Christine Lagarde – the past re-emerging – ditto Sarkozy

Christine Lagarde, head of IMF, is to stand trial in France for alleged negligence over a 404m euros ($438m; £294m) payment to a businessman in 2008. At that point she was finance minister in President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government. An arbitration panel appointed by her awarded the compensation to Bernard Tapie, who supported Sarkozy in the 2007 election. This month a French court ordered Tapie to hand back the money. If found guilty she could face prison though her lawyer says he will appeal her involvement.

Born 1 January 1956 1.40pm Paris, she’s got a 9th house Capricorn Sun; with a formidably tough Mars Saturn in Scorpio in the 7th square Moon Pluto in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo. So showy, confident and unbudgeable.

2016 does not look that easy for her with tr Uranus square her MC from April onwards which could send her career off-track; plus an undermining tr Neptune conjunct her Solar Arc Sun with tr Saturn square. Plus Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune which will unsettle her work and health-wise. Depending on how accurate her birth time is, tr Pluto could reach the conjunction to her MC within a year or so which can herald a meltdown of sorts.

Her IMF Term chart, 5 July 2011, has a sinking and irritable tr Neptune square and tr Saturn opposition the Mars, now and through 2016. With a blocking Solar Arc Pluto opposition Sun approaching through 2016, into 2017.

The publicity surrounding the Tapie affair won’t do Sarkozy any good as he battles unpopularity within his own party, as he heads for the 2017 election.

Born 28 Jan 1956 10pm, Paris, he’s got an uncomfortable Solar Arc Sun conjunct his 7th house Mars, exact in 6 months’ time which is always a collision of sorts or a major shock. And Solar Arc Saturn is heading to oppose his Jupiter by 2017 which is a definite downer.

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