Impeachment – Trump cornered even if it fizzles out


Impeachment articles were announced at 9.09am 10 December in Washington, on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, which could be voted on by the full Congress next week before the recess. If passed, it would then move to the Republican-controlled Senate.

The announcement chart has the heavyweight Saturn Pluto conjunct Venus in the 1st house, fitting for a historical moment. There’s a determined Mars in Scorpio in the 10th but it’s tied into Neptune and Saturn Pluto, with Neptune also square the Sagittarius Sun. Neptune was the undoing of Mueller producing a damp squib result and this may go the same way.

Which doesn’t mean that Trump will be in the clear since there are mountainous pressures building up in his chart courtesy of the tr Pluto Saturn conjunction opposing a series of his Mars midpoints picking up from this December 21st across the New Year and through January; worsening late January to late February; and escalating even further from late February till June, repeating across the election and into early 2021. All of them will bring intense frustration, rage, a sense of being wounded and trapped. With everything turning further upside down from July onwards as tr Uranus squares his 12th house Pluto, on and off into early 2021.


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  1. The Moon was void of course on the morning that the impeachment articles were announced, so I doubt that it gets past the Senate. This process is more for election purposes; the parties are looking to set up narratives, raise funds, mobilize constituencies. Next year is going to be something else if the transits have anything to say about it. The US Mercury/Pluto opposition (political rhetoric) is going to be heavily stressed by the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction next fall, along with Mars in Aries retrograde. The same transits will be hitting Trump’s Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer. Even though he will get past impeachment, his chart is going to be heavily stressed next year. His popularity might take a bit of a dent early next year. There could also be economic troubles on the horizon with his Venus (money/finances) being impacted.

    • I don’t think current Senate impeaching Trump is likely, either, but have to say that void of course could also mean there will be MORE counts of impeachment later on. At least legal pundits tend to think Trump got off easy here – I think even Bill Clinton got 3, and Nixon 4.

      • DNC is trying to get the GOP to see the long-term benefits of impeaching Trump with those principle-laden articles, whereas Trump is appealing to the self interest of the GOP diehards. Hard to beat.

  2. In addition Saturn and Pluto will oppose Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus (in the 11th house) beginning in January and Neptune will begin a long running square to his Sun(10th)/Moon(4th) opposition in May – a challenging bunch of transits for someone already under pressure.

  3. A purely non-astrological view of mine on this is that Mr. Trump will have two or three more TIAs, which will reduce his mental capacities evwn more. He definitely had one in November, soon after his presser with Erdogan, where his left side drooped very visibly. His unscheduled visit to Walter Reed probably was for a post thrombolysis MIR. The incident was minor enough for him to reassume activity 72 later, but unlike with some prior incidents, he hasn’t quite recovered from this one. Many people didn’t notice, but he actually had to lean on Melania to manage the stairs down at the NATO meeting.

        • Sorry to hear this Astroang. I want to add that I know TIAs themself are treatable, but indicate an enhanced risk of stroke, especially without lifestyle amendments most of us are able and willing to make. Mr. Trump obviously hasn’t, if anything he has reduced physical activity and gained weight in the last couple of months. I also don’t think these were first incidents for Trump. I the first incidents medical professionals noticed during his presidency rise to 2017. He is in obvious mental decline, but it seems periodic, he has periods in which it seems he is mid stage of dementia, then better periods.

          I’d also want to add I’m personally noting drooping, because I have a young(ish) friend who once complained about possibly having slept on his left arm, because it felt “weird” on FB. Luckily his partner was there to tell him he was drooping, that weird feeling turned out to be a massive stroke. He’ll never recover fully, but if his partner hadn’t gotten him to hospital there and then, he wouldn’t have survived.
          This friend has since told everybody he knows (and this is a lot of people) to watch out for signs of stroke.

    • Strangely he has always had a problem with stairs. The British Press picked up on him holding hands with Theresa May over the years just to make it up & down some small steps. The gossip is that he is afraid of stairs. I’d love to mock him for it, but I’m afraid of statues so what do I know!

      • well, at least they aren’t weeping angels!

        [Since their initial appearance, they have been persistently nominated as one of the most popular and frightening Doctor Who monsters. ]

        • 🙂 The Daleks are like cuddly cute kittens next to the Weeping Angels. Although the Lincoln Memorial DC is the most frightening thing ever.

      • Oh, I remember this! I think this was one of those things “The Apprentice” staff shared. One of the show tropes was DJT descending to Trump Tower Lobby to brief the teams by escalator.

        That said, he seemed to have stopped leanining on people after May and McConnell incidents, because it caught attention. He is like this, doesn’t want to be seen weak.

  4. One minor point — the vote within the next week will be by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, which sends the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. The Republican-controlled Senate will hold a trial determining whether to remove Trump from office. Removal requires a vote of two-thirds of the Senators present, which is unlikely. The Senate will probably vote an acquittal, which is different from an exoneration.

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