Kanye West – tricky balance between Air and Water

Kanye West, super-star rapper and former spouse to Kim Kardashian, is getting rattled by access issues over their children, with both sides claiming the other has misunderstood the situation.

  He has had mental health issues in the past with spells of hallucinations and paranoia and he claimed recently to be bi-polar.

  Their marriage was exploited ad nauseam for publicity purposes by both and their divorce is clearly going the same way.

  He was born 8 June 1977 8.45am Atlanta, Georgia making him a Sun Jupiter in Gemini, favourite sign for popular singers; with his Sun Venus in a musical, creative and not-too-well-grounded opposition to Neptune square a hyper-sensitive Pisces Moon. A scattered Air Sun and even more disorganized Water Moon with nebulous Neptune thrown in for good measure is not a well-balanced combination. Air rules the thinking functions and Water the emotions. Throw them together and it is a tricky balancing act.

 Kim Kardashian, 21 October 1980 10.46am Los Angeles, is also an Air Libra Sun with a Pisces Water Moon but isn’t quite as precariously balanced since her Moon is not on the point of a Mutable T square.

  Kanye also has a pumped-up Venus Mars in Taurus in a volatile opposition to Uranus with his Uranus in a can-be-dictatorial square to Saturn in wannabe important Leo – all of which may have helped him on the way to the top but won’t make him easy to live with or even easy in his own skin.

  He’s sinking into uncertainty and confused thinking at points this year and into next; with highs as well. Though with tr Pluto moving through his 7th house of relationships for the foreseeable future he’s likely to be bitter about losing control of partners.

  Their relationship will bump along uncomfortably for the next two years with tr Saturn this year dampening good feelings and tr Uranus causing tensions and eruptions to their composite Mars opposition Sun Mercury square Uranus this year and next.  

A touch like the Sussexes – can you just give us a break and hibernate for a year or decade or two.

15 thoughts on “Kanye West – tricky balance between Air and Water

  1. “A touch like the Sussexes – can you just give us a break and hibernate for a year or decade or two.” Cue the feign disinterest.

  2. As someone with an unaspected mercury in Virgo in 3rd, I can tell you it’s no picnic. Head full of chaos and no way out, essentially trapped inside your head. Mental health certainly an issue. As a youngster I wanted to be a writer but nothing coherent came of it until somone asked me to edit something for them and then the order I was unable to find for myself I could create for others. And so I became an editor working for international organisations and all sorts. Essentially helping others to find their words and craft their writing while, without aspects, mine struggles to find a way out. If you believe in karma I thinks it’s about shifting your focus away from yourself and helping others to succeed. Having made his name Kanye might find more peace and contentment by mentoring or producing for other talented young musicians. In my experience, the more you obsess the worse it gets.

  3. I have thought his Pisces moon is the root of his troubles. No emotional stability there and not helped by trining his Cancer ascendant which means he will perceive every thing as being about him. Having a relationship probably brought the Capricorn descendant into play and gave him some security.

    But isn’t his Mercury unaspected?

      • Good spot. In which case, that means it’s been hit by recent eclipses and will have the nodes rolling over it soon. Can’t be good for a Sun Gemini to have an unaspected mercury – especially in a rigid uninquisitive sign like Taurus

        • Thanks guys. Algol definitely create (and recently triggered). The Mercury is sitting on quite a few midpoints: Sun/Venus, Sun/Mars, Jupiter/Venus, Jupiter/Mars – again quite create and lucky. But it’s the Mercury opposition to the Uranus/Neptune midpoint that stands out – talented but unstable; with no supporting aspects to balance it out

          • Looking at synastry with KW’s mother, Donda’s natal chart shows her earthy Jupiter in Capricorn trining KW’s unaspected Mercury and her Saturn in Virgo trine her son’s Venus/Mars conjunction in Taurus. Donda may have earthed and been a stabilising influence on KW to an extent

            Donda’s Sun in Cancer is trine KW’s Moon in Pisces. This would go some way to explain the deep connection they had and why, when she died unexpectedly it hit him so hard and that in some ways he has been so ungrounded since. Incidentally, their respective nodal axis’s are on the same degrees of Libra/Aries but Donda’s north node was in Aries and that of KW is in Libra.

    • The thing about the Pisces Moon, though is that it’s a signature in the natal charts of a surprising number of legendary singer/songwriter/rap/blues/folk&c American artists and if they don’t have a Pisces Moon then they have a Neptunian Moon and it just crops up everywhere. Leonard Cohen, Moon in Pisces conjunct Part of Fortune, Joni Mitchell, Moon in Pisces conjunct MC, Marvin Gaye, Moon conjunct Neptune, Michael Jackson, Moon in Pisces Rising, Kendrick Lamar, Moon in Pisces. Other artists such as Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, Cole Porter have planets in Pisces and Gemini emphasised. There seems to be a relationship with the tension of the Pisces/Gemini square and uniquely gifted musicians.

        • But a good list nonetheless.

          Pisces moon is a difficult placement because it is so emotional. It is confused about the right direction to take on any decision. It has to sort through its feelings to figure out what it wants. But being a universal sign it’s much more likely to go along with what’s best for everyone else.

          For someone like Kanye with five planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio – doing what everyone else wants goes against their fixity. He’s between a rock and a hard place – if he does what he wants, his Pisces moon feels guilty. If he gives in, he feels angry with other people controlling him. Especially with that Saturn in Leo almost being the outlet of a t-square.

          • Thanks GD, that all makes sense. Of course, as Marjorie says Neptune has been conjunct his natal moon for over a year now. Hope he finds his way out of the fog.

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