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The hawkish John Bolton – for bombing Iran and North Korea –  has been announced as HR McMaster’s replacement for National Security Adviser, a post which requires no Senate confirmation. He was for the Iraq attack on Saddam Hussein and still thinks it was a good idea. He is a frequent Fox News commentator who has impressed Trump with his appearances; though he differs on Putin whom he distrusts and on free trade. Known for his intelligence, stubborn ideology, rudeness, arrogance and contempt for those who questions his views, he has been described as “stunningly impolitic”.

Born 20 November 1948, he has an intense late Scorpio Sun with Mercury also in Scorpio square Pluto, which will give him a forceful way of arguing. He’s also got a volatile, overly-excitable Mars in outspoken Sagittarius opposition Uranus. This latter sits on top of Trump’s Sun opposition Moon, so he’ll either irritate Trump or provoke him into wild decisions and actions.

Their relationship chart (without one birth time) is friendly with a composite Sun Venus Mercury; though there is also an unstable composite Uranus which is inconjunct Jupiter and trine Mars.

Bolton’s chart is looking surprisingly stressed and undermined this year for a man who has just been handed a prized job. He’s got Solar Arc Mars opposition his Saturn around now which is usually a major setback; a panicky-failure Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Mars and a totally deadlocked Solar Arc Saturn square Pluto. Plus a couple of undermining Neptune transits to midpoints till early 2019; and stuck/infuriated tr Pluto square Mars/Pluto 2018/2019.

He takes over on 9th April, assuming 12 am, which is a very aggravated chart with Mars Saturn conjunct; with Sun square Mars and Pluto and Uranus square Pluto (and Moon). Not a trip he’ll enjoy.

Just a reminder from a previous post – Trump’s relationship charts with both Republican charts, 22 Feb 1856 and 28 Feb 1854, are moving into rocky territory. On the 1856 one – really from now, but peaking from April 11th to late month, and repeating early 2019 with tr Uranus in a disruptive conjunction to the composite Sun and then Mercury. On the 1854 – tr Uranus conjunct the Sun this July and trine Mars, repeating Sept/Oct and early next year, so much the same.

Pic of John Bolton by Michael Vadon.

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  1. Radix : JOHN BOLTON
    Rectified horoscope, without known birthtime.
    + 5 hours
    39°,16’19,0 N
    76°,40’22,0 W

    MC 14°,49’36,0 Libra
    Cusp 11 11°,45’34,7 Scorpio
    Cusp 12 03°,33’32,0 Sagittarius
    Asc. 23°,36’35,8 Sagittarius
    Cusp 2 29°,48’19,2 Capricornus
    Cusp 3 09°,57’31,4 Pisces

    Sun 28°,10’40,1 Scorpio
    Moon 15°,17’49,4 Cancer
    Merc 15°,46’45,9 Scorpio
    Ven 23°,20’03,3 Libra
    Mars 25°,13’48,0 Sagittarius
    Jup 01°,04’40,2 Capricornus
    Sat 05°,34’05,9 Virgo
    Ura 29°,44’16,2 R Gemini
    Nep 14°,18’15,3 Libra
    Plu 16°,33’46,1 R Leo
    Drac 03°,37’53,2 R Taurus
    Pars 10°,43’45,1 Leo
    Chiron 28°,58’26,7 Scorpio
    Black Moon 14°,26’28,7 Pisces

    Progressive aspects.

    8-March-2018 023°,36’36 Capricornus Moon 30 Asc
    20-March-2018 021°,43’53 Sagittarius MC * RASALHAGUE (SAT – VENUS )
    21-March-2018 028°,58’27 Taurus C–3 180 Chiron
    22-March-2018 024°,05’32 Capricorn Moon 90 AR06
    26-March-2018 013°,10’40 Capricorn C-11 45 Sun
    31-March-2018 016°,33’46 Capricorn Jup 150 Plu

    9-Apr-2018 000°,00’41 Taurus Drac 45 mutual Asc
    16-Apr-2018 024°,57’31 Capricorn Moon 45 C–3
    21-Apr-2018 025°,07’24 Capricorn Moon * TEREBELLUM (VENUS – SAT )
    24-Apr-2018 025°,13’48 Capricorn Moon 30 Mars

    4-May-2018 029°,26’29 Aries C–2 45 Black Moon
    7-May-2018 015°,08’10 Libra Nep 150 mutual Asc
    9-May-2018 029°,27’28 Aries C–2 120 AR10
    11-May-2018 021°,51’38 Gemini IC * EL NATH (MARS – )
    15-May-2018 -05°,50’38 Asc // MC
    31-May-2018 018°,25’39 Capricorn Ven 30 mutual Mars

    1-Jun-2018 026°,30’36 Capricorn Moon 0 AR08
    11-Jun-2018 013°,22’37 Cancer C–5 * SIRIUS (JUP – MARS )
    12-Jun-2018 015°,17’49 Pisces Asc 120 Moon

  2. Rob, Thank you for your well thought out comment. Please refresh my memory about Obama’s successful first year as he went around the world apologizing, bowing and leading from behind. Conservatives consider part of Trump’s success to be his undoing of most of Obama’s policies. Just because you don’t like him getting rid of leftist policies, does not mean he wasn’t successful. In addition:
    Real, honest-to-goodness tax reform and cuts — the most consequential in 30 years.
    Opening ANWR for oil exploration
    Killing the Obamacare mandate that brutalized those making less than $50,000 a year.
    The Islamic State (ISIS) has been decimated.
    After a 2016 of just 1.9 percent GDP growth, we are now at four.
    Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch,the perfect replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia.
    The Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines are a go — which means tens of thousands of jobs.
    A record number of judicial appointments on the appeals courts.
    The end of the War on Coal.
    A surge in coal mining after 2016’s decline.
    Illegal immigration is way down.
    The stock market hit record highs 70 times in 2017, rising 5,000 points for the first time ever.
    The long-overdue recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
    We are free of the awful Paris climate treaty.
    Regulatory reform that is just getting started, but it has already had a hugely positive effect on our economy.
    Withdrawal from the Global Compact on Migration, which undercut American sovereignty.
    Return of nearly two million acres to the state Utah that the federal government had stolen.
    A $250 billion trade deal with China.
    Many of our NATO allies are finally paying their dues.
    Consumer confidence is the best we have seen in more than a decade.
    Pulled us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in favor of the American worker and sovereignty.
    Trump managed to get China to help rein in North Korea.
    Black unemployment is at a 17-year low.
    Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low.
    Overall unemployment is at one percent.
    Manufacturing jobs have boomed
    Banning or demanding stronger vetting from countries most likely to import terrorists.
    Housing sales are at an 11-year high.
    And of course, the wall is being built.

  3. Marjorie, Everyone was SO upset that Trump did not veto the Omnibus Bill. The Bill was too long for anyone to read through it but Trump has been handling contracts his entire adult life. And . . . he told us he would always fight for us, and never let us down. All it took was several carefully crafted lines, in a part that talks about military spending and national defense. Anyone reading through that part would probably miss that a few words had been added. Do it in a committee meeting, with a voice vote, and then push it back into the mass of the Bill, ready for a vote on the floor.
    Our President understands contracts, and understands how congress works. He watched (we all did) Obama push thru bills too big for anyone to read. Remember Pelosi saying about Obamacare “we have to pass it to know what’s in it”? His tweet this morning: (“Because of the $700 & $716 Billion Dollars gotten to rebuild our Military, many jobs are created and our Military is again rich. Building a great Border Wall, with drugs (poison) and enemy combatants pouring into our Country, is all about National Defense. Build WALL through M!”) And yesterday, before the bill was signed, Q made a drop about Red Castle which is the Army Corps of Engineers logo whiich will be utilized to construct it.

    It’s obvious I love Trump and very few here do and it is all due to him being a fighter. No one has ever fought for us the way he has. Every president for a long, long time has been a disappointment in one way or another, mostly giving in to those they are beholden to and usually having to do with money. He is beholden to no one and is keeping his promises, something Presidents rarely do once in office. I’m reminded of what Lincoln said when people were clamoring for him to fire General Grant because he was often drunk. He refused and said “he’s a fighter, I can’t spare him”. You might see Trump as erratic and crazy but anyone who has actually watched him speak at places like Davos, with the Chinese President Xi Jinping, live in televised cabinet meetings, the State of the Union etc… can see he is not. Look back at old interviews with people like Oprah, he’s been saying the same things he says now, basically America is getting screwed and he is right. He’s had the most successful first year of any president. Why would anyone want to impeach him is not at all understandable to me except as a knee jerk reaction to anyone running as a conservative. He’s a fighter, so obvious with Mars on ascendant. Give him a better chance please. Also you might be interested in these tweets to see what might be coming,

    • You are so delusional there’s no point even bothering. “He’s had the most successful first year of any President.” Somewhere Barack Obama and FDR’s ghost are rolling on the ground laughing.

  4. Marjorie, DJT is not close to a psychiatric breakdown, good grief. Did you notice though, he is building the wall? He fooled everyone, the man truly is a very stable genius.

    • I haven’t been following the minutiae but as I understand it: ‘The current spending bill grants DHS $1.6 billion for Trump’s much-discussed border wall, an amount that will allow the administration to build just 33 miles of new wall, while reinforcing other areas. That’s far less than the original $25 billion sought by the White House in this bill to fund the wall for three years, a senior Congressional source said.’

  5. I read that Trump didn’t want to hire Bolton because of his mustache, it seems like he only has people there for the sake of appearances. I saw an interview with Trump asking about government job vacancies, ” I’m the only one that matters, the only one that matters is me,” his presidency is a one man show.

  6. The way people have been coming and going in Trump’s “administration” lately, I doubt John “The Hawk” Bolton will last very long. Bolton will probably say or do something that will get him the “axe” in a few weeks.

    Honestly, I’ve met people who lived through the Richard Nixon Era who said they witnessed less political chaos and corruption. Thank G-d we have the midterm elections to look forward to.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

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