Las Vegas shooter – rage-filled and envious



The Vegas shooting started at 10.08pm on October 1st when the Fire Grand Trine of Leo Node trine Uranus trine Saturn Descendant in Sagittarius, was formed into two Kites by Uranus in the opposition to Jupiter, and the Node opposition an Aquarius Moon (like the USA). So highly emotional (Moon Aquarius, wanting to shock), and one which sought to justify a shocking act by wrapping it up in a moral justification (Jup Ur). Pluto was in the hidden 8th, winding up its power, in an exact and ruthless trine to Mars and Venus in the 4th. With Mars square the Sun/Moon midpoint exactly. Saturn was exactly on the Descendant, bringing separations and a cold attitude to others. Mars Venus opposed a 10th house Neptune, bringing panic.

Reports say the shooter Stephen Paddock was born 9 April 1953 (though to be treated with caution until verified.) This would make him a Sun Venus in Aries opposition a paranoid Saturn Neptune in Libra squaring onto Uranus in Cancer. This can be lived out in different ways but at its most negative it seeks to destabilise, create anarchy, is autocratic and highly neurotic. Worse he had Pluto in a brutal square to Mars in heavyweight Taurus and in a rules-don’t-apply-to-me square to Jupiter in Taurus; perhaps formed into a T Square by Pluto opposition an Aquarius Moon. Emotionally hyper-charged, angry, cruel.

What repeats through his 5th, 10th, 12th and 18th harmonics is an explosive contact between Mars and Uranus; with Pluto added in to his can-be-domineering 5H, and his good and bad 10H. He shares a strong 18H with a raft of serial killers (see post Aug 29 2017).

There’s nothing too specific showing up exactly but he’s had his Solar Arc Pluto (tied into that malefic T square) conjunct his Neptune recently and aiming to conjunct his Saturn, indeed sitting on his Saturn/Neptune midpoint, which suggests a nervous breakdown, heavy depression or illness. Significant life-changing crises usually occur when two major configurations in a chart come together by Solar Arc since it concentrates the energy and not in a good way. I would think his last two or three years would have been fairly horrific since his Solar Arc Mars preceded Pluto in bouncing off his Uranus.

A lonely, enraged man looking down on all these people enjoying themselves. Why couldn’t he just have jumped off a bridge?

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  1. His brother knows he was not right, but many of us have relatives like that, the brother never thought it would come to this. With the father and now his older brother, could it get any worse.? He deserves kindness not the abuse and threats I read some are throwing at him.

  2. His father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, was in the top ten of the FBI Most Wanted list from 1969 to 1977. He robbed banks in Arizona in 1960, escaped from a Texas federal prison in 69, and managed a bingo parlor in Oregon. AKA Bingo Bruce, Old Baldy, and Big Daddy. The FBI said he was a diagnosed psychopathic. He robbed banks in San Francisco in 69, was caught by the FBI in 78 and was given parole. In 87 he was brought up on racketeering charges, and rolling back odometers. He said he had cancer, so was let off with a fine and no jail time. He claimed to be a racing crew chief and a member of the Chicago Bears football team.

    • From via Greg Norman at Fox news. Seems well sourced, with links to facts as reported by the FBI and newspapers of the era.

  3. Natal Mercury in Pisces (siblings) makes several inconjunctions in the natal chart: I’m guessing his brother did not seem him properly (for what he was) or had no interest in doing so. Just my 2cents. I might be wrong.

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