Jonathan Ross & Jane Goldman – an enduring Scorpio Gemini match

A long-running showbiz marriage is an oddity so TV presenter Jonathan Ross’s 32nd anniversary to screenwriter Jane Goodall is being much lauded. Though it’s not an intuitive match since he’s a Scorpio Sun and probably Moon while she’s a Gemini Sun and Virgo Moon.

He was born 17 November 1960 and has been at the top of the TV presenting stakes for decades, with interests in movies and comics. She was born 11 June 1970, and is co-writer of Kingsman, The Golden Circle, X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass and Stardust; has written several books and presented her own paranormal TV series. Neither have birth times sadly.

Her Virgo Moon connects well with his Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn; while his Moon may be conjunct her Jupiter. Her Venus in Cancer is good with his Scorpio Sun and his Venus in Capricorn opposes her Mars for a sizzle of attraction. But her elusive Neptune is conjunct his Sun with her stubborn Saturn opposition his Neptune and Sun – so there will be glitches.

Their relationship chart is complicated with a private, emotionally-loaded Grand Trine of Saturn trine Mars trine Neptune, with Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto. Mars Neptune is publicity-attracting; Mars Saturn suggests an imbalance and element of unfairness on the part of one, so not all sweetness and light. A family friend is quoted as saying: ‘They are a family who regard themselves as being very bohemian and very open with each other. The children are more like friends than kids.’ According to the Daily Mail other friends describe a ­haphazard way of family life in their north London home, once described as ‘a 17th-century baroque palace as seen through a kaleidoscope, drunk’.

The relationship chart also has a Yod of Venus sextile Mercury inconjunct Saturn, suggesting a ‘fated’ union that has irrevocably changed both their lives. She was 18 when they married in 1988 and he was 28. The composite Sun square Jupiter will help to keep enthusiasm alive.

Their wedding chart for 24 August 1988 has more affectionate crossovers with a passionate Venus trine Pluto and square Mars.

One daughter, now in her twenties, has recently complained about their attitude to her weight problems as a teenager – she’s a ‘fattist’ influencer who insists she’s happy being the weight she is. No birth date.

Birth times might shed more light on their eccentric relationship which won’t be all seamless contentment. It’s never a good idea to judge showbiz marriages from their glam and gushing Instagram posts.

Photos: Gage Skidmore

3 thoughts on “Jonathan Ross & Jane Goldman – an enduring Scorpio Gemini match

  1. Just wondering if a quick glance at any of Jane Goldman’s harmonic charts (such as the 5th and 21st) indicate her writing talent? She became a writer at a young age – of course, she has Mercury opposition Neptune which is ideal for the screenwriting, as well as Sun in Gemini and Moon in Virgo. Glad you’re back online.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. The DM article you reference is hilarious! It’s desperate to paint them as ‘bizarre and peculiar’, but it all sounded perfectly normal to me. Jane spending days writing in her pyjamas was perhaps amazing to DM readers in 2011 when the article was written. But during lockdown I think many of us were wearing versions of our pyjamas all day long. I also enjoyed the line ‘breakfast is whatever can be found in the kitchen, sometimes porridge…’

    The Gemini/Scorpio pairing is quite common, I’ve come across several. Similarly, Leos with Capricorns, and sometimes Pisces. The quincunx seems like a ‘fated’ aspect, or brings relationships and friendships that are rarely dull for those involved in them.

    • Yes Jane, I was thinking the same thing about Gemini/Scorpio, one of the most common pairings among people I know.

      Take this with a massive pinch of salt, but I heard that the relationship was open, at least for a time. I only heard about her, not him. Could be nonsense, but plausible considering she was a teen when she married. There are some open-minded, forgiving Neptune contacts. Her Uranus is close to his Venus/Mars midpoint and her V/M receives an opposition from his Saturn.

      I think he was very drawn to her by her Pluto closely sextiling his Sun and definitely by her Venus conjunct his Mars/Lilith conjunction. I think the combination of these things would have been very powerful and played a role in the marriage despite Jane being so young, in addition to Marjorie’s comments about the fated yod in the composite. Lilith synastry can sometimes work very well in non-traditional relationships, as it seems to have done here.

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