Donald Trump – big hair, monster ego, giant feet in gaping mouth

Donald Trump who appears to have no edit button before he opens his mouth and is a sore loser has been spouting vitriol after he lost a bid to stop wind farms being built close to one of his Scottish golf courses.
Once best buddies with former First Minister Alex Salmond, he now describes him as ‘a has-been and totally irrelevant.’ He also described Scotland as ‘small minded and parochial’ after a week which had seen him stripped of an honorary degree; and removed as business ambassador by Nicola Sturgeon after his anti-Muslim rant.

Alex Salmond must have been biting his tongue and vice versa when they were cosying up to each other. Salmond’s ambitious Mars in Pisces on his MC squares Trump’s Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon. Much worse Salmond’s Pluto is conjunct Trump’s Mars – real hostility.
Nicola Sturgeon isn’t much better since her Cancer Sun is conjunct Trumps Saturn.

Trump’s chart relocated to Scotland puts Pluto in the 10th which would bring out his controlling instincts, making him assume he was in charge.

But never mind, Putin thinks he’s great, calling him ‘bright and talented.’ That’s not a relationship that would last if the unthinkable happened.

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