Chris Cornell – loss for music


Chris Cornell, 20 July 1964,  singer/songwriter and one of the architects of the grunge movement has died in an apparent suicide, although his widow has suggested it may have been more to do with his anxiety medication than a deliberate attempt to end his life.

He was a late Sun Cancer with a Sagittarius Moon; Saturn in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto in Virgo; with a Fixed T Square of Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune square Mercury in Leo; and Mercury sextile a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars conjunction in Gemini – so a curious mix of light and shade, high spirits and depression.

The Saturn opposition Pluto does have a tendency to the glooms; and a focal Fixed sign Mercury on the point of a T Square can be very one-track minded, and finds it difficult to recognize alternatives, or listen to feedback.

This year he has had his Solar Arc Uranus square his Sun which would be a major jolt; and his Secondary Progressed Mars was moving to conjunct his Sun, so a time of high-stress.

Houses will make a difference which we don’t know without a birth time.

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  1. I’ve been looking at his chart, wondering about the agoraphobia/depression as a teen and being a generally reclusive person as an adult, and then I noticed that his sun is unaspected. He was a master at turning his pain into creative genius, in my opinion.

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