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Lady Kitty Spencer was a fashion highlight at the Royal wedding with her similarity to her late aunt Princess Diana much remarked on.

She was born 28 December 1990 in England, daughter of the now Earl Spencer and his first wife Victoria and moved to South Africa as a five year old with her parents splitting acrimoniously soon after. She studied psychology, politics and English literature in Cape Town; and in London earned a master’s degree in Luxury Brand Management from Regent’s University. (!?!)

She is now a model, has been on several Tatler covers; and  helps with a military charity Give Us Time; and  Centrepoint for homeless youth of which Prince William is patron.

She has some chart. Her Sun Uranus Neptune are conjunct in Capricorn, with Venus Saturn also in Capricorn. She’ll be more highly strung than she appears with a prominent Uranus Neptune. Though the Venus Saturn is more obvious, giving her a cool sophistication. Certainly ambitious and keen to achieve.

Her Venus Saturn trine/sextile a Mars (Moon) in Taurus opposition Pluto with her Pluto square Jupiter in flamboyant Leo – relentlessly determined, a steely backbone acquired through an exceptionally difficult childhood. Her mother was anorexic/bulimic with heroin/alcohol problems and her father comes across as dominating and angry. Her early years must have been very tough emotionally.

Charles Spencer, her father, is a Sun Taurus with Mercury, Jupiter Mars in Taurus trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo, so a heavyweight personality.


2 thoughts on “Lady Kitty Spencer – sophisticated and focused

  1. Interesting she struggled with anorexia and bulimia, as did the lovely, graceful and ever kind, Diana.

    When Amy Winehouse passed, I was quite surprised to learn she also struggled with bulimia. The press here was so vicious, and focused on her drug use, I don’t think the bulimia was discussed until after the release of her autopsy results. I digress… (sorry)

    Apparently bulimia takes such a toll on the heart, and frequently has unexpected, but lasting health consequences. So, I sincerely hope Lady Spencer worked with a trusted professional to overcome it, and heal any effects the disease took on her health.

  2. Thank you very much Marjorie, didn’t know who she was when I spotted her going into the Chapel but
    knew she had star quality!
    Hope you have a nice evening!!

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