Korea – uncertain steps ahead



Historic talks between the leaders of North and South Korea have agreed to work to rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons. Details of how denuclearisation would be achieved were not made clear and many analysts remain sceptical about the North’s apparent enthusiasm for engagement. Previous inter-Korean agreements have included similar pledges but were later abandoned after the North resorted to nuclear and missile tests and the South elected more conservative presidents.

Kim Jong Un’s Leadership chart, 29 December 2011 11.57 am Pyonggang, certainly indicated a major turnaround now with the Solar Arc Uranus moving to square the 10th house controlling Sun Pluto exactly. But that apart the astrology is not at all clear.

South Korea, 15 August 1948, does have Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Jupiter exact now but that often accompanies a bubble of false happiness which evaporates.  And there’s an unsettling tr Neptune opposition the Mars/Pluto midpoint from early May, on and off till late 2019; along with some upbeat, more successful influences.

The North Korea, 9 September 1948 chart, looks undercut with tr Neptune opposition the Virgo Sun also from May onwards till late 2019; with jolts, jangles and a few shocks and surprises as tr Uranus hard aspects the Fixed T Square in square to Venus, in an insecure, disruptive opposition to Mars in 2019 and conjunct the Taurus Node.

South Korea’s President Moon’s term chart, 10 May 2017 8.09am Seoul, looks buoyant in June and across the New Year, with major frustrations in early 2019 and on; and panicky uncertainties and high risk in 2020.

5 thoughts on “Korea – uncertain steps ahead

  1. Remember the 5.8 earthquake in Sept in N. Korea? Their nuclear test site collapsed. Two months before that they lost 100 scientists and 100 rescuers in a cave-in. The thing is, that earthquake produced no aftershocks which is most unusual. Of course we don’t KNOW, but there is a lot of speculation, some of it pretty informed and knowledgeable, that we have a kinetic weapon (don’t ask me, I don’t know) or something known as Rods From God which is a bomb about the size of a telephone pole that is dropped from space. If I understand, it isn’t nuclear or packed with explosives but what makes it work is being dropped from that great height. It hits with a tremendous force. Enough, they say, to take out something like Kim Jung Un’s mountain…

  2. I’m stymied why NKorea wants to abandon all the fruits of its nuclear endeavors. Hoping to walk toward a false sense of stability , rockets in sabres rattling? Or to pull a fast one on Dottard Drompf? Something just does not add up here.

    • Details are sparse. In some write-ups denuclearization doesn’t extend to giving up his nukes, just stop testing. He may be ugly and deeply unpleasant but he’s not stupid. He’s managed to inveigle the leader of the USA into a meet which is not bad going for head of a bankrupt, tinpot country – and develop nuclear weapons which gives him leverage. He’s not going to give up his safety net.

    • Remember Cuban Missile Crisis? The USSR made the whole World believe we were hours from full blown Nuclear War. After Cold War ended, it was learned they had crossly exaggerated their Nuclear Arsenal. They did not have enough firepower for “mutual annihilation”. But convincing The World they did, they got to keep Eastern Europe, where their power was all but consolidated (Hungarian uprising happened only about 5 years before, and I think they were in serious trouble in Poland) and expand the sphere of influence to Asia, Africa and Latin America.

      North Korea is using the same playbook – they would not have more than a half a dozen working nuclear warheads, compared to a couple of thousand of The US, and couple of hundred of France and The UK. They know that they can inflict horrible pain and agony locally, but not Globally. The other side knows this too, this time. They will make amendments to the overtly corrupt dynasty leading North Korea. But no, Kim Jong Un is not stupid, just blackmailing South Korea.

    • And, something that added to the bluff by The USSR, most of the “missiles” in Cuba were actually cartboard models. They passed, since you had to rely on very bad quality pictures taken from U-2s.

      This definitely would not happen today, with satellites being able to send incredibly miniscule data. I fully believe North Korea’s testing site collapsed, too. It’s important to notice North Korea isn’t a big country – only roughly the side of Bulgaria -, so possible radioactive leak could be devastating.

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