Kamala Harris – on better form in 2020


Kamala Harris has dropped her bid for the Democratic nomination after a messy campaign hindered her chances. But Joe Biden gave her a positive send off saying he would consider her as VP, and that she could even become president herself one day or a Supreme Court judge.

Her campaign launched 21 January 2019 with the over-hopeful Jupiter square Neptune which many candidates have, but also the ratchety, setback-prone Mars in Aries square Saturn and Pluto which wouldn’t help.

She was born 20 October 1964 9.28pm Oakland, California, with an entertainer’s, attention-seeking 5th house Libra Sun opposition an Aries Moon; with a Fixed Grand Cross of Saturn in Aquarius opposition Mars in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune – hard-edged, slippery, indulgent, opportunistic. She looks understandably deflated this month with tr Saturn opposing two of her Jupiter midpoints; and frustrated across the New Year. But she’ll begin to bounce again come late March onwards with tr Pluto in the success-attracting and confident trine to her Jupiter in Taurus, on and off till late 2021, including over the Inauguration. She will also pick up the luck-bringing, sudden-positive-turn tr Uranus square her Sun/Jupiter midpoint from July till late September 2020 and again in spring 2021.

Whatever happens she looks on better form ahead.

See post January 17 2019.

10 thoughts on “Kamala Harris – on better form in 2020

  1. I said it when she announced her campaign and stars didn’t look good for a nomination: She will either be VP or AG. Supreme Court seat would be slightly less likely, that would require Democrats not only winning Presidential Election, but Senate as well. I think this is by far the hardest race to win for Democrats, it would require all toss up states going their way.

  2. Oh please tell me this is not signifying being a running mate. There are better non white women to select. I’m hoping she’s just elated with something in regards to Trump’s demise during this period.

    • In terms of name recognition, I very much doubt so. And Biden, or who ever will be the Democratic nominee, definitely needs a running mate with a good name recognition, with the possibility of Bloomberg running as an Independent (and I don’t doubt, for a moment, he would, he is just that vain) and having means to spend eight figures on ads on monthly bases.

      • Name recognition isn’t the be all. Stacey Abrams is viewed more favorably than her. Had she run she would’ve bested Harris but she’s smarter. She knew the chances of success for a black woman in these times is fairly slim; regardless of credentials or likability or political astuteness. Harris basically ran a vanity project and voters saw right through it quickly enough. Her campaign had no substance. When several campaign staff is criticizing their own, you know it’s doomed. Weak support among PoC and in her own State was also indicative. If not Stacey, a viable alternative VP nom would be Tammy Duckworth. I dare anyone to criticize a non-white accomplished female military veteran Senator with a war induced disability and no history of controversy; who’s also a child bearing mother to boot. Talk about a strong campaign strategy! A track record of integrity can be more advantageous than name recognition.
        I wouldn’t class Bloomberg as vain. He could’ve ran as an Independent several times before. He knew that route would be futile. Truth be told, his best chance would’ve been in 2016 running as a Democrat. But he declined as he, like many, believed Hillary would win. People often make the mistake of confusing or conflating being vain with being arrogant. He may come across as arrogant, but he’s not a show off or seeks attention nor adoration for his opulence or success. He earned it the hard way from humble beginnings without any impropriety as far as I know. He’s a no nonsense fellow that has a track record of doing the right things. A few controversies yes, but nothing egregious in my view.

        • Sorry Troy, but I think you let your personal dislike of Harris cloud your judgement here. Because how on Earth was Harris’ Campaign, which saw her constantly polling between 8 and 13 per cent support for Months a “hopeless vanity project”, while a multi-billionaire rushing to still crowded field less than 5 months before Democratic Primaries kicking off, spending 38 million in advertising in two weeks, polling still LOWER than Harris when Harris quit not?

          And I like Abrams (and Duckworth, too, but if Harris with her Indian mother and Jamaican father wasn’t black enough for the caucus, then Duckworth, whose mother is Thai and father was a white American, definitely doesn’t have special appeal here) too, but I think she’d be the first one to tell your argument on how she was “smart” not to run herself, because a black woman can only be elected as appendix to a white guy is bullocks. She, or Michelle Obama or Oprah don’t stay out of this race because they don’t see themselves as “unelectable”, but because they don’t feel like running.

          On the other hand, what ever 77-year-old Bloomberg’s motivations were before, he somehow did feel compelled to run. Given his 7th house Aquarius stellium, including Moon/Mercury conjuction, he probably genuinly feels he can Save America from not only Trump, but those Socialists (he isn’t only running to win Trump, but to keep Warren, or heaven forbid, Sanders, from winning). If you go to see definition of Catholic Mortal Sin, you’ll find out this is “vanity”, too.

          • Oh Solaia. I’m disappointed in your assessment of my views. You should know better by now. But I’ll ask this. If my judgement is clouded, why are current events tracking with what I stated? As Harris got a meteoric bounce then collapsed hard. Meanwhile Bloomberg is on the rise fairly rapidly given his late entry. Tom Steyer had the jump on him with millions being spent, yet Bloomberg is now cracking top 5 in polling aggregate(registering 8 to 10 points in some polls) when Steyer couldn’t. So clearly is not just about money. Steyer is another vanity project case by the way. What separates him from Bloomberg? I’ll leave that to your assessment.
            I said long ago that Buttigieg will be strong. Now he’s leading in IA and NH based on polling aggregate. I think my judgement has been pretty decent so far.
            I’ll finish with this. A report came out in 2000 that white people will be the minority by 2050 or thereabouts. It was gaining traction. Then a year later, 9/11 occurred. Put that report on the back burner. 2008 a black man became President. Served 2 terms. Report gained traction again like a hot gossip amongst white folk. And then came Trump! The 45th President. Stacey Abrams is wise to stick to her 2028 plan. Hoping calmer seas by then.

        • Agree with you about Bloomberg. He ran for a third term because New Yorkers couldn’t fathom anyone else as mayor. Californians abandoned Kamala Harris in droves — which speaks volumes! Too shallow and ethical problems, although Trump followers stay behind him despite his ethics.

          • JAS, Harris’ approval rating as a Senator among registered Democrats was 64 per cent at the time she was only polling at 8 per cent for President. I think that this means Californians didn’t abbandon Harris, just found someone else – mostly Warren and Sanders – more appealing on National Stage.

            As for Bloomberg, there still aren’t good polls on where he stands with Newyorkers in this race, but I seriously doubt he’ll be any threat for Biden, Warren and Sanders there either. Moreover, I think that assertion that Newyorkers “couldn’t have seen anyone else as mayor” could have, in fact, been what fed his “Savior Complex” enough for him to contemplate an Independent run already in 2008. I think he underwent a series of Neptune conjunctions transits to his personal planets, most notably Neptune to Sun around 2010. I don’t know if any of you have ever worked under a boss going through that transit, but I actually had TWO late-Aqua Sun bosses going through that transit 10 years ago (this was also my 6th house). They both became incredibly convinced of their capacities. The second one had a full blown Mr./Colonel Kurtz period. Bloomberg’s associates probably would have very interesting stories about his 2009 campaign, where he apparently financed Independence Party candidate to erode his Democratic opponent’s chances.

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