Leonidas – his top spot finally conquered

A 13th individual Olympic Gold Medal means swimmer Michael Phelps has now broken a 2,000-year-old Olympic record by surpassing Leonidas of Rhodes, the greatest athlete of the ancient world, who won 12 times.

Leonidas was a runner who took the laurel wreaths for the 200 and 400 metre races (nude, no ladies in audience); and a longer one in full armour, on four successive Olympics. For the latter he had to wear heavy battle gear, helmet, breastplate, shin armour and a shield made from bronze and wood at temperatures of 40C. He was unusual in winning sprint as well as endurance contests.

No birthdate, only 188 BC, but there was then a punishingly difficult Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn with Uranus North Node in Capricorn as well, all trine Neptune in Virgo; with Jupiter in sporting Sagittarius. So he’d have plenty of resilience and grit from Saturn Pluto as well as being the one who picked up the energies of the difficult triple conjunction to stand out from the crowd – for 2000 years.  At that point the Romans (not yet an empire) were fighting and winning decisively against Greek City states, getting them firmly under their thumb. So Saturn Pluto’s war-like and suppressive tendencies were in full swing.


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