition.

    and the other is about socialising to relax (Leo 12)…Many may start wondering where they want to be, and if where they are heading will take them there.

    What Marjorie wrote about maturity, is one way to achieve getting to that chosen destination.

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