Joe Powell – dare-devilling as a career



Joseph Powell, another Aries stuntman has died, who has every bit as interesting a life story as Chief Bald Eagle (see July 27 post below).

Born 21 March 1922 in London to an ex-soldier, pub-owning father, he joined up aged 17 when war broke out in 1939, became a commando, survived and after a chance meeting with an actor in 1946 decided the bring realism to fighting in movies as a career. In John Huston’s The Man Who Would be King, he doubled for Sean Connery falling 100 feet into a ravine when the rope bridge collapsed ending the character’s life. He worked on The Longest Day and appeared in three early Bond movies. He said being scared made it more realistic and for one film jumped out of a plane with a parachute, not bothering to mention he’d never done it before.

He was a Sun Venus in Aries with Venus trine Neptune in Leo trine Mars in Sagittarius, formed into a Kite by Venus Sun opposition Saturn Node Jupiter in Libra; and the opposition squaring onto Pluto. Overflowing with Fire which as an element has supreme confidence and faith that a guardian angel and a safety net will appear when needed.

Chief Bald Eagle was a Mercury Sun Mars in Aries trine Neptune and Saturn in Leo; with Jupiter Pluto in Cancer – so not that dissimilar.


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