Jose Mourinho – hitting a brick wall, stuffed with gold nuggets

After a run of bad results, sulky outbursts and the like, Jose Mourinho has been let go as Chelsea Football Club manager, despite having signed a new four year contract in August.

Born 26 January 1963 7am Setubal, Portugal, he does have tr Saturn square tr Neptune in hard aspect to his Uranus Pluto opposition lucky Jupiter now and through 2016 which is deflating and confused. More pointedly his Solar Arc Pluto is within less than a degree square his Aquarius Sun, blocking his forward progress; and Solar Arc Venus is conjunct his Saturn now and into 2016 making him feel less than loved.

Mind you tr Pluto sextile his 2nd house Jupiter for the next year may lend a little balm in the shape of a mammoth payoff.

When he returned to Chelsea for the second time on 10 June 2013 there was an enthusiastic and successful Sun Jupiter conjunction. But also a high-stress, rather toxic Yod of Saturn sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars; with Mars square Neptune. That very afflicted Mars now has tr Neptune square and tr Saturn opposition the Solar Arc Mars – so he got some wins and now he gets the downside.

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