Julian Assange – still blockaded


Julian Assange is in a defiant mood as Swedish authorities drop his rape charges saying he won’t forgive his incarceration in the Ecuador Embassy for five years. Though he’s not free and clear yet since he still faces charges in the UK for ducking bail which can carry a one year jail term, never mind any US moves to extradite him.

He’s got a successful and bullish tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter through this June, and on and off till late 2018. But he’s also got tr Saturn square his Pluto and opposition his Venus now up to November this year which will damp his ardour.

2018 has some exuberant highs and some extremely anxious moments as well; with 2019 seeing tr Saturn opposition his Sun and square his Uranus; and tr Uranus opposition his Moon – so very jangled and discouraging.

Plus tr Saturn is now moving through his low-profile first quadrant for several years, with money shortages looming large in 2018/19/20, which is also a time when unresolved emotional issues tend to surface.

His relationship chart with the US looks insecure and volatile this year and more so in 2018/19 – deeply frustrating, quite scary and undermining. And his bad-tempered relationship chart with the UK also indicates 2018/19 as trigger points for more dislike and hostility.

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