London Terror Attack – Mars Saturn still doing its worst



Another UK terrorist atrocity killed seven and wounded at least 48 others in a van and knife attack close to London Bridge restaurants and market at 10pm last night. All three terrorists, wearing hoax suicide vests and shouting ‘This is for Allah’, were killed by police.

The chart is remarkably similar to the Manchester bombing on 22 May which left 23 dead and 116 injured. The attention-demanding Fire Grand Trine of Saturn in Sagittarius trine Leo Node trine Uranus Venus in Aries is still in place, with the assassination-prone Mars opposition Saturn funnelling all the unshakeable-self-belief of the Fire trine energy into a deadly Mars-led attack. That falls across the Ascendant/Descendant with Mars in the 7th in both cases – so anger towards others very prominent.

The February Pisces Solar Eclipse, so relevant for Manchester with the explosive Mars Uranus in Aries on the MC, is the same for London. Houses aren’t supposed to matter for Eclipse charts, but my impression is that a strong 8th house emphasis is present in many disaster Eclipse charts. In this case the Pisces New Moon Neptune are in the 8th – with Pisces being an ISIS/fundamentalist Islam signature.

The Solar Arc MC on the UK 1801 chart is certainly making its mark as it approaches a square to the deeply buried 8th house Mars in Taurus, exact in 2 months, though usually acting out ahead of time. That UK Mars in Taurus has in the past been connected to many large-scale death experiences in the UK when it is triggered by transits or progressions. The Solar Arc Mars is also being undermined by tr Neptune in square exactly now, and off and on through 2018 as well.

For all Trump’s opportunistic, knee-jerk tweet about it justifying his travel ban for Muslim immigrants, these will probably turn out to be home-grown.

4 thoughts on “London Terror Attack – Mars Saturn still doing its worst

  1. Dear Marjorie, Can you please tell us the reasons why when many people are killed or injured and ALL have totally different charts these dreadful events happen. An answer would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Joss, One of the conundrums of life and astrology. Certainly various star signs, maybe them all, will have been involved. So that’s no help. I’ve never looked at disaster victims charts all together. So this is only a guess.
      The astrology won’t tell you about death but it usually tells you about accidents from Mars placings or midpoint and sometimes Pluto – transits or progressions to. And there’s quite a collection to choose from, not just Mars in the natal chart, there are also five or six key Mars midpoints; and there’s Solar Arc Mars and other Solar Arcs to Mars. Plus ditto for Pluto. So I’d imagine there was a spread of those around, the victims and bystanders.
      And what the astrology tells you is the effect on the person which although they were all involved in the same event, will be different according to their temperament and life’s circumstance. Maggie Thatcher for instance barely registered some near accidents on her chart since she just ignored them. More sensitive and scary souls would show up much more soul-shaking influences.

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