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Baby Sussex arrived at 5.26am this morning in Windsor, a bouncing 7lbs 3oz boy. This puts a Taurus Sun on his Ascendant so he’ll be a full-on personality, exuberant, outgoing and strong-minded. When he bounces into rooms he’ll create waves. Though he’ll be no playboy with a dutiful and ultra-determined Saturn Pluto in his 10th house. His mother will instill discipline in him and probably be fairly controlling.

His Gemini Moon is only in an out-of-element aspect to Pluto, suggesting he may have difficulties connecting his feelings to what’s going on around him and will tend to withdraw into himself at an emotional level. This is possibly amplified by having a 12th house Venus in Aries square Saturn and Pluto so he will be fairly battened down at one level.

His Mars in argumentative Gemini in his 2nd will make him ambitious about acquiring money and opposition an 8th house Jupiter will bring him luck from grandparents (and a fair amount of spoiling). That adventurous and opportunistic Mars Jupiter squares onto Neptune in Pisces which, despite the earthier influences elsewhere in his chart, will make him at times absent-minded and disorganised, prone to naively trusting arty friends.

With three planets in the 12th he obviously experienced his gestation as impactful and at times stressful. With Mercury there he’ll hesitate at times to voice his opinions; and with Uranus he’ll keep his rebellious streak under wraps (most of the time).

Taurus is a fairly Royal Family sign with the Queen, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis all Taurus and Prince Charles having a Taurus Moon as does Prince Harry.

The baby does fit well with Harry who has a Virgo Sun as well as his Taurus Moon; while Meghan will relate more to his Gemini Moon given her Libra Moon and Jupiter. Grandma Doria has her Jupiter in Virgo which is also a good fit.

The relationships charts for the baby with both Harry and Meghan show a good deal of affection. Harry and he will play and have a good deal of fun together although the burden of Royal restrictions will weigh heavily at times with a tough Mars square Saturn Pluto. While with Meghan the relationship looks lively but also fairly duty and/or health oriented with Saturn Pluto in the 6th.

What a relief to have news other than dreary politics.

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  1. I think he is one of those lucky babies, adored by both parents and close to both…I had that, best combination ever.

  2. South Node conjunct the MC in the 10th house and North Node Conjunct the IC in the 4th House. It seems to suggest a struggle between public life and family for Archie in his life with his destiny best served by sacrificing the former to the latter.

    Of course, the ghost in all those royal baby photos is Princess Diana who continues to haunt the House of Windsor.

  3. You still seem to have the chart set for Windsor, rather than London. I’m not an expert, but this surely changes the shape of it.

  4. I read somewhere else today that baby Archie had an unaspected moon to his mother or rather Meghan has an unaspected moon to her sun in Gemini which is very strange.

  5. And judging from pictures today, Archie is adorable! I know this is said of more or less all babies (and with my 5th house Moon, I might be partial, too), Baby Sussex is particularly sweet.

  6. Also revealing for his character study is the baby’s prenatal Epoch chart or Conception chart, 9 months prior to birth, i.e. August 4, 2018, 7:53 AM, Windsor, UK, Ascendant 24Cp53, featuring a Fixed Grand Cross, Sun Leo, 7th opp Mars 1st both square exalted Moon Taurus, like Queen, opp Jupiter. Mars and Pluto on his Ascendant.

    • This is interesting as this date and time is within minutes of my grandchild being born. What would this mean for someone who was born at this time?

  7. Yes, such a relief.

    Harry’s unscripted, palpable joy was infectious. He even thanked the horses!

    The baby has the same birthday as Audrey Hepburn and George Clooney — star quality with a grounded, humanitarian bent. Haven’t compared chart details yet, but that could be lovely.

    Thanks, Marjorie.

    • Perhaps an indicator of his mother’s influence? She’s been a public figure for a long time as an actress. Pluto (which I associate with one’s own corner of the world, possibly including the whole world—the masses, the public—if a person is famous or infamous) is in the 10th house, career, while the Moon (mother) is in the first, persona. At its best, and most helpful, she could use her skills to teach him how to “act” in his public life, and before the public. At its worst, he could be “acting” in his public role and be far different in private, with both best and worst mirroring his mother.

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