Kevin Hart – into the hottest seat in Hollywood



Comedian Kevin Hart says he is over the moon having been landed with the ‘least wanted job in Hollywood’ – hosting the 2019 Oscars. He’s had an illustrious career as a stand up and in films and television but this may be his toughest gig yet.

Born 13 July 1979 at 10.13 am Philadelphia, he has a Sun Cancer trine innovative, quirky Uranus in the 3rd; a Sagittarius Moon (often a comic’s sign) trine Mercury and Jupiter in entertaining Leo; and an ambitious, loquacious Mars in Gemini on his Midheaven in a determined trine to Pluto.

It looks like a heavy-duty night starting with Saturn Pluto in the 4th and Mars in the 8th. During the evening both argumentative Mars and divisive Uranus will move down through the 7th for some flare ups. Luckily it also starts with Jupiter in Sagittarius in the communicative 3rd which will keep enthusiasm levels high.

He’s looking nerve-stretched beforehand and on the night itself with an uphill battle to maintain composure. So it won’t all be singing and dancing.

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