Liz Truss – try again, likely same result ++ Tory Party

Applecart-upsetting Uranus sitting on the axis of Liz Truss’s term chart has been strutting its stuff in no uncertain manner. She has tossed overboard her personally chosen chancellor for having followed her line on economics, causing the markets to go into meltdown. In comes Jeremy Hunt –  with no Treasury experience (sigh) – who was a Sunak supporter.  Her effort to salvage her premiership failed to win over financial markets and has left Conservative MPs in a state of mutiny. Citigroup said “ we believe further market instability likely lies ahead.”

  She is now described as a ‘zombie prime minister’ with the Conservatives now between 20-30 points behind the Labour opposition. “They only thing keeping her there is we can’t work out what to do,” says one veteran Tory MP.

 Hunt, born 1 November 1966, is a charming Sun Venus in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo and sextile Mars in Virgo; with Saturn in Pisces opposition Pluto Uranus in Virgo, trine/sextile Neptune South Node in Scorpio.

  His Jupiter is conjunct Truss’s Leo Sun which will help but his Neptune opposition her Mars in Taurus which sits on his North Node are an ominously-cross-purposes mix. Not a supportive combo.

  Their relationship chart has a controlling (mutinous) Sun, Pluto Mercury conjunction trine Saturn in Taurus – chained together by circumstances and not happy campers. Plus a volatile Mars square Uranus Venus which won’t lead to comfortable compromises. Tr Neptune is dissolving the foundations of their togetherness right through from now into 2024/5; and tr Uranus conjunct the Saturn after mid 2023 will cause tensions to erupt.

  Hunt will have his work cut out to keep his morale high with tr Neptune conjunct his Saturn and opposition Uranus as well as tr Saturn square tr Uranus hammering away at his Neptune right through from now into 2024.  He will get one ray of sunshine from August 2023 onwards and will be in better shape in late 2024/2025 but that may be because he is off the Truss leash and onto firmer ground.

  Liz Truss only had one upbeat influence from a Jupiterian midpoint which runs out early December and exactly now she has the ‘car-crash’, self-esteem-denting tr Uranus conjunct her Mars now till early November and again next April. This December looks calamitous for her with deep gloom coming in January/February and on and off throughout 2023.

 It’s difficult to see how she can survive though her Term chart is mysteriously anchored with an Earth Grand Trine and a Fixed T Square.  The Uranus in the 7th – and for the leadership announcement the day before, exactly conjunct the descendant – suggests that any partnerships with her will be short-lived.

  This one will run and run until she disappears like Boris down a sinkhole.

 Add On: The Conservative Party 9 March 1912 chart is tracking events well. Liz T’s relationship with it has tr Uranus square the composite Pluto with tr Saturn conjunct the Jupiter at the moment – a mix of turbulence to the point of break-up (running again early 2023); plus enthusiasm/ confidence-dampening.  Plus Neptunian sinkers to the composite Mars/Sun midpoint now and Saturn and Sun through 2023/24 as the party surveys the mess she created and no doubt blames her, despite having picked her.

 The Tory chart 1912 is showing up the present turmoil clearly with a shocking change from Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the Taurus Sun now. Tr Saturn is in a discouraging square to the Sun this November, followed in 2023 by tr Uranus conjunct the Sun and Saturn into 2024, so the convulsions will continue.

  The last twelve years of Tory rule starting with David Cameron have largely coincided with tr Neptune through Pisces as well as tr Pluto through Capricorn. So it’s fitting they would end their long run in government as both the outer planets gear up for changing sign.

  Not that Labour’s Blair/Brown exactly did the country any favours before that with immigration run out control, never mind Iraq, and Brown’s economic policies being blamed for the pension mess.

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  1. Marjorie,

    Great posts with valuable insights. Comments section is equally vibrant and thought provoking. Thank you for open comments section.
    UK being real superpower for last 500 years, political turmoil in UK has a domino effect on world affairs in my humble view.
    Does BorisJ make a comeback or LTruss is somehow made to stay on since no one wants to inherit a worsening socio-economic situation ?

    Thank you in advance for your guidance. Comments welcome!

    • ..what an unholy mess! Surely Boris can’t even be considered? How very dare he! He has Venus about to transit his MC…but his vocational indicator is Merc in Gemini, and pr Merc is conjunct Pluto….does that mean more power or a total block? Tr Saturn is conjuncting the Moon until Feb 2023 and Uranus opposite Neptune (suggesting fantastical emotional expectations)…I doubt that he will be in the driving seat again, but no doubt he will thrust the chest out and bluff his way to be considered……imagine……

      • @maggy: I so hope you are right! The very thought of BJ returning (zombie?) is enough to make me nauseous. Does Mars retro in Gemini have any bearing? Revisiting all those lies, parties, scandals… Ugh.

  2. Unfortunately, Gordon Brown being solely responsible for the Pensions Mess is not exactly the complete truth. Let’s say that every Prime Minister from Margaret Thatcher onwards, hasnt bern exactly honest with the public about the State Pension. Read this article “The rape of the National Insurance Fund” at
    Let’s be honest: the Conservatives have never wanted a welfare state. They have always felt it disrupted an order they felt was ‘natural’. And it was for them, an imposition thrust on them by circumstances beyond their control. And Liz Truss and her faction believe that too. And they will wreck the country in the process, because what they are trying to return to, is an system that’s not longer tenable.
    Frankly, we are in a transition phase. Everywhere, there are signs that the old order is entering God’s Waiting Room, but nobody has yet found the courage to open the debate about what should replace it. It will probably begin when Saturn enters Pisces, as Neptune will have applied the solute, and the bonds will begin to loosen. Uranus in Taurus is challenging our most basic values, and once Pluto has finished with the Old Order in Capricorn, he will enter Aquarius and start work on the New Order.

  3. Dom Cummings must be rolling on the floor chortling with demonic glee.
    I never took to Suella Braverman after she backed Boris over one of his screw ups. Her excuse for going in contrition over a confected email slip up was risible.
    Dear of dear, what a pig’s breakfast. I am puzzled over the lack of red flags on Truss’s term chart but have pinned down the UK chart’s – coming anon.

  4. Oh dear! Talk of forming a government of national unity is the sound of over ripe desperation, certainly ripe enough for a General Election. Why would any of the other parties agree to prop up anything that is flawed to its rotten core? And while I’m no expert, that scenario is not in the Astrology either. Thank you Marjorie for your level headdress during these trying times.

  5. I had a few thoughts about the National Government of the 1930’s, and Churchill’s war coalition.

    “In 1931, with Britain in the grips of the Great Depression, Macdonald’s administration was in crisis. Facing a severe budget deficit, MacDonald proposed balancing the books with a large reduction in the rate of unemployment benefit, alongside a 10% salary reduction for government workers.” (findmypast)

    This crisis resulted in a National Government. Ramsay MacDonald was a Labour leader, then independent.

    August 1931 had a Cardinal Cross – Uranus in Aries opposing Mars in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn opposing Pluto in Cancer. This was the first National Government, comprising all the political parties.

    It was re-elected in 1935, 14th November, with a Conservative PM this time. Uranus sextile Saturn at 3 Pisces, Pluto 27 Cancer.

    Churchill’s war coalition, 10th May, 1940, Sun 19 Taurus conjunct Uranus 21 Taurus. They trine Neptune 22 Virgo, which is squaring Mars at 25 Gemini – very similar to our current Mars/Neptune square in Gemini/Pisces. And now we have Mars turning Rx at 25 Gemini on 30th October. Neptune will be 22 Pisces. Uranus was 21 Taurus, Pluto had just entered Leo at 0 degrees. Tr Pluto will soon be opposing that.

    The echoes are intriguing. Perhaps this hints at an answer to our current dilemmas?

    • Very interesting thoughts Jane.

      A part of me finds a national/coalition government hard to imagine at the moment because everything is so polarised.

      Certainly the SNP would be in because it would get them IndyRef2; the LibDems would but whether they would have enough seats (despite 10% of the vote) to participate is in question. For the Conservatives, it is probably the best route for many of their MPs to keep their seats. The sticking point is Labour who have always ruled out Lib-Lab pacts at previous elections and with their current lead probably don’t need it. Those are the main four parties but there’s actually ten parties with seats.

      The astrology of these times does have such close resonances.

      • I agree with you GD. Things are so polarised, and at the moment MPs are still busy arguing endlessly back and forth – very Mars in Gemini – or fiddling while Rome burns! And yet there’s such a massive crisis, not just here, but in so many nations, on so many levels. It’ll be rocky whoever is in charge, but I’d hope there are degrees of rockiness! From a pebble in your shoe, to gazing into the black heart of the yawning rocky abyss? The two National Governments of the 1930’s were in response to a massive crisis, and then an even worse one appears with WW2. So the Wartime Coalition grew from that, in a way. I’m not Hugh, who would explain things better I think.

        As far as the 1940 Sun/Uranus in Taurus Coalition goes, the UK House of Commons (1265) has Saturn (legislation?) at 21 Taurus, conjunct Mars 23 Taurus. So the Wartime Coalition is reflected there. Jupiter is 2 Taurus, in line for this October’s Solar Eclipse.

        UK 1066, Neptune 22 Taurus – also Pluto 3 Pisces, another interesting and perhaps sensitive degree area?

        UK Glorious Revolution, 1689, when William and Mary accepted the Declaration of Right etc has Uranus at 19 Taurus.

        UK 1707 – (Union of Britain and Scotland) has Sun 20 Taurus square Jupiter, 21 Leo, and Pluto 20 Leo. Nodes 26 Aries/Libra.

        UK Union, 1801 – Neptune 18 Scorpio, Saturn 23 Leo,Venus 16 Aquarius, Pluto 2 Pisces.

        Some of this is also sensitive to that Mars/Uranus/Nodes conjunction this summer. People do resist change, and Parliament is no exception. However, November’s excitable eclipse, in league with Saturn and Uranus, is arguably already building up and prodding these British history planetary degrees.
        I’d hope Parliament remembers at some point very soon that it is here to serve the people who elected every single one of those MPs.

        • Astrologically, coalition seems plausible also when Pluto is about to enter Aquarius. However, with a 70-seat majority will Tories agree to it.

          Considering the current divisions and factions in the Tory party do you think a Unity candidate by Tories to bring all the party factions together would be considered a coalition in present circumstances?

        • The charts do suggest that Britain is very sensitive to planets tracking through the latter half of the fixed signs. The coronation chart of King Edgar on 11 July 973 where an oath was taken by other British monarchs from Scotland and Wales to support him “on land and sea” is another example. It has the Sun, Mars and Mercury conjunct at 25/26 Taurus. The Moon is at 16 Leo and Pluto at 27 Leo. Finally Uranus is at 18 Scorpio. That chart had a Pluto return exact at the time of the Suez crisis in 1956 when Britain’s imperial ambitions finally crumbled to dust.

          • Thanks Ann and Hugh. More chaos this evening, with Suella Braverman’s resignation. She has natal Uranus 25 Scorpio, opposing those Taurus planets Hugh talks about. It’s square Mars at 25 Leo, and Venus in Taurus. Moon somewhere mid Scorpio. As someone who’s been watching that transiting Mars/Neptune square of this autumn, it’s interesting to see she has Neptune 22 Sagittarius, square Saturn 22 Virgo. Fits right in, doesn’t it?
            Back in what seems like the very distant summer, Marjorie wrote:

            “Suella Braverman, 3 April 1980, a Sun Aries opposition Pluto with Mars in Leo square Venus in Taurus – she’s slipping, sliding and slithering through a Neptunian swamp between now and the year end and beyond.”

          • And now, Grant Shapps is Home Secretary… really could not make this up. Another Mars at 25 Leo, this time square Neptune 23 Scorpio. And for those sensitive autumn mutable degrees…..Sun 21 Virgo, conjunct Pluto 22 Virgo.
            The Universe, it would seem, has a purpose. I just wish I knew what it was!

          • Have to say the landmark diversity in the big four positions (i.e. PM, Chancellor, Home Sec, Foreign secretary) has crumbled quickly.

            Kwasi – 2nd shortest tenure as Chancellor of the Exchequer
            Suella – shortest as Home Secretary

            Only Truss and Cleverly left; two old white men back in the picture.

        • Good point Jane about the Mars in Gemini being all talk no action. I note it’s been in close trine to Libra Sun-Venus these past couple of days

          With Saturn in Aqua still retrograding until the weekend, it’s probably inhibiting things further. Noting it went retro in early June, a day or two before the confidence vote signalled the beginning of the end for Boris.

          By the time next week’s eclipse rolls around, we have Sun-Venus in Scorpio; Saturn in Aqua going direct. A few days later Jupiter will have retroed back into Pisces and Mercury moved into Scorpio. A very different picture from where we are today.

          • Any clue what that picture might show us?! I agree Saturn in Aqua could be quite inhibiting to progress or some sort of resolution. Plus Mars draws ever closer to Earth, getting ready to retrograde. I am inclined to agree with something I read by Richard Nolle (Mr Supermoon) about Mars retro increasing levels of arguments, accidents, and so on.
            We seem, here in the disunited Kingdom, to be approaching a peak. I hope something really nasty doesn’t happen, its all making me feel quite nervous. The death of the Queen has also unplugged something or other. When you experience a major personal bereavement, everything tends to reshuffle itself – whether within a family, a friendship group, or whatever. Something similar seems to be happening, symbolically, here.

          • Taking 30th Oct for no particular reason; there’s nothing in fire and won’t be until Mercury-Venus move in to Sag in mid-November (apart from the moon’s standard cycle). If Truss is gone as now seems likely, we’re possibly back in the land of no action like it was over the summer.

            Mars turns retro on the 30th so heads back to inertia with Saturn in Aqua.

            It really seems like Pluto in Aquarius is gearing up for a big entry in March …

  6. Making predictions is always tricky. There are so many factors involved. There just needs to be a slight shift in the energy and the outcome can be completely different. When making predictions you need to be able to stand ‘outside’ of yourself, put all your biases and personal interests to one side. There are few who can actually do that. Often they are invested in ‘being right’ and that obscures clairvoyance. What Marjorie does is completely different and far more credible IMO.

    • I agree putting aside one’s personal biases is crucial – though not always easy or indeed totally possible. A perfection to be aimed for. Egos need to be left in the parking bay. The astrology is what is important not the astrologer.
      I am interested in prediction (obviously) but with a clear eye to the limitations of astrology. It can be astonishingly accurate at times and vague at others. It won’t predict Derby winners and can be irritatingly confused over elections. But it has huge strengths in terms of throwing clarity on motivation, temperament and family background.
      The fact that it works at all in throwing up valuable information has always seemed to me the astonishment and why I continue to explore and test.

    • I too have read Jessica Adams view on Truss and note her comments with interest. I never say never with Jessica, but with how its imploding, its difficult to see a good outcome. I have to say though that the above has a more holistic view on the politics of the country

      • I do read her too, she makes a lot of predictions and at one point I calendered all of them and then would check back the results. I haven’t been doing that recently and probably should start again. She now has a lot more stated cautions about the stock market, I think in the past people may have sold based on her predictions and it didn’t work out so well. Tricky business to make predictions.

        And okay, does Trump actually have a reliable birth time or not? Several astrologers use one, and Adams has said she was wrong about the Clinton/Trump election because he has an unreliable chart. Never knew the answer to that.

        Marjorie, thanks for letting me post this! It is off topic, I know, but you have an open comments area and Adams does not.

        • Thanks Christine, JA is very specific about Truss and her success, and her change of direction, which given what is going on I find incredible. This mess is about the whole country and the mess is of the PM own making. We shall see. Will she resign or not…. finger crossed we get an general election soon!

    • Calamitous December and deep gloom in January and February sounds really scary Marjorie, I should really stop reading your predictions!. I’m not in a good place at the moment (surprise surprise) so the idea of more gloom terrifies me.

      I watched my Astro twin give her news conference on Friday and could really relate to her at the end. (I despise everything she’s stands for, I mean on a personal level). I’ve seen commentators saying that she left the room arrogantly after four very difficult questions from allies (right wing press). It wasn’t arrogance, it was the Pisces moon trying to hold back the tears.

      • Sorry about that. If it was a personal reading I might have tap danced my way round a different choice of words. None of us are exactly in a good space right now – maybe the upcoming eclipse or just too much of too much recently. But know that this too will pass – it always has and always will. And you’ll sigh with relief when it is all gone.

      • I remember when I was just the other side of a nervous breakdown (self diagnosis); it was terrifying to have to go to meetings with people whom I felt were talking behind my back about what a crappy job I’d been doing. It was all I could do to get through those meetings.

        But the lesson I came through that period with was to be more vulnerable. Not to think I had all the answers in the first place but to involve other people and get their buy-in. Think Sun-Saturn Liz needs a bit of that!

      • I have a pisces moon to in the 7th. I know exactly what you mean and a little of how you feel. I’m an HSP and wish it weren’t so.

  7. Helen – a very interesting set of thoughts and writeup.

    Unfortunately, to my knowledge, we don’t have a birth time for Truss so the chart is simply a midday one. While the houses/angles are probably wrong; the Pisces moon is correct and makes a mutable t-square through the day.

    Even so your analysis makes good points. Sun-Saturn people are desperate to prove their worth and be applauded by people around them. What I’ve read over the past few days about her basically highlights that her Saturn conjunct Mercury limits her thinking to narrow-mindedness. She can’t see a bigger picture or solutions beyond what she knows. Her press conference on Friday had her only able to parrot the same answer to all four questions. Usually politicians do that to avoid answering but in her case, it seemed more like she doesn’t have any other answers. She’s trapped in her thoughts.

    Her father was a pure maths lecturer at university (an Emeritus Professor). I’m sure a desire to please and prove her worth to him is a massive part of all this. He reportedly was not happy when she changed from LibDem to Conservative – her Uranus square Saturn kicking in to disobey?

        • Penny Mordaunt also has Sun in Pisces, square Gemini Saturn.

          Re Liz Truss and her Dad, I think a lot is going on there. He’s always been left wing, but one source I read says he’s now a Green Party member. LT’s proposals to rip up planning regs, the fracking possibility, not to mention all the unbalanced financial nonsense, always seemed like angry acts to me. They are also very much against her father’s beliefs, and the values and ideals of her childhood.

          • Penny Mordaunt as well? That’s interesting. Surprisingly I’ve found a lot of comedians have Sun/Saturn hard aspects, I guess these days there’s not a lot of difference.

            I knew that Truss’s parents were left wing, but didn’t know that the father was in the Green party. Wow, awkward. So as he drifted further left, she drifted further right

          • A very quick look shows Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher, as our other female PMs, do not have it. Liz Truss has brothers as well, I think she’s the only daughter. This, too, may connect with her desire to be seen as successful. Saturn-Mercury mentioned above might have something to do with her siblings, and a perceived lack of attention?

          • Her father was born 19 April 1947 (net sources) so his Saturn in Leo is conjunct her Sun and his Aries Sun is exactly opposition her Uranus with his Mars Mercury opposition her Pluto – there’s a fair amount of tension, power-struggling and reactivity in there. The relationship chart has a volatile, uncompromising composite Mars square Saturn and trine Uranus – that’s being triggered at the moment.
            Failing so spectacularly when some of her motivations were a result of her tensions with him and reactions against his views must hurt.

          • Thanks Marjorie for looking at that. It makes sense of the feeling I had that some of the unwise decisions stemmed from buried anger, or at the least assertiveness against ‘authority’ (Saturn?). The issues of fracking – drilling into rocks, and planning regulations – fairly Saturnian – seem to connect with this too. To threaten allowing building on green belt land would be very upsetting for her enviromentalist father too. Ironically, that upsets many rural Tory MPs as well.

            In 1996 she joined the Conservative Party. Uranus in early Aquarius opposed her Sun, Pluto in early Sagittarius trined her Sun. Saturn was trining her Saturn/Mercury from Pisces, and Neptune opposed them from Capricorn.

          • Definitely something going on there with her father, Jane. Seeing his chart (if accurate) begins to make things clearer

    • That’s an interesting look at Truss’s Saturn, GD. Saturn-Mercury aspects can bring a very organised, focussed and disciplined mind (as someone who has Mercury in Sag and Jupiter in the 3rd, I rather admire it!). They don’t beat about the bush either, there’s a certain honesty that can be refreshing. But yes, the limitations are as you describe.

      Sun/Saturn types- I suppose I am one, I have the square – and I smarted a little at your description because I was accused of just that when I was younger in the workplace. I was furious lol. I was working in a male dominated environment – tech bro’s, “banter”, you get the picture…..and I had objected to myself and the only other female being given all the admin type work while our male colleagues were given all the meaty, tech projects. My boss thought about it and then gave me a project “because I know that you like to feel important”. What followed? I don’t know what was the biggest miracle – me not being fired or him surviving 😀 Funny enough I had the full support of my father when I told him, who has Saturn in Cancer square his Libra Sun.

      • Sorry Tara!

        I was talking more specifically about people with Sun conjunct Saturn and I suppose it could also apply to Cap Suns or 10th house Suns. They often don’t have the ability to look at their own work and say “I did a good job with that” and be satisfied; they need someone to mark it and judge it for them. To an extent, we all do but there are plenty of Aries, Gemini, Pisces and so on who will just shrug and not care what someone else thinks of their stuff! Of course this is part of the Sun-Saturn growth.

        With all this stuff, it’s about finding the positive expression of the planets. Truss seems monumentally undeveloped and living the shadow side out.

        For what it’s worth, I have Saturn-Mercury in tight square. When younger I was single-minded, nitpicky and highly critical. Now I (hope I) use it in a highly discerning way to filter good information from bad and ask pertinent questions. Currently learning not to put foot in mouth and offend with blunt facts!!

        • Oh! No need to apologise GD, you have nothing to be sorry for. It was a useful reflection (from a quarter of a century ago, ugh!). I think it was more shock than anything, looking back. My Libran father treated me very equally to my brothers, so the real world was a bit of a surprise.

          I realise that while my square is as wide and out-of-sign as LT’s conjunction, there was obviously something going on with Pluto/NN Libra in the 6th on the mid-point of mine. I started working twice as hard, long hours, to prove this man wrong. Very silly and I certainly wouldn’t do it now. Still, this is what Saturn returns should be for, I guess.

          Liz Truss obviously has Mercury in Cancer on the midpoint of hers – which is odd because everyone is finding her lacking in empathy. Is the Sun/Saturn thing driving that down? She feels she must totally clamp down on it to succeed – because this is what let her down in the past? Her empathy? She did have at least one emotional affair with a co-worker and I’ve also seen this with Mercury in Cancer. Two cases I’m thinking of were academics; sciences and maths, oddly enough.

          This Mercury also does fit her glide across the political spectrum – thinking of people I know with Mercury in Cancer and how they change over time, like the tide going in and out, controlled by the Moon. Maybe she’ll slide back? I agree the problem is not so much her not consulting other people, but being too narrow about it. Taking on the feelings of the people around her too much and that drowning out the bigger reality of people’s lives. An odd paradox.

  8. The up’coming solar eclipse in Scorpio will sextile Rishi Sunak’s Jupiter and Mars, his natal Sun and Mercury are conjunct the Conservative Party 1912 chart’s Sun Saturn, perhaps he will save the day.

  9. Sunak and Mordaunt have stayed on my watch list. Her stationary Mercury maps to Boris Johnson’s Venus Rx and links to Sunak’s out-of-bounds Venus – this always looked like the real takeover and I couldn’t fathom Truss winning, but noted the null result. However, I guess sometimes things take time and with stations and retrogrades sometimes the path isn’t linear. Truss stood out from the other candidates by her explosive stationary Uranus and not fitting the same pattern.

    As much as many purist astrologers can be disdainful of mashing up the modern and ancient experimentally – my eye is drawn to the Truss term chart almost stationary Mercury opposite Jupiter, but also the antiscion/contrantiscion of this opposition to Neptune. This government needs to steer very clear of big ideology and bold announcements – it will only trigger Neptune – confusion, chaos.

    Using the same technique,it’s interesting to see Jeremy Hunt’s Saturn steadying that Neptune, and in turn by antiscia/contrantiscia the Mercury/Jupiter of the term chart. JH’s Sun(Venus) is also in the antiscion of the term chart’s Saturn. You can see what they are hoping to get from him

    • Very interesting Tara. I like the idea of mixing ancient and modern to see what it might tell us.
      The Term’s Mercury/Jupiter is activated this weekend with Mercury crossing the degree of its September Rx. A rethink?!
      Mars turns Rx in the 8th, with Neptune washing away the foundations in the 4th. If LT survives till the end of October, that is. Any ‘fresh start’ at the end of October or into November – for her, or somebody else – will be a Mars Rx term of office…..traditionally, a bad time to start a war you hope to win. Mars turns direct in January conjunct the Term Mars at 8 Gemini. If it all limps on until then, there’s quite a turning point moment I think. Mercury turns direct some days later, at 8 Capricorn.

      • Thanks Jane. Yes the Mars Rx is worrying. The past pattern over the last 12 years with the Tory party and Mars Rx events is that the party clings on at the expense of both the leader and the country, who both end up weaker.

    • This is interesting Tara.

      Just a couple of days ago there was news about a possible Sunak – Mordaunt team up to replace Truss.

      Sunak and Mordaunt could ‘come to an arrangement’ to offer an alternative to Tory MPs. Dailymail and some others even referred to it as “Dream Team”.

      • “Dream Team” is laughable. It’s even more desperate times now.

        Mars Rx suggests a change of leader is imminent; in Gemini it suggests twin leaders (chalk and cheese in this case). Although a lot of commentators are suggesting that Jeremy Hunt is effectively leading in all but name right now.

        Of course, with it being Mars Rx it could all backfire this time as the party will be the initiators, not the leader. They could move to replace Truss with their “Dream Team” and as Hugh points out, Truss could blow it all up with a general election. It’s not beyond possibility, though it would be an extremely vengeful act

  10. Hi Marjorie,

    Regarding Rishi sunak in your post dated 21st July 2022.

    “He does have a Solar Arc Pluto square his Jupiter still to come within the next few months which will put him on a high with triumph somewhere in his life.”

    Do you see anything big happening?

  11. Thanks so much Marjorie. Always so helpful to have an astro anchor for all this chaos, and somewhere to discuss some of it!
    My thoughts are whirling around, needless to say. You’ve written here about Uranus in the Term chart:

    “The Uranus in the 7th – and for the leadership announcement the day before, exactly conjunct the descendant – suggests that any partnerships with her will be short-lived.”

    Boris Johnson resigned on 7th July, with Uranus at 18 Taurus. By the end of July we had the Uranus Mars Nodes line-up to consider, opposing the UK Union chart’s Neptune in Scorpio. A financial theme, amongst other possibilities, with the square to UK Venus at 16 Aquarius in the speculative 5th house.
    Did the UMN moment chuck a bomb with a long fuse at that point? Its been fizzling and crackling throughout the long, hot summer of a ‘zombie government’ while the incredibly excruciating leadership contest unfolded.

    Liz Truss herself has Mars 17 Taurus, and Jeremy Hunt has Nodes at 16 Taurus, Neptune 21 Scorpio. It seems as if they’re vehicles for the ongoing Uranian disruptions to the UK Union’s chart. Dominic Cummings called Liz Truss ‘the human hand grenade’, so is this what we’re seeing manifesting? All the UK debt and so on existed before current upheavals, but she seems to have shaken more than a few things loose. Rishi Sunak’s Sun is 21 Taurus, with Mercury 20 Taurus, so he’s also a target of the Saturn/Uranus square. But maybe not so dramatically ‘hit’ with the Lunar Eclipse?

    The Taurus Lunar Eclipse in November looks pretty significant with its Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio, the square to Saturn in Aquarius, and the conjunction to the chief rebel, Uranus. The Saros Series meaning (Brady) mentions ‘a manic flavour’ too. We discussed strikes and unions before, and they could also be involved in what’s looking like much more than a ‘winter of discontent’, to say the least.

    I hope GD is right about the positive changes with Saturn and Pluto’s new residences.

    • And re Rishi Sunak, Marjorie wrote a year ago (October 2021):

      “He’ll have a high late in 2022 – or at least will be making a determined push to speed ahead with his Solar Arc Pluto square his Jupiter. 2023 will be disruptive and a year of sudden change with tr Uranus starting to conjunct his Sun.”

    • The 7th house – the house of open enemies.
      Uranus on the Term Chart 7th house cusp – exceedingly powerful, unexpected and tumultuous open enemies.
      Basically, The City – and the capitalists which run it – have turned on her like sharks in a feeding frenzy, just so they can make a quick buck shorting the pound.
      Ironically and bizarrely Kwarteng’s ‘mini budget’ was aimed at pleasing those self same capitalists and big business bosses who have turned on her with a vengeance!

    • We also have Mars staying in Gemini until March squaring Truss’s moon in Pisces wherever that is. (Mars was opposite Johnson’s moon for his defenestration on 7/8 July.) Her natal sun is also square uranus so possibly more sensitive than most to its transits.
      The earth grand trine May mean that despite her loss of power she will be around for a little while yet.

  12. Truss progressed Moon will be conjunct her natal Neptune in Sagittarius during November 2022 triggering that Mutable T Square. Her progressed Venus is currently retrograde at 26 Leo. It stationed and went into reverse at 0 Libra when she was in her mid 30s. Saturn by transit will oppose it in February 2023. I think Truss is a conflicted person who finds hard to integrate her thinking an emotions. She is non empathetic in a slightly autistic manner. Most politicians at least try to fake caring or align their policies with the popular mood. She does not even attempt that type of manipulation. I find it odd that she was ever even considered leadership material. Having said that it should be noted that Britains current fragile economic and financial situation has been building for decades so to lay the blame entirely at the door of a dysfunctional mini budget which never came into law is not entirely fair. Maybe the people of the U.K. get the politicians and the Prime Ministers they deserve.

    • “…odd that she was even considered leadership material.” That is the truth of the matter. She was ‘selected’ and promoted to the rest of the membership as the ‘best choice’ by the ERG and other Tory free-market deregulation extremists. She wanted the job and they wanted a puppet who would do their bidding. Eveyone got what they wanted but what they don’t (want to) see is that the world has changed beyond recognition. The old certainties are no longer there and old ideas about trickle down economics which never worked anyway, still don’t.

      • Yes, I agree with Hugh that it was an odd choice. And also with SuHu about the ERG and their mates. Re the ERG, it was founded in July 1993. Saturn was in late Aquarius, dipping a toe into Piscean waters in May. So here comes their Saturn return – exact February 2023.

        And re the possibility of Liz Truss and the autistic spectrum, I agree, Hugh. I’ve seen very similar behaviour in two of my own female relatives, who are ‘on the spectrum’, and I recognise the high functioning way of being in the world. Women have rarely been diagnosed in the past, and anyway the condition is often linked with success and intelligence. It’s probably far more widespread than we realise, and just another way for some people’s brains to work. It doesn’t make for an empathetic, emotionally intelligent leader however!

    • Yes.

      Basically the UK – a heavily indebted nation in both external and internal debts – relies on the confidence of foreigners lending it money to stay afloat. This has been true for an awful long time.
      The mystery is why a hyper intelligent man such as Kwasi Kwarteng was unable to appreciate this basic and immutable fact and attempt to ‘juice up’ an economy with a high inflation rate which, apparently, is at ‘full employment’.
      British economic history tells us that such an enormous fiscal stimulus as he was planning only leads to rampant inflation and massive trade deficits.

      • Kwasi Kwarteng is basically an academic, with an in depth knowledge of fiscal history. Although I believe he’s worked in the financial sector, he’s never been ‘hands on’ when it comes to the money markets. He’s neither a business man, nor a down and dirty trader. I suspect he put ideas/ideals/philosophies before what passes for reality. Plus, his apparent loyalty and very close friendship with Liz Truss may have influenced his choices as well. Despite his super-confident public school manner, I’ve noticed a certain vulnerability or naivety about him. I can’t explain this to myself, or others!

        • Absolutely agree. The Truss/Kwarteng mini budget was produced by two intelligent and high functioning individuals who seem to have been incredibly politically naive, particularly given the issues with energy, the Ukraine and inflation. It more or less positioned the government and the country as a lightning rod for any trouble in the international money markets. It would have been more sensible to have waited until the full budget to set out their plans. Usually politicians float their ideas in the press to see how the play with their MPs and the voters first. This time there was no attempt to even sell the agenda. Truss and Kwarteng were born within a couple of months of each other in 1975 so they will have very similar outer planet placements. In particular Truss has Neptune at 9 Sagittarius square her natal Moon at 9 Pisces while Kwarteng has Neptune at 9 Sagittarius conjunct the Moon at 10 Sagittarius. This set up is supposed to give emotional sensitivity but it can also pick up misleading signals that leads people vulnerable to deception and scandals.

      • JP All brains and no sense as we’d say in the north! Unfortunately a Phd thesis on the late 17th century coinage crisis and the ability to write poetry in Latin haven’t proved such great assets as chancellor during a cost of living crisis however brilliant his intellect.
        Marjorie you wrote after the ‘mini’ budget that Truss and KK’s relationship looked volatile unstable and likely to blow a fuse. Even you may be surprised by how fast this prediction came to pass!

        • Kwasi lacks Earth and has too much Cardinal as does Truss – not practical and impulsive. I have no understanding of how come they were such good chums in the past since their charts clash. His Mars opposes her Pluto which isn’t great. Their relationship chart has an ‘adventurous’, risk-taking-for-the-fun-of-it Mars Jupiter conjunction – egging each other on to wild decisions, so not good for each other.
          Coming out of an academic family I like that expression – all brains, no sense. It fits.

          • Also politically tone deaf – if you consider the views and opinions of typical Tory voters – are Truss’s proposals to ramp immigration into the UK, have ‘free movement’ with India and to basically build all over green belts, thus destroying forever thousands of acres of beautiful English countryside and ruining wildlife/bird habitats.

      • Perhaps he and Truss were groomed for their roles. I was watching a psychologist analyse the movie Coraline, and parallels can be made in this context. You have two outsiders, who whilst being talented, have interepersonal issues that allow other people to ignore them, combined with some intelligence. In response, they desperately want to prove their worth to the world. Such people are easy to groom because they feel neglected. And more manipulative types will ‘love bomb’ them. Truss and Kwarteng were given entrance to the world of the super rich at the exclusive 5 Hertford Private Members Club in Mayfair, a hangout of the hedge fund managers and plutocrats. Why? Because that’s what these two middle class kids wanted – to be insiders with the elites. They give them everything they want – attention, money, gifts, jobs and praise – and then start asking for favours… Truss and Kwarteng probably were sounded out at Oxford for their future roles. Someone important is probably paying real attention to them and they are sucked in…
        Well, for Truss it’s all over now. She’s stepping down…

    • Better than that are her nodes being completely banged in Nov 8th eclipse. Can’t wait.
      Why was she picked? They needed her.
      The now absolutely dysfunctional actions of the Torys and their so called leaders are really being laid bare, they needed a Leo big headed person in charge,her Sun in 10th must be heard.
      Johnson was the best example of all of their really evil actions behind the barricades. The smiling assassin who played the clown all day long, no rules applied to him and his horrible family.
      It’s been a very very bad 12 years of them in charge and a general election needs to be called, but, maybe Pluto is doing its work slowly but surely.
      Unfortunately, they will come back in the future.
      Rishi Sunak will have the Uranus, Jupiter conjunction on his Sun in 2024 too.

  13. Is this another brexit like moment? By that I mean the turmoil was always going to happen to whoever was in power.

    If so it would be worth knowing how long we have to endure it.

    I do see this systen as like two football teams churning up the pitch rather than saying hang on a moment perhaps if we let the turf recover we will get a better game later on. Am I expecting a level of altruism from politicians that is unreasonable

    • There was always going to be turmoil with Covid, Brexit, Ukraine war and their knock ons. But decent leadership would have got us through those with fewer downsides. Truss has come along and implemented an ideology ill-suited to the moment but which she is driven by demons to do – it was foolhardy at best.

      The unanswered question is whether Starmer genuinely offers anything better. I’m sure he would have managed these crises much better but I’m not sure what he offers in calmer times. He really has spent two years avoiding explaining his plans which is not encouraging.

      More discouragingly, it seems Starmer is not going to be the one to implement the constitutional overhaul to some sort of Proportional Representation that the country desperately needs.

      • I think that if Keir Starmer just steadies the boat by returning to the status quo ante, that would be sufficient to get him the votes to be Prime Minister.

        And these febrile times may not be the best time to try another experiment like PR. Having seen the drama that goes into governments forming and breaking up in Sweden and the Netherlands, I am not convinced that PR is a better system.

        Both options (PR and FPTP) provide a certain amount of drama. FPTP tends to be less dramatic, at least before 2010 (in both the UK, when the Coalition was formed, and the US, when the Tea Party won through the Republican Party). I am not sure the UK is willing for always ongoing government talks between government parties as can be seen on the continent.

        • Indeed there are downsides to PR too.

          Its upside is that people like me would feel voting matters. Currently it doesn’t as I can either support the Torys (they win easily so don’t need my vote); support Labour (they have no chance in my constituency) or support LibDems who aren’t strong enough to form their own government.

          I assume having PR would also remove the opportunity to gerrymander electoral boundaries.

          But yes, PR is not a perfect solution but might force politicians to work together better for the good of the country.

          In the end, I suspect any system is always dependent on the benevolence of its leaders/representatives.

          • Interesting points UM and GD. I’d always liked the idea of PR, or a coalition of some kind – but it does depend on who’s involved doesn’t it? They do all have to grow up a bit…. Plus, I’ve noticed that politics is now a career choice for many, rather than something an individual does later on in their career. I don’t think that’s very helpful for their constituents, or the country.

            I don’t know if these charts “work”, but it’s interesting/experimental to look at UK House of Commons ones. There are two. HoC 20th January, 1265, and Ronald Davidson’s suggestion of 26 May, 1948. The second was proposed ‘following repairs due to bombing in the Blitz’ according to the Book of World Horoscopes by Nick Campion.

            1265 has a stellium in Aquarius – Mercury, Sun, Venus, Moon. In Taurus – Jupiter, Saturn, Mars. Neptune is in Leo, Pluto in Sagittarius. Jupiter at 2 Taurus is opposed by this month’s Scorpio eclipse, which might rattle a Jupiter figure, like a PM? The Nodes are 29 Capricorn, so tr Pluto may unearth secrets, or throw a light on dubious alliances.

            1948, a Gemini House with a mid Capricorn Moon, is having a Nodal return at 14 Taurus. Saturn in Leo will be squared by November’s fizzing Uranian Lunar Eclipse. Again, that could mean change of government, or even rebellion in the House? Arguments about reform and/or the way forward? The old ways are being challenged.
            Its Jupiter 26 Sagittarius opposes Uranus 24 Gemini (quite descriptive!) and is being challenged by Neptune’s transit – could be mass delusions at worst, idealistic desires and plans at best?
            April 1948 had a Lunar Eclipse at 3 Scorpio, May 9th 1948 had its Solar Eclipse at 18 Taurus – a rather interesting synchronicity I think. Of course, repairs and more are badly needed now at the building itself… well as amongst its inhabitants!

    • I’m wondering about this too Simone, and so ar the majority of people I have talked to about it! If the boil is only partially lanced then it will all get even worse and the Tories will do even more damage. We need them out.

      Marjorie – is there any indicator of General Election in the charts of either Tory or Labour Parties? I guess it’s difficult because whoever is in power will have a tough time, so the charts won’t be showing sweetness and light anywhere…

    • One of the reasons Tory MPs have to be careful in how they rush to replace Truss is that under the 2022 Parliament Act Fixed Terms were abolished and the PM potentially has the power again to trigger a General Election. Under its terms Truss can simply go to the Monarch at anytime and request the dissolution of Parliament. Essentially this gives Truss a nuclear option whereby she could simply call a national poll thereby sending a lot of the MPs demanding her head to inevitable electoral oblivion. Given the chaotic state the Tory Party is in at the moment I don’t think King Charles is going to refuse any such request.

  14. Setting the state of the country aside, I’m fascinated by the astrology and cycles of it all.

    Despite being a Scorpio sun, Hunt’s chart is as mutable as all the others before him with the potential of yet another t-square depending on the degree of his moon. Meh! The synastry of his and Truss’ charts suggests the potential for a love-hate relationship.

    Truss’ pyschology continues to fascinate me. I note she started yesterday’s speech with another reference to her childhood and why growth is important. Again this seems to be her Saturn in Cancer (combined with Mercury) speaking. Noting that transiting Pluto stationed opposite her midday chart Mercury – so I think that is unravelling some of her thinking. I had a schoolfriend who’s parents were teachers and they lived comfortably but down to earth lives. I think of Truss’ father being a university lecturer and her mother taking her on CND / anti-Thatcher marches and wonder if she simply resents her childhood as not good enough for a Leo Sun etc. Not enough love given to her, too much focus on bigger matters.

    Then we have the Conservative party imploding. It all seems very Saturn return or Saturn through the 12th house as they have progressively got worse and worse into their dysfunction. If they were a less storied party, I’d really think this is the end for them.

    And at the end of all this, we have the state of the nation and the imminent arrival of Saturn into Pisces and Pluto into Aquarius. To some extent, neither of these placements will have time for people wanting to play the victim and cry poor-me especially all those people who regularly voted Tory to get us here. There will be room for coming together and helping towards common purposes; and I think the difficulties we’re seeing are beginning to force that to happen.

    • The first thing I thought when I looked at Truss’s natal chart is she isn’t a grounded soul. Saturn is the dominant parent and with a Sun in Leo it may have been the Father. Truss’s Pisces moon in the fifth house has – to my intuition – placated a parent’s need or not understood them. Pluto in Libra in the twelfth house, has hidden her desire to get on a even ground with a desire to prove herself. It is interesting that she had an affair, whilst in Parliament. It may have been tied up with her unconscious desire to pay back for her hurt emotions. I think Truss is unconsciously transferring her desire to control and prove herself, even down to Margaret Thatcher being “the women leader” during her formative years, to feel worthy. A Fire Sun Leo and a Water Moon could produce a hot headed emotional ruler. Truss rushed her into her leadership full of idealistic fire. With her Pluto/Uranus midpoint, conjunct her Air Ascendent she got carried away with her euphoria, along with a Aries Jupiter in the seventh house she met the country/world by being the ultimate boss, as the Jupiter square Saturn made her feel like the world needed her idealism and rule.

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