Khalid Masood & Ziyed Ben Belgacem – violent criminals handed a religious cosmetic

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Khalid Masood has been named as the man responsible for the Westminster attacks yesterday. British-born on 25 December 1964 in Kent, he had a string of previous convictions for assaults, including GBH (grievous bodily harm), possession of offensive weapons and public order offences; and had a peripheral association with a terrorist incident some years ago. Although ISIS has claimed ‘credit’, in truth he sounds like an unstable, criminal personality, the kind of lone wolf whom it is impossible for the security services to keep under permanent surveillance.

If his birth date is sound, he was a Sun Capricorn with the ferociously angry and unpredictable Mars Pluto Uranus in Virgo of that year square Mercury in fiery Sagittarius and square a Gemini North Node; with Venus also in Sagittarius and Saturn in Pisces. So a highly Mutable chart; with a guru- and money-chasing, can-be-delusional Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune. It’s not possible to be certain but I’d think he would have had mental problems, anger management issues for sure.

This week he had tr Pluto tugging on his Jupiter opposition Neptune by sextile to Neptune; tr Uranus in a jolting conjunction to his Solar Arc Saturn; and a confidently pushy tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint – aiming for his five minutes of fame.

He shared a Capricorn Sun with the UK chart, as well as Mercury in Sagittarius and Neptune in Scorpio; and his Jupiter fell in the UK 8th – so not a totally disastrous set of cross overs, though his resentful Saturn in Pisces was conjunct the UK Pluto.

Ziyed Ben Belgacem, who was shot dead at Orly Airport a few days back trying to grab a policewoman’s gun, was French-born of Tunisian extraction, on 14 Feb 1978. He also had a violent criminal past with convictions for assault, receiving stolen goods, drug trafficking and was radicalised in prison. He was known to police but not considered a serious terrorist threat.

He was a Sun Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus and opposition Saturn, as well as trine Pluto and trine Jupiter in Gemini; with a ruthless Pluto square Mars; and again a Jupiter opposition Neptune from Gemini to Sagittarius in his case. So a powerful and complicated chart – determined to be someone important.

He collided with the France chart more obviously with his Sun opposition Saturn sitting on top of the France Pluto in Aquarius opposition Uranus and square the France Mars. And there was a brutal-dislike composite Pluto Venus opposition Saturn square Mars in the relationship chart.

When he went on his violent spree, he had tr Uranus in an exact and reckless square to his Mars in excitable Cancer; his Solar Arc Uranus moving towards a tension-relieving opposition to Jupiter; and his Solar Arc Saturn exactly conjunct his Libra North Node.

There’s a sect for every nut and Buddhism would hardly suit.

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  1. Pluto’s original purpose was to greet the dead at the entrance to the Underworld. However, in the later Roman interpretation of Pluto, he is literally called “Rich Father”, because he owns the precious minerals deep in the earth.

    This dual Plutonian effect has gained strength as it heads towards the last decan of Capricorn. Sometimes Pluto is the god who welcomes shocked innocents to Underworld, and sometimes Pluto is the god who favors billionaires who want to own the very earth beneath our feet.

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