Louise Linton – a tone-deaf wannabe



A shoot-off-at-the-mouth Sagittarius temperament is getting a US politician’s newly-wed wife into trouble. Louise Linton, recently spliced to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has been forced to apologize over an Instagram dustup. She posted a look-amn’t-I-wealthy pic with her designer outfit itemised when on an official trip, and when an Oregon woman responded with a critical comment, she let fly with condescending cracks. It’s not her first faux pas by a long way. Her self-published book about Zambia called In Congo’s Shadow was met with a shower of condemnation including #lintonlies, and racked up predominantly negative reviews on Amazon where it currently has a one-star rating.

Born 21 December 1980, Edinburgh, Scotland, she is an actress though with one CS1:NY and one Cold Case appearance plus a zero-rated by Rotten Tomatoes horror movie Cabin Fever amongst her career highlights, she was clearly not a storming success.

She’s a last degree Sun Sagittarius with Mercury Neptune also in Sag as well as her Venus. Her Pluto is in a forceful square to Mars in can-be materialistic Capricorn. Her Moon is probably Gemini. Rather like Trump in reverse.

Mnuchin, 21 December 1962 is also a final degree Sagittarius trine Mars in Leo, so quite a showman himself. His Venus is in Scorpio which doesn’t chime too well with her Venus in Sagittarius or her Gemini Moon.

Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Jupiter so they’ll egg each other on; though the composite Venus is conjunct Neptune, which usually wears the shine off. She’s certainly pretty over-confident at the moment with tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. But from late September tr Saturn starts to conjunct her Neptune, then Mercury, then Sun up to December, which will put her flame at a peep. 2019/2020 sees tr Pluto conjunct her Mars, which will feel boxed-in and acutely frustrating.

Their wedding in late June this year attended by the entire Trump dynasty and VP Pence had an ostentatious though high-tension Mars opposition Pluto square Jupiter – which could end up in bitterness at some point.

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  1. Thanks for the lowdown on Louise, Marjorie. Another unsavory character joins the Trump tribe. That wedding photo…..oh my. Stilted, to say the least.

  2. The picture speaks a thousand words, well 15 words anyway….. This is about the money and the power. What’s love got to do with it?!!

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