Kim Darroch – speaking truth to power


The unconscionable fuss over the leaked UK Ambassador’s private comments about the Trump Admin being inept and dysfunctional – milder by far than anything the Washington Post and NY Times prints every day – may well hasten his exit. He was intending to go by the end of the year anyway.

Born 30 April 1954 in Durham, his family was relatively poor but he won a scholarship to a private school and never looked back to become one of the most respected of British diplomats.

He’s a Sun Taurus opposition Saturn in Scorpio so unflappable; with a confident Pluto sextile Jupiter in Gemini; and a wide innovative T Square of Mercury in Aries opposition Neptune square Uranus opposition a Capricorn North Node – not short of initiative, suited, despite his Fixed planets, to a varied and fast-changing lifestyle.

Tr Uranus is opposition his Saturn this year and into 2020 conjunct his Sun so it was always going to be a time of sudden surprises and forced change. This month’s Cancer Solar Eclipse is also conjunct his Solar Arc Sun and opposition his Solar Arc Saturn so a critical point at a crossroads.

Darroch’s stalwart and unbudgeable Sun opposition Saturn squares onto Trump’s 12th house Pluto – so bulldozer meets brick wall. But he wasn’t in Washington to be BFFs with POTUS whatever the idiot Farage thinks who would clearly like the job for himself anyways.


4 thoughts on “Kim Darroch – speaking truth to power

  1. “Britain’s ambassador to Washington quit on Wednesday after days of stinging criticism from Donald Trump, leading to accusations that Boris Johnson, the favorite to be the next British prime minister, had “thrown him under the bus”. ”

    He’d planned to leave at year-end anyways…Trump’s nonstop tantrums and lacking effective support from his government lead to his resignation.

  2. Someone wants Darroch’s downfall. What he wrote is true and what the public needs to hear instead of the constant cover-ups by others.

  3. Today, Trump lashed out: ““What a mess she and her representatives have created. I told her how it should be done, but she decided to go another way,” he said.”

    *** I told her how it should be done *** Making reference to … what? Brexit?

    Nuthin’ more need be said. He has spoken.

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