Justin Timberlake – a sticky midlife crisis

Justin Timberlake, the erstwhile Prince of Pop, hugely influential in his day is having a problem segue-ing through his midlife crisis. His recent album is not selling well, he was arrested a day or so back for driving under the influence and last year Britney Spears fessed him up as persuading her to have an abortion when they were together two decades back.

 Born 31 January 1981 6.30pm Millington, TN, he has a hard-working 6th house Aquarius Sun trine Jupiter Saturn in Libra; with an ultra-determined Mars in Aquarius trine Pluto, sextile Neptune Moon in Sagittarius  on the cusp of his performing 5th house.  

  He has a shock-to-the-system tr Uranus square his Mars exactly now and heading to oppose his Uranus in 2025/26 for his midlife crisis. Last year his Solar Arc Sun was square his Moon Neptune for a lacklustre dip. And late this year into early 2025 he will have a major setback from his Solar Arc Mars opposition his Saturn which may be a financial as well as an emotional shock. 

  He will pull out of the mire at some point with tr Jupiter moving him across his 10th until mid 2025; and tr Saturn moving upwards in his chart – though he’ll have a sticky two or three years after this one. He looks in better form by 2026 into 2027.  But it will take a considerable upheaval and maybe relocation before he gets his head and his act together.

One thought on “Justin Timberlake – a sticky midlife crisis

  1. Here are his aspects from Chiron and BML…https://ibb.co/qFLZQTR
    Chiron square Sun…in childhood if we lacked the experience of being at the centre ofwour parents lives, we may suffer the wound of narcissm, where we continue to seek the
    experience of centrality and can only regard others as extensions of ourselves.
    BML trine Mercury….the written word, stories, or musical topics relating to power struggles,
    protests, and darker themes in life could be common mediums for you You can feel
    support for your radical vocal expression. Self-expression through words, music can be
    extremely soothing and healing for you thru’ public projecton.

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