Ghislaine Maxwell – born into corruption


Ghislaine Maxwell is mentioned as the closest to Jeffrey Epstein and perhaps most at risk as documents are unsealed. She is a Brit socialite, daughter of the late disgraced businessman Robert Maxwell who died after ‘falling’ off his boat nearly 30 years ago. He was Czech born and allegedly worked for Mossad and the KGB; Ghislaine thinks he was murdered. She has been vociferous in her denials of any illegal activity with Epstein vis a vis young girls and sued one who accused her. The lawsuit went against Maxwell and cost her millions. Records of that court case were sealed at the time and she has fought tooth and nail to keep them under wraps but this latest onslaught is likely to lay them open to scrutiny.

To be noted: UK libel laws are very tight so what can be said in the US or on twitter can’t necessarily be said from the UK. It’s a crazy world and the law hasn’t quite caught up with the internet yet. There will be wild conspiracy theories about her entrapping presidents, royals etc at the behest of foreign spymasters – which could be true. But they may well not be. The NXIVM trial of Keith Raniere recently made it very clear that many of his enablers were women, amongst them the Bronfman sisters.

Born 25 December 1961, Ghislaine is a Sun, Mars, Mercury in Capricorn trine Pluto Uranus in Virgo – ambitious, materialistic, chaotic, drawn to danger and risk. Her Sun sits exactly on her Saturn/Pluto midpoint which is tough and will make her cold-hearted, fanatical. Her Moon in flamboyant, five-star Leo almost certainly opposes Jupiter and squares Neptune – so she’ll be at home in the high-finance world and have her head in the clouds, not always realistic. Her Venus in Sagittarius is conjunct Mars Sun and trine Uranus so emotionally she thrives on excitement.

Venus Mars seems to run as a theme through charts of certain of those associated with Epstein. He has them conjunct himself in Pisces; Bill Clinton has them conjunct in Libra; Prince Andrew conjunct in Capricorn. Venus Mars is sensual, passionate, not always sensitive, never satisfied.

Robert Maxwell, her father, was a monster, a constant womaniser, capricious, bullying, immensely crude and very possessive of his children especially her. His Mars Pluto in Cancer opposed her Sun Mars Mercury so she’d be completely under his thumb and terrified as well as idolising him. Which is one thought about why she’d be associated with someone like Epstein, very wealthy and clearly controlling, though nothing like as nasty as her father. Her mother was exceedingly compliant, putting up with Robert M’s appalling behaviour without complaint. Epstein’s Jupiter in indulgent Taurus hooks into Ghislaine’s Moon T Square; and his Mars Venus opposes her Pluto – so she’d be attracted to the money and lifestyle and stirred by memories of her dominating father.

The relationship chart between Epstein and Ghislaine has a composite Venus Mars opposition Uranus so thrived on high passion and excitement with that opposition squaring onto a delusional, can-be-fanatical square to Neptune. With Saturn sextile trine the opposition as well. Mars Saturn Venus Neptune can be perverse. It’s being tossed up in the air for the next two years by tr Uranus square the composite Venus Mars opposition Uranus and opposing the Neptune.

On her own chart she looks severely jolted at the moment with Solar Arc Uranus square her Saturn as well as tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Pluto and Mars/Pluto midpoints which are disaster-prone through till early 2020, when she picks up a trapped, scary, enraged tr Pluto square her Mars/Node for two years. In 2020 as well she has a ‘shocking’ Solar Arc Mars opposition her Uranus which will be a major setback. She does have a bullishly confident tr Pluto conjunct her Sun/Jupiter now till late August and mid-November to mid-December so she won’t give in without a fight; and she also has Solar Arc Pluto square her Jupiter over coming months with the same effect. And she does have a lucky break tr Uranus square her Jupiter from mid-2020 for a year which might bring her some relief. But it looks devastating further on especially 2022/23 with tr Pluto conjunct her Saturn and a meltdown Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Neptune in 2023. Her days of wine and roses are grinding to a halt.


6 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell – born into corruption

  1. I believe that Ghislaine, and others involved in the pedophile rings, are traumatized by their “handlers” or parents into becoming their slaves. MKULTRA children who practically have no minds of their own

  2. I’ve noticed that oddity in child sex abuse cases and stories. Women are not often the predator in child sex abuse (though some are), and also murders, and often in the majority of cases the man doing the abusing, or killing, to a child. However, when women are involved they are almost exclusively procuring or enabling the male predator. Such a peculiar psychology.

    Do you think its down to having a dark, dangerous, sexually controlling father in childhood and then they are attracting these dark energy men as adults to glean some kind of perverted love out of the situation? Psychology is such a powerful thing, especially when certain behaviours are not addressed and everything is done unconsciously.

    • For some it may be they are re-enacting what was done to them as a way of making themselves feel better as adults. The old saying that the way to created a torturer is to torture them is part of that rationale.
      I’m disinclined to let them off the hook too much – look at what nuns got up to in some of the home and laundries? Just grim. And the same argument could be used about the men who abuse – there must be a reason psychologically in their background. But people do have choices, unless they are psychotic. And they must know the cruelty they are inflicting on others.

      • Agree with this, Marjorie. While I am aware that damaged people often damage other people in varying degrees, EVERYONE of them should be held accountable for their actions. Hopefully, we are moving into more positive times where we need to air our wounds in order to heal, especially culturally.

        I read recently a fascinating article by Dr. Gabor Mate on, ‘Childhood Trauma: The Real Cause of Anxiety and our Insane Culture.’ For me it was mind-blowing stuff and how it builds and layers our crazy culture.
        I feel we are moving into a sphere of exposing what is going on with other people but making us look at how we function and react too as human beings with emotions. Many of us are unconscious and are unable to see what is right in front of us.

        These predators being exposed, along with the metoo movement, the church scandals, etc. highlighting trauma in our cultural conditioning and gender expectations in a misogynistic society, just reflects into the mainstream what is being deeply buried. You can only plug a dam for so long.

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