Latifa Al Maktoum – money can’t buy happiness



Latifa Al Maktoum, a daughter of the ruler of Dubai, attempted to escape her restricted life in a daring escape in March, masterminded by a former French spy Herve Jaubert, who skippered a yacht which was intercepted in international waters by the Indian coastguards. Her companions were thrown in jail and only released after extensive media coverage. She has disappeared, it is assumed back home.

Born 5 December 1985 she has a rebellious Sun Uranus in Sagittarius with Venus and Saturn also in Sag; and a confidently determined Pluto square Jupiter.

Her father, 15 July 1949, is an expansive, family-oriented Sun Cancer opposition Jupiter, trine Mars; with a charming and possessive Venus Pluto in Leo. His Sun squares her Mars in Libra for a clash of temperaments; with his Mars opposition her Uranus for ditto.

Their relationship chart is controlling, unpredictable and affectionate with the composite Sun conjunct Pluto Uranus on one side and Venus on the other; and an only-one-can-win composite Mars square Neptune.

There’s nothing too cheerful ahead on her chart for a few years with tr Neptune square her Sun and then Uranus till early 2020 and a trapped, angry tr Pluto square Mars in 2020/2021. And some heavy Solar Arcs in 2021/22. She isn’t well-designed to live in a gilded cage.

2 thoughts on “Latifa Al Maktoum – money can’t buy happiness

  1. Thank you for this Marjorie. My daughter is over in Saudi at the moment working and during the orientation sessions for living and working over there she was horrified to learn that Hangings are carried out on a Friday….Real eye opener for a young girl fro the west that has enjoyed every freedom available . I hope Latifa one day gets to experience the freedom she risked her life for .

  2. Only one companion there besides Jaubert. Crew on the boat was not into the plan. The companion would have been her PT, a Finnish national Tiina Jauhiainen, who accompanied her to the boat on a jetski (!). I think this is remarkable, at a time so many social media influencers visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi for shopping and maybe some more nefarious things, thinking nothing on how women (and gay people and foreign workers) are treated in these countries. And many Western Governments are more complicit they need to be for oil, or whatever.

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