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Amongst the jostle for contenders for the after-Jeremy Corbyn slot if he does depart in 2019/2020 are Emily Thornberry, Keir Starmer and Angela Raynor. The two women face up uphill struggle since the Labour Party has never had a female leader, except by default when a Deputy briefly stepped up briefly. And despite the general global climate for equality, the shift to harder left in the Labour Party plays against women since they are more misogynist than most.

None of these charts have birth time so there is missing info.

Emily Thornberry, 27 July 1960 is a showy and idealistic Sun Venus in Leo square Neptune; with a volatile and outspoken Mars in Taurus square Uranus, with a Virgo Moon. She looks enlivened and lucky this year as well as uncertain and frustrated. She’ll stay on the good side of the fates in 2019 but starts hitting major headaches by 2020, which looks highly discouraging and undermining.

Angela Raynor, 28 March 1980, is a go-ahead Sun Aries with a flamboyant Mars in Leo on the point of a Fixed T Square to Venus in Taurus opposition Uranus – lively and stubborn. She looks much like EmilyT – upbeat at points this year and then sagging and blocked through 2019/2020.

Keir Starmer, 2 September 1962, a reforming and changeable Sun, Uranus, Pluto in practical Virgo; with a Water Grand Trine of Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Pisces, formed into a Kite with Jupiter opposition Pluto – caring, influential, pushily confident. He was previously Director of Public Prosecutions and is in charge of exiting the EU from the opposition benches. He’s looking more than aggravated and stuck this year and next. But starts to pick up more Jupiter from 2019 into 2020 which should stand him in good stead. His is by far the strongest chart.


14 thoughts on “UK Labour Party possibles to step up

  1. @ Charlotte at 11:53 pm … ”2017 Election.”

    Don’t forget Charlotte that the Tories still won at the end of the day.


    @ Marjorie at 7:18 am …. ”Ditto Brexit/EU Ref result. Not what Cameron/Osborne had in mind.”

    Then again there’s Tories AND Tories, Marjorie, such as Cameron / Osborne versus Johnson / Rees Mogg types.

    ‘An exclusive interview with former Cambridge Analytica business development director Brittany Kaiser, who claims that the data analytics firm worked on a pro-Brexit campaign, despite chief executive Alexander Nix denying this to a parliamentary committee..’

    • “Don’t forget Charlotte that the Tories still won at the end of the day.”

      Thanks to Ruth Davidson and Arlene Foster. Not much support in England and Wales, despite throwing huge amounts of campaign resources at the north of England. When the Tories can’t even win Kensington or Canterbury, I’d say their power to influence elections is currently pretty weak.

      • Kensington was very very close and went to several recounts and besides there are many in North Kensington who don’t fulfill the description of typical Kensington dwellers! Also Canterbury is a university City and with Corbynism promising the cancelling of student debt as part of his manifesto Julian Brazier didn’t stand a chance!

        • I know the North Ken area well, trouble was the poorer areas became transient places without many registered voters. Canterbury I don’t know at all, except that it was some sort of record breaking Tory seat.

  2. The Parliamentary Labour Party and Momentum are two different parties almost, do you see the part splitting to form a new centre left party Marjorie?
    I think a new party under moderate leadership would be a more likely challenge to the current government as the Liberals seem to have dropped off the radar at the national level, although very active in local politics.

  3. With the way things are going, with the Tories having the power to influence the outcome of elections, I doubt the next UK leader, male or female, will be a member of the Labour Party.

    Forget about misogny. That’s the least of our worries.

    • Shirley remember the 2017 election I doubt whether the Tories had the wherewithal to steer the election their way. Corbyn’s campaign made much better use of modern media to reach the electorate!

  4. L.Butcher you really did stretch your imagination. The point I get is that it may be difficult for a woman to be elected leader of the Labour party, as it’s never happened before and that although the membership is not all 1970’s style union men, there are reports that some ghosts of that culture remain. Let’s hope they sort that out.

    We only have a female PM now because all the brexit men ran away. Privileged people aren’t so used to tough times, we need diversity and broad experience in our leadership.

  5. L Butcher are you also going to deny that Corbyn has anti Semitic tendencies or at least does not punish those in his circle who are? Marjorie was only stating a fact and has proven it. I would say that she is probably one of the most objective astrologers of all

  6. She didnt say JC – Marjorie said the Labour Party has never had a female leader – and it hasn’t. Time for change I hope…

  7. MARJORIE!!! I don’t think you could call Jeremy Corbyn a ‘mysogynist’ by ANY stretch of the imagination. Please stop with the political propaganda, it’s becoming so obvious that I am gradually losing respect for you.

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