Letitia James & Audrey Strauss – into gear as Mueller fades


More jeopardy for Trump may come from legal actions by state attorney generals, especially in New York, than from Mueller. At present there are 51 multi-state lawsuits against the Trump administration including New York where it has led the group. They do not answer directly to William Barr and unlike Mueller can’t be fired by the president and investigations of Trump-linked interests could dog the president, his family and his associates for years, including after his departure from office.

The state’s financial fraud laws give the attorney general “incredible power” to demand documents and records, said one commentator. “New York is in a unique position to lead a lot of these investigations. Number one, they have the resources to take Trump on, and number two, they have the location where Trump is potentially most legally vulnerable.”

“Trump has decades of complex and shady business deals that make for a target-rich environment,” said Eric Soufer, a senior counsel.

Leading the pack is the new AG for New York Letitia James, 18 October 1958, who is a Sun Venus in Libra, a sign much connected with the law and justice, with a fearsomely determined and courageous as well as ruthless Mars in combative Gemini square Pluto.

Her Saturn in Sagittarius sits exactly on top of Trump’s Moon exactly and opposition his Sun and Uranus so she’ll have a dampening effect on his morale as her criticisms hit home; with her Pluto conjunct his Ascendant threatening to take the shine of his image.

Their relationship chart has a power-struggling composite Sun Pluto conjunction. And an explosive Mars Uranus in a nerve-wracked square to Neptune which is being heavily restricted by transiting Saturn hard aspects through this year; with more discouragement from tr Saturn square the composite Jupiter in 2020. Though the truly major upheavals don’t come until 2023 onwards when tr Uranus moves to square the composite Pluto Sun.

Trump does look deflated about his finances as if he’s lost his mojo with tr Saturn square his 2nd house Jupiter on and off till late this year; with a major panic attack on the cash front come late 2021 when his Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct his Neptune. 2021/22/23 are years which will see tr Neptune square his Moon and then his Sun which will be a longish phase of uncertainty and low morale.

Letitia James herself looks under considerable pressure for the next three years and isn’t winning as much as she’d hoped.

The other legal warrior now in charge of the federal investigation into Trump’s business and campaign finances in SDNY is the new Number Two prosecutor Audrey Strauss, 7 October 1947, who is hugely experienced and cut her teeth working on the Independent Counsel’s staff on the Iran-Contra scandal.   She’s an even more ferociously determined Sun Neptune in Libra with Saturn Pluto conjunct as well as Mars in Leo. Her Uranus is conjunct Trump’s Sun and opposition his Moon so she’ll be an unsettling force; and her heavyweight Leo planets all fall in his 12th midway between his Mars and Pluto, so it’ll be a battle royal.

Their relationship chart has a fight-to-the-death composite Sun Mars Pluto with Pluto conjunct Saturn – that starts to rock n roll from this July onwards for several years ahead.

17 thoughts on “Letitia James & Audrey Strauss – into gear as Mueller fades

  1. It will all come out in the end. I believe Trump will go to prison after he’s out of office for tax fraud…with multiple convictions.

  2. John, Trump is an unprincipled bully and a thug. He has no redeeming qualities as a person,
    let alone POTUS. Your viewpoint is very much in the minority.

    His day of reckoning will be coming very soon.

    • Trump’s old tax returns reveal he is as inept at business as he is at being POTUS, as the NYT revealed today.

  3. I think we are going to have a democrat/progressive as our next president because the 2021 Inaugural chart has Saturn (ruler of the Midheaven) in Aquarius, conjunct the sun, and applying to a conjunction to Jupiter and Mercury all in the 10th in Aquarius. Aquarius if a forward looking,humanistic sign.

    John Delano, you are whistling past the graveyard. If you think astrologers shouldn’t comment about politics, then why are you visiting this site?

  4. John Delano: You are obviously delusional. Or are you just drunk on Trump’s Kool-Aid? Unbelievable that anyone could buy one word that comes out of the Crook-in-Chief’s mouth. The facts are the facts. Suggest you do some research thereof. This man’s history, not to mention current behavior, is appalling. His father even got a doctor to write a fake letter claiming that his son had bone spurs, thus exempting Donnie boy from the draft. The list of Trump’s lies and dirty deeds borders on the infinite. Side note: another prominent astrologer predicts that a Republican will win the White House in 2020, but that his presidency will be short-lived. Can’t help but envision Trump being marched out of the Oval Office in handcuffs. It could happen

    • @Julie. Interesting that you brought this up. Ms. Orr has Mitt Romney quite happy over the inauguration. I figured he would become leader of the GOP in the Senate replacing Mitch. Additionally, astrologers have Buttigieg elated in 2024! Which I figured meant he overwhelmingly won a second term.

      Food for thought of these interpretations it seems.

      • I am not an astrologer but my gut also tells me Trump is going to win again. There are a lot of John Delanos in the US (quite clearly).

  5. Pretty clear (to me) that Trump is human garbage..just my opinion here but IMO he made that clear from day one. The guy has no moral compass or empathy for others. In fact, I don’t think he’s capable of empathy, even if he wanted to be.

    But, this might be why he’s so appealing to angry voters..and there are lots of them. The way he speaks..he’s literally ad-libbing for hours, completely unscripted, always on a tirade, limitless energy. There is a veil of “authenticity” to him when he speaks, even if most of what he says is bullcrap or exaggerated hyperbole, because it’s like a livestream from his subconscious.

    I’m extremely nervous about 2020, both for political and astrological reasons. The USA Pluto return in 2022 in tandem with the great conjunction of slow moving Saturn/Pluto in 2020 (which conjuncts Trump’s vertex and trines his MC) doesn’t scream “Democratic President” to me, but who knows. Feels more like right wing empowerment.

  6. There is a presumption of guilt and wrong-doing in this analysis. And, there has never been any proven wrong-doing by Trump (other than a problem, I believe, with his foundation, which he was trying to terminate). Trump has been misrepresented by the media since the inception of his presidency. I understand why people have this negative impression based upon the pervasive media reports, but, those reports are biased and have been “spun”. For instance, the inference that his father’s handling of his estate was illegal as reported by the NY Times. That is simply untrue; it was not illegal, the estate was audited by the IRS, as is typical for all estates over a certain monetary threshold. Prominent men and corporations pay for non-disclosure agreements all the time; it is not a crime to enter into one. Trump selling condos to foreigners is not money-laundering, nor is it illegal. All of these allegations are just silly and the unsophisticated are being manipulated by the media. The public is being distracted from the real issues by this hate-fest, and have been made fearful and crazed by media manipulation.

    And, I believe that that astrologers should refrain from engaging in political commentary. Wait until something is proven before claiming that Trump is guilty. The proven truth is the most important in a free society; to diminish yourself by casting spurious allegations is doing yourself an injustice.

    • Trump University scam? Multiple bankruptcies from which he walked away leaving creditors high and dry to name but several. Never mind using his charity/foundation as a personal slush fund etc etc etc.
      There’s none so blind and all that.

    • Clearly you’re one of those who overlook serious personality and character flaws in individuals such as Trump because the economy is chugging along fairly well. This is a classic case of putting vanity before core principles, morals and ethics that are at the core of a civilised democratic society. Trump’s personality is indicative of a morally bankrupt person and such people inherently commit significant crimes. It’s just a matter of proving it.
      Voters unfortunately don’t understand that politics is about choosing the lesser of the evils(figuratively speaking). Facilitating the less principled politician(or party) out of frustration with the system is no valid excuse. It just highlights the ignorance of the electorate. Hopefully the said electorate will wise up and correct unwise choices before it’s too late.
      One thing is certain of all wretched characters, they eventually get what’s coming to them. It’s just a matter of time.
      The worst decision Trump made in life was to run for the Presidency and actually got it. So when he falls, don’t scream unfair and complain his predecessor never got this treatment!
      The one good caveat is that a Trump presidency facilitates the Democrats in choosing a better leader than Hillary.

    • Have you been paying attention? Is this post serious? I am a New Yorker, and this man is so dirty, one would need a bath to be in close proximity of him. While he was running for president, we New Yorkers discovered that the DA’s office (prosecutors in the office) wanted to indict Trump’s children. But coincidentally, a donation was given to Cyrus Vance, and the case was dropped. If “He” is not guilty of something, why is he behaving like a guilty man. Why is he fighting tooth and nail to keep his taxes hidden? Why is he obstructing justice? Why does he tell so many lies? Further, common sense dictates here…why is he surrounded by so many convicted criminals, and this is from the beginning, in New Jersey, the casinos. Good grief, if one goes to sleep and the streets are dry and wakes up and the streets are soaking wet, one doesn’t scratch one’s head and wonder what happened…a sensible person knows it rained.

  7. I’ve heard elsewhere that what Trump really worries about is financial loss. And rather a lot of the above seems to be concerned with this possibility.

  8. Thanks for these, Marjorie! It would be so appropriate for women to take him down (Stormy Daniels already put him in serious felony danger with his trying to buy her silence just ahead of the 2016 election), and Libra immediately makes me think of the scales of justice. I expect it will all happen, unfortunately not before an awful lot of damage done.

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