Hugh Grant – dilly dallying to the altar



High Grant is to marry for the first time to the mother of his three children, Swedish Anna Eberstein.

Born 9 September 1960, London with an unverified time of 7.30am, into a family described as “a colourful Anglo-Scottish tapestry of warriors, empire-builders and aristocracy” he has his Sun, Pluto and Mercury all in Virgo. It’s a tougher and more physical chart than his laid-back appearance and rom-com acting style might suggest. He has an Earth Grand Trine of Pluto trine an 8th house Taurus Moon trine Saturn in Capricorn – a Taurus Moon is certainly indulgent though Saturn Pluto is bleak. What relieves the heaviness of it is a Moon opposition Neptune and Neptune also on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine to the Saturn and Pluto – he’s well suited to the Neptunian film world and Saturn Pluto plus earth suggests longevity and business sense.

He’s also got an adventurous and opportunistic Mars in Gemini opposition Jupiter in Sagittarius sextile/trine Uranus and square Mercury – highly strung, quick witted, scattered, needs a varied career, sharp tongued.   His Venus is in Libra and apart from a cool square to Saturn is unaspected.

His Saturn (on this birth time) opposes his Sun/Moon midpoint which is a pointer to a delayed marriage, as he approaches his Second Saturn Return.

He’s had a complicated love life throughout but especially recently. With his about-to-be-wife he’s had three children – 5, 2 and this year. He also has two children with an ex-Tinglan Hong, aged 6 and 5. That must have been fun when they criss crossed the births.

Tr Neptune is opposing his Sun at the moment and into 2019; tr Saturn is squaring his Venus this year; and then hitting the Return at the New Year. Doesn’t exactly look singing and dancing.


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