Thatcher twins – siblings at war

Maggie Thatcher’s twins are evidently not speaking after Carol’s decision to auction off possessions her mother had left her. It now looks set to make millions after the first day’s higher than expected prices. Mark, always his mother’s favourite, is furious, though he is accused in Charles Moore’s recent Thatcher biography of exploiting his mother’s connections to further his business interests especially in the Middle and Far East.

The twins were born 15 August 1953 at 2.50/2.52 pm with Mark coming first as he always did in his mother’s eyes. Carol was the less favoured one, as indeed was Maggie’s mother whom she said she rarely spoke to after the age of 15, since there was nothing to say. In contrast she idolised her father who was not by all accounts a nice man.

Maggie was born 13 October 1925 9am Grantham, England and had Sun Mars Mercury in Libra. Libra women are often daddy’s girls, more inclined to the masculine than the feminine. In addition Maggie had Jupiter in Capricorn opposition Pluto square Mars Sun – so a hard-driving chart.

Her Moon aspects on the contrary are wreathed in fog – a Leo Moon Neptune square Venus. Neptune can idealise but can also regard the parent with contempt as weak. [Interesting side note from net trawl – her mother may have been the illegitimate child of local gentry.] Maggie’s Moon was conjunct her MC fitting her for a public career, but she may have owed more to her mother’s genes than she wanted to acknowledge.

Carol & Mark have Sun Pluto in Leo – like Princess Anne, who also tends towards her father. With complicated Moon aspects – Libra Moon conjunct Saturn Neptune square Uranus, trine Jupiter. So mother was a workaholic, inaccessible, evasive, unpredictable and at times indulgent. Clearly one twin got the better end of her and the other missed out. And tricky with two controlling Leos fighting it out for attention.

Both have been through a sticky time recently with Solar Arc Sun Pluto conjunct their Saturn last year which may have prompted Carol’s sale idea. Mark has been low profile since his arrest over the Simon Mann Equatorial Guinea coup plot in 2004 for which he got a 4 year suspended jail sentence. Both look set for much better financial news with Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct their Sun Pluto running up now and over the next year. So Carol has her retirement fund and Mark?? Who knows?

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