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Canadian-born Katherine Ryan is going from strength to strength in her career as a stand-up comic, in ye olden days very much a male domain. Born 30 June 1983 in Sarnia, Canada, she moved to the UK in her 20s, took to open mic as a hobby, built her profile through television panel shows and now has her own Netflix stand-up special. Her act is described as ‘silly, edgy, political and slapstick all at the same time’.

She has her Sun in a feisty conjunction to Mars in Cancer, which is a sign that has a nose for what the public wants; and she has a quirky, adventurous Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius, which is a comedian’s sign. Her Mercury in chatty Gemini is conjunct the Node, opposition Neptune and trine Saturn Pluto in Libra – so intuitive as well as hard-hitting with a keen sense of the bleaker side of life. She has a talented Half Grand Sextile from Mercury opposition Neptune, sextile Saturn Pluto sextile Venus in Leo so she can mix her pungent comments with light-hearted entertainment and fun.

She’s certainly moving into a period of fast-moving change with her Solar Arc Uranus Jupiter crossing the conjunction to her Sun between 2017 and 2021, which all looks good if unsettled. And a marginally more challenging Solar Arc Saturn Pluto conjunct her Jupiter Uranus between 2019 and 2022.

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  1. I used to date a Cancerian guy who had a delicious appreciation of the absurd. His humor was very Monty Python. Loony at times, as in lunar. I loved his amusing take on the world. Alas, with all my Aries planets and his profoundly watery chart, we didn’t mesh. Still, I have fond memories…….

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