Angela Merkel – high hopes and banana skins



Angela Merkel is sailing high in the polls as the German election of September 24th approaches and she seeks her fourth term. Yesterday she said she thought she got better the longer she stayed in office. That’s tempting fortune given the insoluble migrant problem which she partly stoked up, a German economic slowdown, and murmurs about crumbling infrastructure after years of austerity, saving and too little investment, never mind other EU criticism about the north/south imbalance.

The election will be held on a panicky-failure Mars opposition Neptune; though the Fire Grand Trine/Kite onto Jupiter is still in place which will produce a bubble of enthusiasm (which may not last).

Merkel does not look as happy as she had expected over the election with tr Neptune opposition her Solar Arc Jupiter, though that is a mild enough influence. She’ll bounce up confidently from late October and across into the New Year.

Her relationship with Germany has mainly been highly positive all the way through, not surprising given that her Jupiter sits in Germany’s 10th house, giving the country a successful lift. But relations may be sagging ahead especially from this New Year with her popularity sliding – tr Saturn will oppose the composite Jupiter Pluto from late this December, on and off through 2018; and will be confused and disorientated in 2018/2019. So it looks rocky for her domestic popularity.

What’s key in her chart is tr Saturn moving below her Ascendant through her 1st quadrant which is when erstwhile successful leaders most often lose their mojo, if they haven’t had the sense to retire. Banana skins become longer and more frequent, as do misjudgements. She’ll be at the lowest ebb of this phase right through her next term (if she’s elected).

And Germany is heading into a less bullish few years. The Bundesbank (Central Bank) looks pressured in 2017/18 and devastated in 2019. The Germany chart has the bubble and enthusiasm-bursting tr Neptune square Jupiter in 2019. The country chart also has tr Pluto square the 7th house Neptune in 2017/18 which suggests that neighbourly relations are sinking into a swamp – which may be the EU, or bordering countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, France. Merkel’s relationship with the ebullient French President Macron is deteriorating sharply now and through 2018. And her interface with the EU is similarly strained and then thoroughly undermined from mid 2018 into 2019.

She might have been better to stick to her original plan and leave when she was on a high.

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