Apologies for absence

Oops, irksome site collapse after a Denial of Service assault meant it had to be taken off line. I can’t think I’m important enough to be targeted deliberately tho’ it did cross my mind it might be Trumpy-ites getting irked by the jackal pack pic. More likely random. Now upscaled firewall in place and final loose ends getting tied together. So should be normal service asap.

17 thoughts on “Apologies for absence

  1. We are living in strange times.. or is that Mars in Aries or… the list goes on. Here in New Zealand our stock exchange has been the target and has been down for 5 days so far… someone wants lots of money ….not sure what country they are from . On we go for 2020.. Thanks for all the wonderful post Marjorie… enjoyed the one about NZ. a while ago

  2. Glad you are back. Could be Trumpites. Could be friends of Putin. Could be China – though I don’t know why they would bother you.

  3. Welcome back Marjorie! As Solaia says, wild skies and hordes of gremlins. My central heating turned itself on this morning, even though it is turned off at the central controls……Still, it is pretty chilly here, so quite a helpful little house elf in a way!

  4. Good to see the site back. I have Lunar Return today, and looking at that chart, skies are pretty wild right now, so it figures…

  5. Thanks for letting us regular readers know.
    It can be really frustrating when you don’t know if it’s a website or your pc
    Kind Regards

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