Jupiter in Libra taking a walk on the dark side

One of the hallmarks of this year – with its polarised squabbles, rising populism/nationalism and Trump’s administration – is Jupiter in Libra opposition Uranus square Pluto.

At its best, Jupiter in Libra is about a desire for social justice and decent behaviour in relationships of all varieties, and is usually considerate of the needs and wishes of others. When afflicted however, it can make moralising judgements about others, promises more than it can deliver, appears disloyal and can lead to lawsuits arising from unfulfilled commitments.

Jupiter opposition Uranus, which I tend to simplistically describe as ‘adventurous’, in reality is over-restless, unwisely expansive, undiplomatically blunt, tending to exaggerate wildly, going off in all directions, usually at considerable cost, which can end, for some, in ruin. It also, because of Jupiter, pulls religious beliefs into the equation with much propagandizing and proselytizing (demagoguery and brainwashing). It favours fortune hunters (for a while until it doesn’t).

Jupiter square Pluto doubles up on the dogmatism, with a tendency to want to remake the status quo (in religious as well as general attitudes) – and because Pluto is in Capricorn, rebellion against heretofore accepted forms of government. It breeds a wilful, law-unto-oneself mindset where social niceties are tossed aside. The desire to be big and important leads to unpopularity and conflicts with authorities in government and elsewhere. Like Jupiter Uranus, if mishandled, this can lead to loss of status and reputation – and money.

There was a fair amount of this energy around through this month with Jupiter opposition Uranus at the start, and Jupiter square Pluto on the 30th, next Thursday; with more in April as the Aries Sun picks up aspects to all three planets in the first half of the month.

As ever, in advance one tends to be overly hopeful of Jupiter’s benign influence, but not much of it in evidence.

5 thoughts on “Jupiter in Libra taking a walk on the dark side

  1. From Loretta Proctor (moved from previous page)
    Jupiter is certainly not always benign in the ways we would like it to be. It is generally strong at death which may well be kindly, we dont know. It is a release at least at that time. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Pisces seems to loom large in some incredibly unpleasant peoples charts for many of the reasons you mention. It seems to make everything inflate in bigger and better ways or nastier and nastier ways, depending on what it is aspected by. Just seems to make things more catastrophic at the moment! Or is it actually preventing much worse things happening?

  2. This is brilliant. Would this apply to an individual mid point libra .. sun moon mercury? I say this because I can see this person acting out from the shadow and being the opposite of what they really are.

    • Angela, Sure but it depends also on aspects and house positions. Maggie Thatcher had a Jupiter opposition a 9th house (dogmatic) Pluto in Cancer square a Libra Sun and Mars – so hardly the softly-spoken, tactful Libra of repute. Female Libras can be toughies and argumentative.
      Pisces is another sign that gets (in my humble experience) a sanitised reputation – in its case being portrayed as timid and compassionate, which often times it certainly isn’t.

      • And it’s not only female Librans! Libra men tend to be more physical in their toughness, though, and into martial arts or contact sports. Not only Putin, I know at least half a dozen Libran toughies IRL.

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