Alan Dershowitz – seduced by the spotlight



Alan Dershowitz, the long-time Harvard Law professor, was once thought of as a civil liberties lion. He has been a Clinton supporter and on Mia Farrow’s side in the child custody dispute with Woody Allen amongst other high profile trials. So his constant defence of Trump on Fox and attacks on Mueller have startled his old supporters. He was also on paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s defence team, which dug ‘dirt on the victims and their parents, as well as police and prosecutors, according to sources on the receiving end of this harassment.‘ This was then landed on Acosta, the prosecutor, who caved in and handed Epstein a scandalously mild sentence  (See post below November 30th).  During an interview with The Post, Dershowitz said, “We outlawyered him.” Straight out of the Trump play book.

According to the Post, Dershowitz was an acknowledged visitor to the Epstein home which former employees said was decorated with child pornography. He was also a Mar-a-Lago regular and has since 2016 been in and out of the White House.

Born 1 September 1938 11.38pm New York, he has a 4th house Virgo Sun; but more notably Jupiter in Aquarius in his 10th opposition Mars in Leo – which is successful as well as opinionated, aggressive and opportunistic. Sakoian & Acker relate it to ‘the soldier of fortune.’ That opposition squares onto North Node in Scorpio opposition Uranus forming an unyielding Fixed Grand Cross, which certainly gives him staying power though can also be dictatorial and intolerant.

He’s also got a Yod onto Saturn in Aries quincunx Neptune sextile his Scorpio North Node which requires great discipline and decency to handle well. His dogmatic 3rd house Pluto is square a fun-loving and sociable 5th house Venus.

Dershowitz is now 80 so the astrology may reflect his age amongst other things. Tr Uranus is square his Pluto, until early 2019 for a major upheaval; with an undermining tr Neptune square his Moon till this New Year.  He’s looking deflated and confused this month so obviously has worries on his mind.

The first case this week involving Epstein has been settled out of court but there’s still another pending.

Dershowitz’s relationship chart with Epstein is ploughing through heavy seas and a good deal of discouragement from mid February on till late 2020 with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Saturn; and has been very edgy in recent weeks.

His relationship chart with Trump is very tied together with a controlling, possessive composite Sun, Mercury, Pluto – and that is being turned upside down in early 2019 through into 2020.

Dershowitz was also brought in onto Weinstein’s defence team – he’s clearly drawn to celebrity and celebrity cases like a wasp to a jam jar. Another icon off their pedestal. Reading over his CV, it may be less that he’s changed, more that I never noticed his unsavoury connections in the past.

‘Soldier of fortune’ may well be the best epitaph.

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