King Charles – an unwelcome distraction

King Charles no sooner across the threshold of his long awaited reign than he is sidelined with a cancer diagnosis must be dejected at the timing no matter how sanguine a face he puts on publicly.

  The Royals are on the whole famously long lived with his beloved grandmother surviving colon cancer in 1966 and ambling on for another 35 years.

 Tr Pluto square Charles’ 10th house Moon this year and next was always going to put a strain on him career-wise with the possibility of health issues since the Moon also rules the body. His Solar Arc Midheaven is exactly conjunct his Uranus now which does suggest a jolt and disruption in his life’s direction.  With his SA Saturn conjunct his Sun, exact in 8 months which will slow him down for a while; with some disappointments in 2025 as tr Neptune squares his adventurous Jupiter opposition Uranus and SA MC.  His Solar return for November 2025 onwards has Jupiter in the 6th which augurs well on the health front.

   Prince William does have tr Pluto square his Jupiter and then Midheaven from this year until late 2026 so will be pushing ahead confidently on the career front as he is forced to shoulder heavier responsibilities. Though he is looking shaken, no doubt because of his wife’s health problems as well, with his SA Saturn opposition his Venus exact in four months and tr Uranus conjunct his Venus from this June on and off into early 2025. His Venus is particularly sensitive since it is the apex planet of a yod – and heavy influences on it are likely to push his life onto a different track. His Progressed Mars will conjunct his Jupiter by 2026 which will boost his status even more.

 Queen Camilla does look anxious, not surprisingly, with her SA Saturn square her Sun now and her SA Sun conjunct her Neptune exact after mid 2024. She’ll soldier on as normal through a testing couple of years with better news in 2025.

 Prince Harry is flying back to visit his father perhaps regretting having burnt his bridges behind him as his role as spare suddenly shows its value.   He does have his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Uranus, exact within a few months, which will change his long term outlook radically. He also has his SA Saturn square his Sun, exact in fifteen months; plus tr Uranus is conjunct his 4th house Taurus Moon mid March to mid April which will have resonances for his childhood family and father being 4th house. This usually brings family upsets and even house moves. Tr Pluto is square his Pluto in 2024/25 which is part of his mid-life crisis (= last chance to grow up!) His Progressed Moon is also conjunct his 9th house Saturn in 3 months which will be downbeat.

   There is no real indication of a truce with his family. His relations with his father look less strained than with the rest of the senior Royals. Anne, Edward, Camilla are all in separating/critical mode. Will may grit his teeth but it will be an uphill struggle not to let fly.

 Harry’s relationship with Meghan is also under strain as of now with tr Pluto conjunct their composite Midheaven and trines the composite Venus in 2024/25; and tr Uranus is square the composite Sun and opposite Uranus in 2025. Not only is their joint career floundering, the tug of Harry’s family/father can’t sit comfortably with Meghan’s scorched earth policy towards her own father/family.

 Both King Charles’ Accession and Coronation charts have strong Uranus elements built in so were always going to bring a changeable reign.

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  1. Some of this has probably been mentioned, but Charles might have an eventful summer, with a little less eventful end of the year: in summer transit Neptune will square his Jupiter (a planet of royals) and Uranus.

    End of August and December seem to be times of repeated transit Pluto square Moon.

    Jupiter will oppose Mars in September and October.

    Then the end of 2025 will have those squares of transit Neptune repeated, and then in 2026 transit Pluto will square the North Node and oppose the ascendant.

    In summer 2026 transit Saturn will oppose the MC and Neptune and from July Uranus will square the Saturn and sextile ascendant.

    2027 will have transit Pluto square Mercury and repeat the opposition to the ascendant.

    That square to Mercury will also happen in 2028.

    • Not exactly. They do plumb the depths and ask questions about the profounder mysteries of life. The 8th house which is their natural chart area does rule, sexuality, death and rebirth. Not sure they amble around being constantly preoccupied with their exit from this mortal coil. Though I stand to be corrected by any Scorpios out there.

      • I have Scorpio on the Ascendant and Venus in Cancer in the 8th. As soon as I come in to my Scorpio area time wise (around 4 am) I am liable to have negative thoughts, i.e. My much loved dog might die, gloom and doom generally, Have tried several methods to cure this including breathing exercises, and trying to fill this two hour slot with positive thought and love. Works sometimes depending on aspects to my Chiron in the 12 th. I have always been interested in reincarnation, had a mystical experience on my 40th birthday, never feared physical death (except my dog!) but never courted it. Had breathing problems all my life, lung removed when I was 5, but still here at 75. Feel energies, love animals, birds, nature, avoid some people.

        • Cassandra, my experience is if you want to rid yourself of an obsession is that you have to acquire another obsession to take its place.

        • Are you not asleep at 4am ?

          I’ve noticed increasingly that November brings a heavy, dark mood for me. The minute it lifts and we’re in Sag season, I notice. Its almost like a giant pressure is lifted. If thats what it feels like being a Scorpio or having Scorpio asc then I feel for you.

        • Pluto on the Ascendant traditionally goes with a difficult birth – almost a near death experience from the start which might be a pointer to your later interest.
          ‘Thanatology is a scientific discipline that examines death from many perspectives, including physical, ethical, spiritual, medical, sociological, and psychological. It investigates the mechanisms and forensic aspects of death, such as bodily changes that accompany death and the postmortem period, as well as wider psychological and social aspects related to death.’

          • I’ve got Pluto on the ascendant and my birth was fine. Although I did insist on being born at the time I was born, thats to say, the doctor told my mother she had a while to go yet and she told them no, baby is coming now and she started to massage her stomach and bingo. Pluto had stationed about 12 hours earlier so maybe that helped! If I’d been born 2 hours later, I’d’ve been born under a different sign which I also consider to be very significant given the family I was born into.

      • Only on Wednesdays. The rest of the week I’m busy plotting revenge against all my grudges, burrying treasure, hiding bodies and projecting an air of mystery

        • I pack the bodies away in the car trunk. Then I have hands-on proof of the trail of dead bodies I’m accused of creating 😉

          I actually used that as an example during a job interview some 12 yrs ago. The “inquiring person” asked about the trail of bodies in my wake…I genially offered him the chance to see the bodies packed neatly in my car trunk. “Let’s step out the the parking lot…just you and me” in my best NY sneer voice.

          His face turned white and sweaty. No, I didn;t get the job but there were lots of rumors swirling about.

  2. The Harry we see now is the Harry without the protection of the Court, the dreaded suits, who he despises. He’s always taken for granted and under esimated their work and care on his behalf throughout his life. Even Invictus, a Court solution to ‘what to do with Harry’ where they took care of the admin and boring bits, while he was the showman wheeled out to promote and publicise. Africa too. Look at the mess now he is left to his own devices. His idea of action is to ‘escalate’ problems to someone else, just as he always has done, assuming that it will all be sorted, but now there’s no comprensive follow through. He hasn’t changed, but the protection and support have gone. He seems a nice enough chap, if limited. Meghan is likely very disappointed and disillusioned at the man she has married, wondering how it has come to this.

    • Spot on, Zita. The courtiers softened his failings and promoted his good points very successfully for a long time. Unlike him, they have the good of the RF and nation at heart. Nor are they all ‘men in grey suits.’ Many of the Palace staff are women, and lots are very bright and innovative, having done challenging jobs before working for the Palace. Now Harry is helpless and adrift, and his character failings are horribly exposed.

  3. Perhaps a bridge worth burning. Strip away the baubles, crowns, and jewels, and you have people tussling for their own identities and space. And a thousand more, telling them to get back into the box for our entertainment. I’m sure the country’s wealth will afford Charles the best care money can buy. But it can’t afford to free him from his gilded cage.

    • There does seem to be a high price to pay for being a senior member of the RF, which itself functions more or less as a real life Royal soap opera for the public. William may have made peace with becoming King but equally I think he’d be happy to not have the burden. And George – is he really growing up wanting to be King? Maybe it is time to really think about the alternatives to a monarchy which seems to generate a fair amount of personal anguish and drama.

      • Kate would rather be a stay at home mummy and Prince George does not have the right temperament to be King ( looking at his birth chart ) ..I really believe that this is the end of King Charles short reign, this really shows in King Charles Vedic astrology chart ..William will be King sooner that we think..

    • @Tia, thanks for posting because I thought I was the one who was crazy.

      I’m a pretty private person and I have a difficult time understanding why anyone would choose fame and fortune if it meant giving up your privacy, but I couldn’t imagine being born into a situation where you didn’t have a choice.

      That would frustrate me to no end..not being in control of my life.

    • One reason I have misgivings about the monarchy is the pure unadulterated hell (to me anyway) of constant scrutiny and living your life in a goldfish bowl. I also feel that to place children in such a position is tantamount to psychological cruelty.

    • I would loathe the life they lead but on the other hand it comes with compensations. William was handed as I understand £1 billion on becoming heir to the throne and the Wales have 2/3 houses.
      The problem always seemed to me about Harry was that he wanted the money, status and privilege and none of the responsibilities.
      No one would have objected if he had got a sensible job and disappeared off to be an ordinary bloke. Anne and Margaret’s children have sort of managed to stand on their own two feet.

      • Harry probably should have stayed in the military which provided the structure he apparently still needs to function productively.

  4. The King did not have prostate cancer, he had an enlarged prostate. While some might interpret any medical condition as a sign of weakness: I think facing it with dignity and resolve shows a strength of character which he has demonstrated admirably.

  5. I believe His Majesty will be more than fine. William is more than ready to take on the task of more very senior duties while his father has his treatment, Catherine is recovering well, Queen Camilla soldiers on as ever and the Princess Royal, Prince Edward and Princess Sophie are still going strong as normal. It will be a tough time ahead for them, as a family, but they are strong people and they will get through this and become closer than ever.

    As for Harry, what he and his wife did was wrong and abhorrent beyond description but even though William, Catherine and Anne won’t forgive him, and quite right on them too, I have always maintained that if Harry leaves her, brings the children back home with him, there may be some way back for him within his family. Personally, I wouldn’t trust him an inch, his behaviour has become so toxic, thanks to his wife, and his recent actions just lead one to think about alterior motives.

  6. I would love it if Harry got back with his family. They really need him, he is very good with the public. If only, if only. I think he is a lot like Philip in temperament.

    • Harry is nothing like Prince Philip in temperament.

      Prince Philip was loyal to his family. Although he did not like it at first, for most of his life, he learnt that he had to walk a few steps behind his wife, the Queen, which he did. I don’t think the Queen ever doubted his backing.

      And while I am not aware of his relationship with his birth family, he didn’t go about leaking stories about them either.

      Not very sure that any of the above can be said about Harry and either the King or Prince William.

    • Delia, family reconciliation is always to be desired if it flows from genuine (selfless) acceptance and forgiveness of past events, personal growth, emotional maturation and acceptance of personal accountability for one’s actions. I think Charles is already there, William probably still needs to work on it, but Harry doesn’t seem to even understand the concepts. IMO, no, they don’t really need Harry as he is right now, he brings way too much drama, anger and negative energy which he has very publicly aimed at specific individuals, i.e. the King, Camilla, William and Kate. Harry would not be an asset in a royal role, he’s way too unpopular in the UK and while yes he once was very good with the public, now he doesn’t seem to know which way is up. Hugging little kids without parental approval during Covid anyone? And no he’s nothing like Prince Philip in temperament – he was a wise old bird who once said if you confuse the title with the person you’re lost. And IMO Harry is truly lost right now.

  7. The news couldn’t help but bring to mind those old predictions about Charles never becoming King. It was something of a relief when he did ascend to the throne after all, albeit due to the Queen’s death. There is something of a tragic figure about him, fated to decide between personal happiness and public ambition, with centuries of traditions weighing upon him, but having seemingly managed to obtain both late in life (although it’s hard to quite forgive him and Camilla for what happened with Diana). We don’t know what kind of cancer this is, but he did have prostrate cancer, which, though common in older men, has been interpreted psychologically as possibly reflecting a lack of power. I also wonder whether the many emotional trials he has experienced – Harry being the latest – have contributed to this other cancer.

    In the face of a life-threatening situation, one can only wish him well. I also hold out hope for Harry to realize that, whether we like it or not, blood is thicker than water. Reconciling with his father in particular could help heal both.

  8. I’ve read one Dutch astrologer note the following:

    primary van Dam MC, and also solar-arc MC, conjunct Uranus: sudden postponement of public duties
    transit Uranus opposition Sun, ruler of the ascendant (body), which was also active last year
    transit Saturn opposition Saturn, ruler of the 6th, of illness, has just passed, “probably a time when there were more problems”.

  9. Poor old KC3 – wishing him well. The Pluto transit to his moon likely reflects that this is a shocker for him. I notice with the older generation, they only need to hear the word “cancer” to think the worst. And while it can lead there, there are many thousands/million who have survived and resumed normal life. My 85-year-old neighbour was diagnosed 14months ago, some months of treatment but now back to his normal regime.

    Noting he has just had another Saturn half-return this past fortnight. I’d not seen that its natal Virgo position is trine his Taurus moon and that perhaps explains why he has always been something of a nervous character.

    The past few years have dealt him much to deal with, including death of both parents, a difficult son, a very difficult brother and becoming King of a country governed by politicians who infight rather than get on with the job. Not only that but he has always felt very deeply about the environment so the failures of politicians to take climate change seriously will also have gnawed at his core. I would think his stress level has been very high.

    • Somehow you reminded me of Charles (I wrote Prince Charles, but then it dawned on me we’re not in Kansas anymore) and his interest in his father’s childhood religion, Orthodox Christianity. Charles visited the Holy Mountain, Mount Athos, a few times, I believe, and I think it brought him (some) serenity. Then I looked at the chart above wondering why might that be, where does the interest come from, and I see ruler of the 9th, philosophy, higher education, religion, Neptune (in itself a planet of mystery and mysticism), conjunct Venus – so a love (Venus) of religion and mystical experiences (Neptune). The otherworldly.

      I knew that for some time, now I am reminded after I mentioned the Orthodoxy, I wanted to ask Marjorie to write about Kallistos Ware, but somehow that didn’t happen.

      • Interesting comment about Charles interest in Orthodox Christianity, particularly as he is likely to be thinking about his own mortality now. Among the many burdens Charles has to carry is being the head of the Church of England an institution which may not actually reflect his personal beliefs very well. It is worth noting that the C of E has its natal Pluto at 2 Aquarius so is just about to experience its Pluto return

        • It is of course telling that the chrism oil used at the Coronation of King Charles was blessed by both the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem and the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem.
          I wonder what his astrocartography looks like in Greece, Denmark and Jerusalem.

          • I think Charles was also circumcised by a Jewish doctor who has the licence to do that kind of procedure. I forget what is the exact name of such a person. I wonder why the family decided to do that ritual/medical procedure in the first place. So Charles really has a rich and varied religious experience.

          • Act of Supremacy 3 November 1534 Julian date. This made Henry VIII the head of the Church of England both for temporal and spiritual matters.

        • I think Charles was introduced to orthodoxy by his greek grandmother who had founded a nursing order for greek orthodox nuns. I think she was also interested in indian religous thought. She died in buckingham palace in 1969

        • Thank you for these details, Hugh.

          That would mean that the Pluto return for Lutheranism (dating from the nailing of the 95 Theses at Wittenburg in 1517) would also have just passed.

        • The chart of The East-West Schism is as follows: 16 July 1054 at 9:00, Istanbul, TUR.

          John Julius Norwich wrote about the timing in his book, and I did find it elsewhere also, but Norwich has misconverted the Byzantime clock time into hour current civil clock.

          Also, the chart for Pluto into Aquarius before the Schism is set for 4 February 1041 at 16:45, Greenwich, ENG (UK)

  10. “Both King Charles’ Accession and Coronation charts have strong Uranus elements built in so were always going to bring a changeable reign.”

    Thank you Marjorie. Uranus’s position in early Taurus coincided with Prince Harry’s decision to quit his role within the family. That point is now being squared by Pluto. One Uranus cycle earlier in 1936, Edward VIII abdicated. When Uranus was discovered in 1781, Herschel named it ‘Georgium Sidus’ or King George’s Star and it appears to exert a strong influence on the family, particularly in fixed signs. 1992 was the infamous ‘annus terribilis’ the late Queen spoke of and throughout the year, the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn was at its tightest. The death of Diana occurred when Uranus was in early Aquarius, squaring Charles’s North Node.

    • I wonder what’s showing on the Windsor dynasty chart, when George V changed the family name. Hugh posted the data months ago, and Marjorie then wrote about the chart, if I recall correctly.

        • “Brit Monarchy buckles up for a bumpy ride” dated 14th January 2020.

          The chart of the House of Windsor is very 9th and 10 house heavy, with almost all the planets in one of these houses, with Jupiter being just past the 8th-9th House cusp.

          • Had a closer look at the House of Windsor chart in that above article.

            The 10th house is the latter part of Cancer and the first part of Leo, and therefore almost all of the planets there would have been hit by Pluto over the past few years.

            Interestingly, tr Pluto would have in opposition to the natal Sun just about the time of the death of the late Queen and the accession of the King.

            Now, nominally it remain the House of Windsor in the UK, but the passage of the Throne from a female monarch to a male successor was traditionally considered as starting a new dynasty.

            I therefore wonder if the chart of the House of Windsor remains relevant or if we should look at the chart of the accession of the King as the start of the House of either Mountbatten (as Prince Philip may have wanted it) or of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (for dynastic purists. Prince Philip was a part of this dynasty through his father. Mountbatten was his mother’s family name).

  11. I wish him well and a fast recovery. I’ve always had a soft spot with him, and today as I was coming home, I thought about what appeared to me as this Windsor nervousness. Harry has it, William has it, Charles has it. It’s this at times short-fuse temper. And when I think about it, perhaps I also see it in Elizabeth. I wonder if anyone else of the royals had it? And what it’s about? None of them seem comfortable in their own skin. There is always this itch. Perhaps not in Elizabeth, but in the three men I listed I believe I see it.

        • Indeed she did! Also Princess Margaret, Mercury in Virgo square Mars in Gemini plus Moon in Cancer conjunct Pluto – her mother? – might have contributed to a volcanic vibe.

          • Ouch! What a combination, Jane. Bertie inherited his libido and appetite from his mother I believe. But Victoria’s temper was something to behold and at the time it was feared she had inherited King George III’s ‘madness’. In fact if you look at the chart of George III you’ll see that he has Mars in Aries conjunct his Midheaven and it squares both the Moon and Uranus in Capricorn.

            And in relation to those early degrees of Fixed signs we see repeating from generation to generation in the Hanovarian/Windsor line, is George’s Pluto at 1 degee Scorpio, not to mention his Ascendant at 0 degrees Leo. Naturally he also has the Hanovarian/Windsor Venus/Mars Square. Poor Beatrice has inherited it from her father who has the conjunction. Uncanny how that occurs over and over again in the family line.

          • “Moon in Cancer conjunct Pluto”.
            I have a similar, but not same, alignment: Moon conjunct Pluto in the fourth House (not Cancer).
            How does one interpret that?

          • UnmysticMom – Moon/Pluto is a deep one I think. It’s easy to see it for Princess Margaret, for instance, when we know what a formidable woman the QM was. And I’m being polite here! We have strong Pluto aspects in my own family charts, running through generations. I’ve never made up my mind completely, since outer planets don’t always manifest in obvious ways do they? Since I began looking into this personally, I’ve found quite a few ancient, tangled family secrets, so possibly I might attribute those to the Pluto/personal planets themes in some way.

        • Thanks VF! Those family patterns are quite amazing, and are the main reason I’m so fascinated with royal astrology. We have, I believe, pretty accurate dates of birth going back generations. That’s not always the case in our own families, although many of us can usually go back some way. But sometimes people only recorded the baptism dates, for instance, which might be any time after the birth – sometimes even a year or more.

          Victoria is an interesting study in the Royal Family too. Her childhood was so weird and oppressive, I imagine much suppressed energy there. Also, there are conflicts within her regarding her German heritage – she remained dismissive of what she regarded as ‘English’ behaviour and customs, while being Queen of the UK!

  12. Transiting Pluto in the King’s 6th house is square not only his Moon but his NN at 4 Taurus as well. The latter square will peak in 2025. It will be a turning point.

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