Justin Trudeau – a shape shifter

Justin Trudeau has called for the Catholic Church who ran 60% of the residential schools in Canada to “step up” and take responsibility for its role in the deaths of indigenous children. In 2017 he asked the Pope to consider an apology for its part on the government-sponsored establishments but that hasn’t been forthcoming. Though Trudeau himself has been ducking questions about fully implementing all the recommendations of the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation inquiry which condemned the treatment as ‘cultural genocide.’ Ditto and ditto for the 1996 Commission into the same.

  His latest Term, sworn in 20 November 2019 at 1.30pm, has a sugary-sweet and lucky Jupiter Neptune in the 10th. Though there’s a slippery, elusive, evasive, smoke-screening Neptune on the Pisces Ascendant. Plus a tough Saturn Pluto in Capricorn. And more significantly Mars Mercury in Scorpio in the 8th opposition Uranus, hinting not just at financial disruptions but also behind-the-scene manoeuvrings, some of which may come to light when there is a car-crash exact Mars Uranus opposition by Solar Arc in late 2022. Before then, the shine and optimism will be wearing off with tr Neptune square the Midheaven and Venus this year and next, then forming a bubble-bursting square to Jupiter.

   His personal chart, 25 December 1971 9.27pm Ottawa, is also Neptunian with an Air Grand Trine of Saturn in his 10th trine Pluto trine Venus, with Saturn opposition Neptune, making it the driving planet. Charming when it suits him, a good organiser, can-be-neurotic, not always realistic or decisive. What belies his lighter side is a do-or-die-determined Pluto opposition Mars on the cusp of his 8th. That Mars Pluto may be why he’s attracted three ethics investigations so far. He’s also got a third opposition of Moon to Uranus – so he’ll be constantly on a see-saw, torn by internal struggles, desperate to find balance but never quite succeeding.

  His Solar Arc Midheaven will square his Uranus exact in four months which will be a career wake-up call with more than a hint that a change of direction is needed. Then tr Uranus will reach his Midheaven by 2024 which is when a whole new vocation may be beckoning, whether by choice or the whims of fate. That is when tr Neptune is conjunct his Mars as well, so it may accompany a financial scandal.  

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  1. Like his father Pierre Elliott Trudeau, he was born of a Jackal which is similar to a coyote , a shape shifter. He has a character problem of cunning lying and deceit to suit his purpose.

  2. The problem is that he takes after his Mother in temperament, attitudes and thinking etc. I often have felt he blames his father for his mother’s state of mental health and fails to see that she was like this when she married in the first place. He is not really PM material, the name got him in and gave him everyone’s time and attention. But really, he’s not a good PM. There are few good alternatives for Canada however.

    The nation chart for Canada seems mired in neptune, which is felt in everything that happens here from money laundering through China in Canadian real estate and so on. The harm inflicted upon indigenous people cannot be repaired as long as Quebec is allowed to dominate the country. I would be happy to drop the bilingual french thing nationwide and my grandmother was born in Quebec. I’m fed up with Quebec in many ways but in others, it moves the country forward progressively like no other province at times. The indigenous people have been so cruelly treated, they need a much higher focus and platform in Canada. It feels like only then will this country begin to be what awaits it and only if indigenous culture leads equally, teaching the nation their knowledge, culture and customs. It’s much preferable to how Quebec was populated and founded. I’d rather Canada shift that way and drop the focus on Quebec entirely, plus drop the royal family from our currency and national status all together.

  3. It it important to note that Stephen Harper was PM of Canada during the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Inquiry

    As reported by the CBC – at that time – “Harper spent much of Tuesday’s question period defending his government’s work on aboriginal affairs as the opposition challenged him on the results of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s findings.
    But Harper wouldn’t commit to any of the 94 recommendations outlined in the summary report, released Tuesday morning.
    Truth and Reconciliation report brings calls for action, not words
    Truth and Reconciliation Commission urges Canada to confront ‘cultural genocide’ of residential schools
    Members from the NDP, including Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair, questioned Harper repeatedly as to whether the government would fully adopt the United Nations’ Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which the commissioners called the “framework for reconciliation.”

    I am not sure how many of the recommendation Trudeau – I will look it up but most likely more than Harper would of course..
    For those who might not know much of Stephen Harper – he wrote a scathing article at the time on Pierre Trudeau’s death which many have not forgotten

  4. And again, Marjorie… thank-you for this.
    And for the bit of focus on Canada as a whole.
    Also to you, Andre… political family legacies playing out!

    I certainly have the sense that we are on the precipice of a very important time.
    I certainly hope Trudeau can rise to the best of these astrology configurations!
    I have no sense of who the next PM could be if he does not.

    Below is a quote from MP Elizabeth May’s Sunday Morning email….
    Very wise counsel from the First Nation people…which I have heard from other sources.

    “The pain and loss (especially for indigenous peoples, but also for settler culture allies) is real and deep. Indigenous friends have suggested that we pause. That we stop and postpone the political debate, inevitable finger pointing, and instead just listen and mourn together for those dear children, their souls, their families and for the many more not yet accounted for. We are heading down a long road. And we cannot let this be a “news story” where we turn the page and fail to take on the work that we are required to do. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission set out a path. It will not an easy one. Let us pray. Whether we believe in God or not, let us mourn.”

    take care,

  5. Thank you, Marjorie, for this helpful reading of my Canadian PM’s chart. His Moon in Aries opposite Uranus makes him surprisingly combative at times. Combined with the Mars-Pluto opposition, that has made him an athlete like his father, contributing to the family myth. His father did judo, he is a boxer. Boxing brought him into political prominence, as it convinced people there was toughness of character under the shine. Until then, he was considered a lightweight unfit for high office.

    His Moon is however conjunct Neptune in the first house of Canada’s 1867 chart, thereby adding to the Neptunian flavor of his political career. His combative instincts are overruled by his constant need to take the moral high ground even when doing so proves unrealistic and confusing. He is known as the guy constantly making excuses in the name of his country. He has last week admitted that Canada’s treatment of native peoples amounted to genocide, which could prove costly and may invite international investigation. He frankly seems guilt-ridden on more than one issue. Neptune in his chart conjuncts the IC. That is probably the key to his personal psychology and involves complex father and family issues. He recognized that Quebec is a distinct nation a few weeks ago, thereby running afoul of his father’s legacy.

    When he was 11 years old in 1982, his Uranus had progressed by Solar Arc to be conjunct his father’s Sun and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of that year. That was the year of his father’s monumental legacy of major constitutional change, that created lasting resentment in Quebec that his son has failed to manage. And on native issues reconciliation is as elusive as ever. He is ultimately a high-sounding and great-looking superficial leader with a propensity for scandal when he gets too comfortable. I believe the transiting Uranus conjunction to his natal Saturn in the 10th opposite natal Neptune in the 4th in 2024-25 will prove fatal to his political fortunes, in addition to the other aspects you have described.

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