Lilibet – a name to conjure with ++

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor arrived on Friday at 11.40 am in Santa Barbara, California. She has a public-career oriented and communicative 10th house Gemini Sun in a sensible, hard-working trine to Saturn in her 6th house, sextile a secretive, intense 8th house Moon in Aries. Her Saturn is in an erratic, can-be-dictatorial square to Uranus in the 9th, hinting she’ll be pulled between alternative philosophies and conventional ways.

   Both her Saturn and Uranus hard aspect her Sun/Moon midpoint so marriage and close relationships will not be easy despite her laid-back, expansive Jupiter conjunct her Descendant. She’s also got a megaton Mars in Cancer opposition Pluto which may initially make her bury her anger and assertiveness though once/if she gets the right end of it she’ll have driving determination.

A 10th house Sun is associated with a public career and points to a need to fulfil the mother‘s ambitions rather than her own. Though with Lili’s Saturn and Uranus clashing with Meghan’s Leo Sun, and Lili’s Mars squaring Meg’s controlling 4th house Pluto it won’t be an easy combination.

  It’s a different chart from her older brother Archie, 6 May 2019 5.26 am London, who has a Taurus Sun conjunct his Ascendant trine an overly-dutiful and gloomy 10th house Saturn Pluto conjunction. His Gemini Moon isn’t well-integrated into his chart.

  Lili’s 8th house Moon is a hint of more than normal grandparental ties and the name selected is no doubt a nod in that direction. Though my first reaction was it was a crass choice, designed to curry favour/smooth over family hurt/set the Royal connection in cement.  If it was intended as an olive branch it isn’t working, with the close family relationships going from bad to worse ahead.  See previous post April 24 2021 below.

Add ON: In some ways Harry should be a better fit with Archie since H’s Taurus Moon chimes with A’s Sun. But Harry’s relationship chart with Lili is expansive, easy-going and supportive with a composite Sun opposition Jupiter and square the Moon.

  What is intriguing is that Lili’s ferociously determined Mars opposition Pluto falls across both her parents’ 1st/7th houses which looks argumentative and then some.

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  1. Just a thought, in publishing if a writer is paid a hefty advance and the book doesn’t sell, the writer has to pay back the advance. I understand that Meghan’s sales are not doing so well.

  2. I’m late to read this so perhaps nobody will see this comment. Maybe just as well.

    Somewhere I read that a Gemini child is often born to parents who are unable or don’t communicate well with each other, at the time of conception or birth at least. My parents first born was a gemini and that certainly makes sense in hindsight.
    The other thing I thought is that they’ve sort of wounded their new little one with this name and that seems an insensitive and perhaps signal of somewhat irresponsible parenting.

    Finally, I wondered if Lili has arrived partly for Archie, as something about his chart makes me think he’ll need her support in life. And that Lili may blow her parents marriage apart by simply existing. Her growth as she ages will highlight the flaws and I could see Harry taking her side to comfort her, and that this may cause an ending between Harry and Meghan in marriage at least. I had been on H&M’s side until they named this child and now I am seeing flaws which are just too hard to unsee finally after all. My heart goes out to the Queen as well due to this mess with the naming of an innocent baby.

    • Good analysis, we will wait and see what happens. I just have a very hard time believing they named their child to honor the Queen and then disrespect everything she stands for in the royal family. Duty above anything else.

      I’m not a bible scholar but what is the verse about gaining the whole world financially but not knowing God or having a true purpose in life? My belief and I hope I’m wrong is this is all about finances.

  3. Well we can always call her Susan or Betty, which would humanise the situation a bit. Or better still let Lilibet find her own name. Because I bet in time she’ll grow to detest it!

    • Hmm – I get the feeling that they themselves will change it soon of their own volition because they will say that they didn’t want to burden their child.

  4. Marjorie, Tarot by Andie has a few ‘interesting’ takes on the baby and her parents, not unlike the opinions of some astrologers. I feel you would be aware of her, so I will post this link for your followers.
    One video in particular discusses the name.
    “Who’s responsible for the name and what will become of her in terms of personality?”

  5. Truly there is no name that would shut down haters. Clearly no name that will win the approval of those determined to find fault with the mother’s and father’s very existence in the RF. Her life will be sorely shaped by projection upon projection upon speculation and drama that is not her responsibility but will be her destiny. I wish them all some peace and quiet from the roar of the Roman crowds jeering for yet more blood.

    • That’s true, but then they just have to stop pushing out stuff into the global public arena, don’t they?
      Perhaps one day M&H will understand that by courting court press attention, you attract all sorts of responses, not just those you seek.
      Or alternatively, they could look at why they are attracting such bile, while ostensibly preaching compassion.
      This stuff is not just happening to them. They are agents in provoking it.
      They could have just said their farewells, which would have mostly been accepted, set up their charitable foundation with a focus on Africa which they profess to love, or the environment, or with the injured and disabled, all huge areas of endeavour where they have some expertise.
      Instead, at the end of a hugely successful and expensive African tour (especially for the host countries) herself’s selfcentred whinge wiped it out.
      And so it continues.
      ´Never complain, never explain ‘ has a lot going for it. Perhaps they should try it.

      • Not sure they could win whatever they decide to do. Perhaps they feel they need to fight back against the criticisms. Sometimes it is good to see some emotion the ‘stuff upper lip’ approach can be aberrant and out of step with the rest of society.

    • Respectfully that is nonsense. They could have called her Lily or Elizabeth or any number of other names and no one would have raised an eyebrow. Lilibet was frankly provocative and in poor taste given it was a pet name only used by Philip and he’s barely in his grave.

      • According to what I have read, some of Elizabeth’s cousins in other royal families called her Lillibet, and she also signed her letters to nieces and nephews as “Aunt Lillibet”. So if true it wasn’t only Phillip who knew about and used the name.

    • If they want a quiet solitary life, why keep sending out the hounds. Me thinks, they need the publicity to remain revelant. My dad did not help us after we left, you’re a millionaire, you chose California of all places, celebrity haven.

      Not blood my dear, just shut their trap and go away! Life you wanted for a private life.

      Oprah, Spotify and commercial deals do not equal a private life. How much do you think they can get for a picture of Archie? LMAO

  6. The RF surname situation is complicated with ramifications of HRH’s, Prince and Princesses.
    Basically since 1960, male line descendants without a royal title or style take the name Mountbatten-Windsor.
    Traditionally, children use the name of their father’s dukedom as William and Harry Wales did, and the Cambridge and York children do.
    Harry opted to call his children Mountbatten-Windsor instead.
    Edward is only an Earl so his children, with his and Sophie’s consent, were the first Mountbatten-Windsors. Presumably their titles will change when he becomes the Duke of Edinburgh.
    Princess Anne didn’t take a title so her children took Phillips, their father’s surname.
    Basically, it’s a surname used whenever one is officially needed. William used Mountbatten-Windsor for the lawsuit against a French magazine for publishing unauthorised photos.
    And then there are the other royals like Duke of Kent children, who are Windsors.
    No wonder poor old Meghan couldn’t cope. Being part of the RF must be like stumbling onto some arcane hobby. You definitely need an 8-year apprenticeship to get the hang of it! The wonder is that anyone’s prepared to do it.

  7. What I don’t understand is that after tearing up on Oprah about the Royal Family’s horrible racism, Meghan chose to name her daughter after two rich, white grandmothers and the black grandmother was completely sidelined.

    • Harry said that his grandmother had nothing to do with the racist comments that were made by members of the royal family. There are no Rachels or Meghans on the Ragland family tree – Doria did not use family names and likely is unbothered by her daughter’s choice. Meghan has never displayed communist leanings to the effect that the existence of ‘rich’ people is one she finds ideologically abhorrent, nor has she voiced any anti-white rhetoric. She and Harry see themselves as being in privileged positions where they can have access to wealth and can use part of it for humanitarian projects. Meghan said she believes in sharing life stories, but does not want photographers to violate the basic understanding of privacy held by all decent people by hiding in the bushes or sending drones to photograph her bedroom. The lack of understanding probably comes from ignoring all of that.

  8. What a sweet name that has connections to both sides of her family. Meghan had an Aunt Lillie who was quite the pioneer. It’s an original way to pay tribute to the Queen, without giving the baby the same names as her cousin Charlotte. The other European royals also call the Queen Aunt Lilibet.

    Diana was always going to be a middle name for any daughters that Prince William and Prince Harry had, so that’s no surprise. Charlotte and Lili aren’t even the first in the family to be given the name as a tribute. The Earl Spencer’s youngest daughter is called Charlotte Diana and she’s Prince William’s cousin. Can you imagine how awkward it would be if Harry also gave identical names to his daughter and called her Elizabeth Diana? Lilibet was the perfect way to tie the two sides of her family together and honour the Queen, without repeating names too much. Just like Harry, she’ll be known by a nickname.

    Has anybody else seen the similarities between Lili and Prince Philip? Both born abroad, Geminin suns, Leo ascendants, fire moons and Aries Chiron. Their charts have similar shapes too and are very one-sided with the other half empty. I wonder about their connection.

    • So wonderful that Meghan has connected her Aunt Lillie to the birth of her daughter (ha ha) AFTER it was mentioned in press and social media, that she had shown no regard to her mother or mother’s side of the family in the naming process. Did Aunt Lillie have children or grandchildren, do you know, because I am wondering just how honoured Aunt Lillie might have been had Meghan managed to remain connected to them through the years and to have those children (Meghan’s cousins) or other relatives besides the lone Doria, represented at the wedding. Does anyone know?

      • Aunt Lillie (who is deceased) was a great-aunt on Doria’s side of the family. Don’t know if she had any children. She left her home to Doria’s father (her nephew) and it then passed on to Doria, so she may not have had any children of her own to gift the home to when she died.
        For all we know Doria might have been very close to this aunt while she was alive, and even suggested to Harry and Meghan that they use her name for the new baby.

        • Attendance at a royal wedding is a once in a lifetime event that family members would have been delighted and honoured to have witnessed. M could have shared her happy occasion with them. Doria has many relatives none of whom were in attendance. I could not have allowed my mother to be in such an imposing situation without at least one relative there, even if it’s just to have a hand to squeeze when you get a little nervous. Surely, there would have been one person in the family with whom a hatchet might have been buried so that D didn’t have to be alone there? A love that is so “expansive” that H&M would name one of the most famous little girls in the world after her, could surely have expanded to include some of the other people who share that blood, no?

          • I have no idea why other family members on Doria’s side were not at H&M’s wedding – I was not aware that Meghan is estranged from them, which you imply with your comment about burying a hatchet. I only mentioned that Meghan had a great-aunt named Lillie who gifted her home to Doria’s father when she died, and suggested that perhaps Doria was close to her, which MAYBE affected the name choice for the new baby. I won’t speculate on anything more. We can make all sorts of assumptions, but only the people directly involved in the family dynamics can tell us what is going on – and even that can be suspect, because there are always different sides to the stories based on complex emotional perspectives.
            I try to stay positive, or just neutral, on everything Sussex – there is already enough negative energy around them.

          • BarbN, don’t want to get into throwing “barbs” back and forth (tee hee) but there are photos of a pre-teen M with her mother’s family at various holidays such as Thanksgiving etc, but none after and they were not at the wedding. The wedding was the moment M was formerly presented to the British ppl and the world and many people found it odd that she was so passionate about her black heritage that a preacher was flown in from the US to expound on slavery and colonialism, yet none of her black relatives -nor her white ones for that matter – were there. As a black woman myself,it spoke volumes to me and if there are any “poison arrows surrounding them” as you mentioned below (a comment I don’t see as neutral), a seed may have been planted then when I know, among my black friends and family, we started to question what she stands for: thankfully, we’ve figured it out now.

          • There were some family members who were hounded by the press. There were photos of Doria with Meghan as a baby. I believe it was Doria’s brother who sold the photos to the rag, the Daily Mail. So I don’t understand why people get so hung up with her not being close to her family . Meghan’s dad sold pics to the British tabloid and lied to Meghan and for months he continued to talk making things worse. How on earth can family mend rifts when they don’t know what healthy boundaries are? It seems that many family members cashed in at Meghan’s expense. I suspected that they were warned about not doing that and they went ahead with selling interviews and photos. The hating is surreal. It’s like Meghan came to uncover festering wounds and the haters are in complete denial. These are the times when what has been hidden in the dark is being uncovered. So what is it about Meghan and Harry that is triggering us? What is it that we need to face and heal. If we are cringing, uncomfortable about whatever they are doing then we are really call to face out own shadows. These two are teachers. W

          • I like to think that I have dispensed with the influences of the many fairy tales I was told as a little girl, as we move/moved from the Pisces era but the only one that I truly identify with to this day is the Princess and the Pea. It made a huge impression on me then and still informs some of my outlook now – I suppose it was my first exposure to the power of Pluto. I have tousled with Pluto for many years until I finally got it’s message. The one I received (tailored to me, not anyone else) is that I am made up of “light” qualities and of “dark” ones and that, when it comes to the darker side, I could either try to transform those qualities (a la The Alchemist) or, if they were not transformable, “own” them and try to manage them so that they do not hide in the “shadows” of my subconscious, like “festering wounds” where they may sabotage me. The message continues that this is the only way to “live my truth” and that trying to put a veneer of niceness over these qualities robs me of my authenticity and robs me of my chances to live as a truly integrated being. I can’t speak for how the rest of the world is handling Plutonian energies but owning my “hate” as you call it, is one of the things that have contributed to my sense of wholeness.
            As for why I take an interest in Much Markle – there are numerous reasons which I won’t go into now but one of the most important to me at the moment is that I have two mixed-race cousins who are now entering their 20’s and like I was at that age, they are looking outward at people like Obama, for “role models”, if you like. Luckily, I come from a family where we are all able to discuss and debate these things and all allowed to contribute in some way to helping them find a comfortable path. As they say, it takes a village…

    • Not one member of Meghan’s African family attended her Wedding, apart from her Mother. She has a black preacher Uncle in her family too. Not even Thomas Markle’s brother was invited, who worked in the American diplomatic core and helped with her Argentinian Embassy work experience. I doubt whether Aunty Lili was even given a thought Cancelling your family is not the normal thing to do. Meghan’s 4th house Pluto and 1st House Leo Sun, is very manipulative, utterly self centred and will destroy another in their way. Cancer is the 4th house, ruled by the moon and is traditionally the family. I have Sun/Pluto in the 4th in Leo. Believe me, the volcano erupts and if you cannot handle your own anger, you project. Meghan is fire Sun in the Regal Leo and will blow. I am old enough to have learnt. The Queen is in her way and had the power to take away her HRH. This is revenge, in my view. Meghan’s charts leans towards being a women with little toleration of others, as she flops between being a world spiritual leader and a victim, but never just a human being. Their composite chart has a hard Pluto moon contact, which aggravates the masses – either way they will push people not like them. Their Pluto is out for revenge and Meghan’s 4th house Pluto puts the Queen as their target, as she is the head of the Royals. They want absolute power for themselves, nothing else matters. Sadly Harry and Meghan are consumed with power.

  9. I like the name ‘Lillibet’, and don’t think the Sussexes had any other reason to choose it other than to pay homage to the Queen, and what’s wrong with that? There are worse things in this world. Give them and their children a break.

    • Update:
      It’s reported that Prince Harry called Queen Elizabeth for permission to name the daughter Lillibet before the birth. Given the royal declaration of “delight” about the child’s birth, it can be assumed that permission was granted by the matriarch.

    • There is nothing wrong with it at all if you love your family.

      The issue with the Sussexes is that they hate their family.

      They aired that interview with Oprah while Prince Philip was in hospital on his last legs. They could have postponed it but chose not to. They wanted to hurt him before he died, and he spent his last month on earth upset and worried about the attacks on Charles and the family he worked so hard to build.

      In that context, naming the child “Lilibet” is all about merching off royal connections rather than homage.

        • I think the choice of name is interesting when you consider that their son (Archie Harrison) was born whilst they were still working royals and those names have no royal precedent as far as I’m aware – in fact that was seen as another example of Harry and Meghan very much doing things ‘their way’.

          Since leaving the BRF, the couple have spent the last few months making serious allegations against Harry’s family (racist remarks, emotional neglect and harm, generations of genetic pain stemming from the Queen’s parenting etc). What a perfect time to name their second child after her two white Royal and privileged grandmothers. You couldn’t make it up! What about Doria, who seems to be the only family member – never mind Grandparent – with any access to either of their children?

          It is crass and reeks of opportunism.

          • Well said Jasmine. There was no talk of giving Archie a middle name like Philip after the grandfather Harry was supposedly close to. You also have to be concerned about little Lili an innocent child carrying the burden of those name associations around with her for the rest of her days. It’s not like a family outside the public arena

    • We are giving them a break, if they didn’t report everything to the medial would we know? Someone continues to what the publicity?

  10. I read that one of the nicknames/terms of endearment that Doria called Meghan as a little girl was ‘Flower’, so the choice of Lilli is a nod to that, obviously spelt differently to the flower.

    Harry has lived a life where other people held sway over his choices. I applaud his decision to live the life he wants with the woman he loves. He is and will continue to be criticised, and so will Meghan, so he may as well choose a path that is the right fit for him and his family regardless of what anyone else thinks.

  11. Is Prince Harry’s last name Mountbatten-Windsor or is it Windsor? Wasn’t there a big fight when the Queen and Philip married as to whether their last name would be Mountbatten or Windsor?

    She has Saturn Trine Sun and Jupiter on the Descendent. I think the child is going to be just fine. 8th house it the house of ancestors and lineage and there will be some things to work through. Algol midheaven means she cannot ignore the world. She is also Ruled by Mercury – and that is what will help her. I have Sun Conjunct Algol, Jupiter on the Descendent, and Sun trine Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn are saving points.

    She will have to face some truths – but kid will be ok in my opinion. Takes a while to grow into her lineage – that is all. I too have Chiron in the 8th house conjunct my south node. I get it. I needed to understand my ancestors for sure – but guardian Angels (Jupiter) and protection (Saturn) abound.

    • Royals with a title don’t have a last name. They just use their first name. When there is a situation that requires a last name such as at school, or at work/army, they use their title.

      So when Harry was a child he was Harry Wales (his father being the Prince of Wales). Now he has the tile Sussex he would be Harry Sussex. When they don’t have a title they are Mountbatten-Windsor, his kids don’t use a title, so have the M-W last name.

      This is also why we still call their wives Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton, as they have no last name & we are too lazy to use their full titles

  12. The parents chose freedom and they will be challenged to give their own children the same freedom – that seems to be an Astro obvious challenge. I wonder the ascendant MC conjunctions portend the mother projecting herself on her daughter? Also the 8th house moon suggests a deep psychic awareness that will take time to grow into. I get the feeing of a creative intuitive talented individual that has the deep drive determination to push through expected norms. Saturn Pluto Mars Uranus Chiron Moon are all highlighted in the chart so no push over.

  13. I agree with Candy that the standout element is the moon in the 8th, plus of course Chiron. I have Chiron in 8th and I think it’s such a painful placement, and to be conjunct the moon…

    Re the name; it feels so wrong on so many levels. I think it’s a deep invasion of the Queen’s personal space, and as for ‘Diana’….I have been involved in systemic family constellations for a while now, where the invisible family dynamics become visible. One thing that became clear is that naming a child after a family member whose death was tragic or violent is huge no-no. The child inherits a great psychic burden, and I think the 8th house moon may play that out.

    I hope Lili copes well in life, given all the animosity directed at her naming.

    • Must have written while Isabella was writing. So right about the 8th moon, and all the pain the naming is set up to cause. I looked up Lili’s chart last night, and was so upset for her. Her parents have zero emotional intelligence.

      • >> “One thing that became clear is that naming a child after a family member whose death was tragic or violent is huge no-no.” <<<

        Better have a word with Prince William/Kate too then. Their daughter is Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

        Now that seems strange to give your child almost the same set of names as your brother. Almost like there's a sibling rivalry or one between spouses …

        • With Charlotte, Elizabeth is a Middleton family name.

          Kate’s mother is Carole Elizabeth. Kate is Catherine Elizabeth. Princess Charlotte is obviously Charlotte Elizabeth. Pippa’s daughter is Grace Elizabeth. Elizabeth is clearly a family name that many generations of Middletons have had. So “Elizabeth” is a nod to Kate and Carole, as well as the Queen.

          Pippa’s middle name is Charlotte, which of course is a version of Carole. And of course a nod to Prince Charles as well. So Charlotte’s naming took into account both families.

          The weird thing about Lili is a complete absence of any ref to Meghan’s family. Surely she has a grandmother or great-grandmother somewhere she wanted to honour? Or even gave her one of her own names (Rachael or Meghan, both of which are pretty names). But instead they made it all about royalty, even though apparently royalty brings “genetic pain”.

          • According to what I have read, Meghan had/has a great-aunt named Lillie – so maybe she has referenced her side of the family after all, as the new baby will be known as Lili.
            Already the “poison arrows” are surrounding this child, with all the negative opinions about her naming.

          • It is not only weird, it is cancelling her own ethnic background. She has completely ignored her mother’s ethnicity. Meghan calls herself a women of colour, yet this is the first opportunity for her to bring her own mother to the foreground and she didn’t, I think it shows how shallow she really is. Her own mother lives with them; cares for Archie. Yet Meghan, true to her fourth house Pluto, figuratively expunged her mother out of her family legacy. She wants to be Royal and seen as a Royal. Personally, I think she named her child after the Queen because she is desperately jealous of the Queen.

  14. The first thing I saw was that Moon/Chiron, in the 8th of all places. Ouch! No ease with the mother OR hereditary great-grandmother…makes me believe the Queen is privately not amused. Royal children’s names are supposed to be approved by her, which is why it usually takes time to release. Not so this time, and not announced by the palace either. The Moon also signifies baptism/naming ceremonies, many cultures pick the date for it from the lunar calendar resonating with a child’s birth. The Chiron seems to indicate poisoned arrows around. Wonder what’s cooking with grandmother Doria, she might not be pleased either. I’m sorry for Lili, this is going to follow her through her life…echoing in that Pluto Mars hard aspect, which can be torturous. Her other namesake, Diana had the square, much was said by astrologers of it making her a ‘rape victim’ in both families and the media, prompting the self-injury. Her rebelliousness was, in the end, reactionary. Lili’s Neptune Venus Square is also concerning, she’ll have her illusions shattered more often than not. This chart gives her natural prominence in the world, but not an easy life. Poor baby.

    • It struck me too that by carrying those names she is already burdened with expectations. Plus, what you said about Moon/Chiron. I have an exact trine between them and that is painful enough.

    • The Queen was first called Lilibet by her father King George VI to whom she was very close and this very personal family pet name was also used by Prince Philip until he died. As the Queen grieves for him I doubt she is amused by this use of her private name which is now all over the media. If she is to be known as Lili why not just name her that and give the Queen a break? As someone else remarked the connection will still be made and would be a less crass way of complimenting/sucking up to her after their behaviour of the last 3 months in particular.
      Doria is a pretty name and could have been used as one of her middle names too with Diana the third Christian name making it less obvious as in Prince Charlotte’s name. I’m glad the Middletons have Elizabeth as a family name so that both sides can be honoured even though she is royal child. Both families matter!

  15. …I’m going to give her a break. She’s barely 4 days old and whilst of course we’re curious about her chart, it doesn’t feel very caring or sensitive to speak about her parents in derogatory terms whatever we perceive to be the challenges.

  16. I consider the name to be a vindictive choice. Someone has already registered the domain LilibetDiana. How vulgar if they plan to trademark and use the name as they do Archies.
    I think the girl will be an adventurous sort and much more rough and tumble than her brother. Lucky for the children that her Gemini Sun will be comfy with his Gemini moon. They will need each other.

  17. Thanks Marjorie, she looks like a very interesting new arrival. A baby’s links to its parents’ charts are the current transits to those charts – a Saturn square Uranus theme should be interesting for all three of them!

    I noticed that Lili’s MC aligns with Algol, the Medusa’s Head fixed star that suggests tremendous creative or sexual energy. I read this in ‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars’:

    “Algol was called Ras al Ghul by the Arabs, which means the Head of the Demon, and they considered this female demon to be the wife of the devil……

    “In Talmudic Law she is the first wife of Adam, Lilith, who left him because she refused to be submissive to his needs. Lilith then fled to paradise and became a demon of the wind.”

    Brady remarks that Algol is “one of the most powerful stars in the sky”. It’s prominent in the charts of many creative, driven people. What also intrigued me was the resonance between the name “Lili” and “Lilith”. A little bit of symbolic synchronicity perhaps?

    • There are different versions of Lilith, I’m not sure which one Marjorie is using. But the one used by Astro has BML at 25Tau, so conjunct MC and Algol – ouch.

      Also on fixed stats, Regulus has progressed out of Leo and is now in the early minutes of Virgo – placing that on her Ascendant. What does an anaeretic Ascedant suggest, if anything?

      • Yes, Lilith is confusing. I only look at the lunar apogee one. It took me a long time to work it all out!
        Re the ascendant and royal Regulus – it seems apt somehow, and maybe a hint of the changes ahead for the RF as a whole. What kind of ‘royalty’ can this little girl be? Regulus in Virgo offers the idea of service as well, a word her parents enjoy using. Hints of noblesse oblige!
        She’ll be very fascinated with her ancestors, but I’d guess this child will carve her own path and surprise her parents. There’s a feeling of “fate” with anaretic degrees, which I also see in the MC, Algol, and BML combination. A little being with a mysterious purpose – we shall see.

  18. Signwise, her chart has very little in common with her parents whose planets are mostly clustered from Leo – Sag where she has very little. The two notable exceptions are Lili’s Mars in Cancer and her Taurus Uranus near Harry’s moon.

    Lili’s Mars-Pluto falling across MM’s angles, as Candy points out, seems the biggie relationally. Both of them with passive-aggressive Mars in Cancer that is in mutual reception with her Moon in Aries. I’d expect Meghan to play out the Mars end, Lili will pick up the Pluto end and needle her.

    As I recall, The Saturn-Uranus square play into Harry’s Taurus Moon opposite Scorpio Saturn which are squared by Meghan’s Leo Sun. The Aqua Saturn in 6th (filling the empty leg) will be interesting given that H&M have talked about “service” and its importance so much over the last year or two.

    Harry’s Neptune is directly opposite her Gemini mercury. Does his neptune falling in the 4th suggest he could be giving her unclear, romanticised version of family life?

    Meanwhile Lili has that lovely little learning triangle of her Gemini Sun, Aqua Saturn, Aries Moon/Chiron – that feels very mother / father related.

    I really feel like this will be a case of “your children are here to teach you about your weaknesses”. I can see her becoming the family scapegoat especially as the family brand is named after Archie.

    • I think she has a quite painful moon – it’s in square to her Venus/Mars midpoint which will undoubtedly affect her relationships because both within the family and as a whole. But also, it strikes me that Cardinal planets are often seen in the charts of those movers and shakers who campaign for justice, etc – see also Peter Tatchell and AOC.

      • I feel there is something unusual about the birth. Uranus on the Parental lights in the chart, will indicate an cold distant relationship, yet also an unusual attachment. I can’t help feeling the baby is a surrogate. Meghan has written about her miscarriage in November 2020, stating it was in July. If she went the full 40 weeks pregnancy, her conception would have been very early September, if not late August. Either her miscarriage was not a serious miscarriage , as she became pregnant within a matter of weeks again, or it happened earlier and they may had decided on surrogacy. At 39 it would not be that easy to conceive directly after a major miscarriage. Pluto in the 5th indicates a dark secret in childhood, as Pluto can mean hidden secrets, money – surrogate? Moon Chiron in the 8th again hints to the hidden underlying feeling of not being close to her mother. Couple this detachment with her parents desire to be secretive to the outside world. She will struggle to feel part of her family and find her place in society. Uranus on the Sun/Moon midpoint in Taurus can also indicate indulgence and addiction. Many who struggle with food and drink have a Moon in Taurus. A Sun/moon midpoint could strengthen a need to comfort indulge. Neptune/Pisces may be drugs, yet Taurus is most definitely food and gluttony. Jupiter is the birth, marriage/death planet. It is in the seventh relationship house, she will most definitely seek solace through relationships.

  19. It’s an odd choice because Harry has clearly stated he does not want his children to grow up like him or in the royal bubble. I can believe he does love his grandmother, but why didn’t Meghan use a family name from her side of the family? Maybe their motives are innocent but I doubt it.

    If you can’t get royal money by being a senior royal, I guess you have to milk that cow any way you can.

  20. The stand out element in the chart is the Moon conjunct Chiron in the 8th House.

    I had a look at Meghan’s chart – and her midheaven is at 12 Aries 11. An exact conjunction to Lili’s Moon and Chiron.

    Meghan’s ascendant at 24 Cancer 30 is also conjunct Lili’s Mars and opposite Lili’s Pluto.

    • Yes Candy, I find that interesting too and read it as her mother’s (Moon) financial (8th) ambitions will wound her (Chiron) or she will feel sacrificed for it. And I think too that Meghan, with her Mars in the 12th, will not realise that it will be obvious to the viewing public (10th). That’s just my amateur reading…we shall see.

  21. Lillibet was a very personal and private family name taken from the then three year old Elizabeth who could not yet, understandly, pronounce her name. The Duke of Edinburgh used Lillibet when in private. The Queen is still grieving from her loss of her husband and to have the world know they have chosen this personal name must rile with the Queen. I feel this is a blatant and very crass way to ingratiate themselves with the Royal Family – only it won’t work – what was wrong with Megan’s side of the families names, her mother – Doria or her grandmother – Jeanette. I suppose they don’t have the same cachete!

    The Moon is very closely conjunct Chiron – and with Mars opposite Pluto and Saturn Square Uranus, as well as Mercury square a Pisces Neptune, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to go her own way as she grows up, contrary to the life plan envisaged by her mother as some sort of celebrity princess (she will become a princess on the death of Queen Elizabeth II).

    • I like “Lili” but “Lilibet” has exactly the problem you imply, it sounds like a 3-year-old’s attempt to say a name.

      I think Harry’s willing to be the outcast of the family but MM can’t handle being disliked (or more specifically having people talk/think badly of her) so this is a typical shallow Libra charm offensive to try and keep people linking her. The sad part is they’re using their child to do this.

      I’m reminded that when people are trying to ingratiate themselves, the target is unaware of the sucking up, but everybody around can see it for what it is.

  22. My initial reaction to the name was similar. Why not just the name Lilli? The connection would have been made without the overt need to link her directly to great Gran.

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