Joyce ‘Catwoman’ Wildenstein – a freakish Leo and Taurus mix



The grotesquely-bizarre, elderly socialite with a cosmetic surgeon fetish Joyce Wildenstein (Catwoman), having split last year from her boyfriend after a fight that ended up with both in prison now says she’s engaged to him.

Born 5 August 1940 in Lausanne, Switzerland, no time unfortunately, is a Sun Leo conjunct Mars in Leo on one side and widely conjunct Pluto on the other; with the Sun squaring Jupiter Saturn in Taurus; and Mars square Uranus Jupiter Saturn. Incredibly fixed, stubborn, flamboyant, volatile and volcanic, materialistic; all Fire and Earth so a bullish personality.

Her Uranus is conjunct Algol, often connected to facial deformity – she evidently thinks she looks beautiful (google her). I’d be inclined to put Uranus Algol on her Ascendant.

Her fashion designer fiancé Lloyd Klein, 15 Feb 1967, is a Sun Aquarius with a late Aries or Taurus Moon opposition Mars in Scorpio, so attracted to angry women. His Mars squares her Pluto, so they will clash mightily. His Neptune opposes her Uranus; his Uranus Pluto is conjunct her Neptune with his Saturn in opposition – all weird crossovers. Their relationship chart has a possessive, controlling composite Sun square Pluto, trine Mars; with Neptune trine Jupiter, sextile Pluto – so something dark and spider’s-webbish about it all. All the outer planets are in the last decan so quite a tangle of aspects. She’s now 76 so it doesn’t have to last a lifetime but I’d doubt if they would make it up the aisle.

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