Joe Biden VP choice – an interminable drama


Possible Joe Biden VP choices – limited to women – are deemed to be five possibles but won’t be chosen for several more weeks. This is a speed read through what info is available in the near future from the charts, most without birth times.

Of the three showing Jupiterian bounty: Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mayor of Atlanta, 18 January 1970, a Sun Venus in Aquarius, has a lucky-break tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint from mid August and through till after mid-November.

Stacey Abrams, 9 December 1973, a Sun Neptune Sagittarius, has tr Uranus square her Jupiter in Aquarius from today through to early July, though quite a raft of downbeat influences thereafter into 2021 and beyond.

Kamala Harris, 20 October 1964, a Sun Libra, picks up a lucky-break tr Uranus square her Sun/Jupiter midpoint in early July running to late September and again in early 2021; though she looks very blocked over the election itself.

Susan Rice, 17 November 1964, Sun Neptune in Scorpio, hasn’t much of note showing in either direction. Val Demings, 12 March 1957, a Sun Pisces opposition Jupiter, has been pushing hard against serious resistance and looks in for a setback at the election and trapped through 2021.

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  1. Apologies for my hasty and ridiculous comments. I am interested in astrology not politics, so the previous comments I made are from other astrologers point of view (due to confidentiality no names mentioned ). Various vedic astrologers have stated that Trump will loose Nov 2020 election.

    I do not know these two gentlemen, only through media and other astrologers, so it was wrong of me to make such generalised comments. The American people (and the universe) will decide the outcome of the election.

    As wise and spiritually minded astrologers say, this is a year of ‘transformation’ and ‘not to get caught up in the drama’, but to meditate and observe how this year unfolds.

    Thanks and Best wishes

  2. Should Kamala Harris be VP, she may become president around late 2022 when tr. Pluto perfects its life-changing square to n. Sun opp. Moon, coinciding with her second Saturn return in early 2023, which will activate its all-powerful and prominent conjunction with the MC.

  3. Oh please no. I love everything about the US Election watching from afar. I find America politics fascinating and the more astrology giving insight, the better. I was rooting for Amy Klobuchar being VP choice. She’s highly competent. Sad if she’s out of the running.

  4. I apologise for my hasty comment. I have no intention of closing down the debate but I love this site and I tune in to learn more about astrology .not politics . Unless its astrology related
    Thankyou Marjorie for such an informative forum I learn such a lot

    • Mary, Quite agree. This piece was really intended to shut discussions down until an actual pick was announced. I agree polls look bad for Trump but I have over many elections learned not to hang my hat on polls. There’s a mile and a half before November and almost anything could happen to Trump or Biden including replacements. Just be patient and let the astrology in so far as we know it stand.

      • For the benefit of some of your readers, the posting does provide a valuable venting. Yes, this is an astro forum,…

  5. I do not live in America. I am not concerned who wins the election in November 2020. If Biden wins he will benefit if he picks an able and confident V P. Latest polls show that Biden will win by a large majority. Whoever wins, the next few years will be challenging and tough for U S A.

    • If Trump wins, it won’t be just next “few years” that will be challenging for The US, it will be “challenging next few decades”, because US Presidents have power to appoint lifetime judges.

      And, I would argue, it will be “challenging next few years” for the rest of us, too. With the past American Administrations, you could, pretty much, see where you stood with them. I know people who have to rely on guidelines given by US Government on such matters as trade or security on their decision making. Those I knew, back in 2016, generally speaking were hopeful with “adults in the room” guiding DJT through initial stages of the presidency and making it work. Now, these “adults in the room” are long gone, and these people simply exhausted. They were prepared to have a lazy and incompetent POTUS, changing his mind every 5 seconds, giving executive orders via Twitter and hiring and then firing advisors based on how well they did on Fox News or, more recently, OAN, interviews.

  6. Something to consider here: Unlike current POTUS who obviously thinks he is immortal at 74, Biden definitely acknowledges his VP pick must be someone able to become POTUS on a day’s notice or, the very least in 2024, because I doubt he will run for a second term. This is probably also why he stated he would prefer someone who was on debate stage with him.

  7. @JAS — As a California Democrat I take issue with your describe of Kamala Harris as ethically-challenged, unpopular and incompetent. While she didn’t catch fire as a presidential candidate in her home state, people are generally satisfied with her as a senator. She might not be the best choice as a running mate, there’s no doubt she’s well-prepared and competent a ND wouldn’t be a drag on the ticket. Susan Rice just doesn’t have enough political experience and totally lacks elective experience, to be a major contender.

    • She is also an incredibly effective fundraiser. She did an event with Biden this week, and raised 1.2 million. And this isn’t to say I don’t agree on whole electoral funding system in The US needs to be reformed to have more diverse representation of the population, in general and to avoid conflicts of interest. But since Republicans like it as it is, you need to elect Democrats to offices first.

      • @Solaia

        Actually, according to KHive (an online fan group for Kamala Harris), Kamala Harris helped raise over 3.5 million dollars for Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign. That is indeed very impressive.

        Personally, I think a lot of people are underestimating Kamala Harris and making false claims about her. I did my own research and I found many of the accusations and claims about her record can easily be debunked. Harris is actually a very progressive-minded and effective politician. I think she would be an excellent pick for VP.

  8. Trump may be re-elected. But before election date there may be problems. USA economy will be in a mess in coming days.
    Big events will take place one after another.

    • @NB

      I seriously doubt Trump will be re-elected. I follow the data analysts and all of them are saying Trump is in serious trouble.

      Data analyst Harry Enten tweeted this morning: “Here’s the fact: Trump’s re-elect is in tremendous trouble. No serious analyst I know of believes he’s anything but an underdog. His chance of winning is something like 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 based on history… It’s quite possible he pulls it off, but it’s bad.”

      Also, The Economist released their projection model today (created by data analyst G. Elliot Morris) and the model currently gives Biden the advantage here in Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona. They have Georgia in the tossup bracket.

      All in all, I know the election is 5 months away….but no incumbent has ever been re-elected when the economy is in shambles, there is civil unrest, and with a pandemic spiraling out of control.

  9. Unfortunately, Biden will lose many votes if he picks the ethically-challenged Kamala Harris, or even considers her for Attorney General. She did not do a good job in California as AG, going after school truancy as a major issue. She also did not poll high at all for the presidency in her home state. I know too many people who will withhold the vote for Biden if he picks her, while writing in for someone else. Susan Rice is an intellectual, but she fudged it badly in her explanation of Benghazi and that will be an issue. Keisha Lance Bottoms would appear the best choice and she has strong administrative experience. Since Biden has the foreign policy experience, it probably isn’t the most pressing issue in his choice.

    • there are no choices. let the chips fall where they will. no matter who “wins”, some will dance, some will grumble, others will flare with incandescent rage.

    • “Keisha Lance Bottoms would appear the best choice and she has strong administrative experience. ”

      She has been major of Atlanta, which, on its own, isn’t even in TOP30 largest cities in The US, for 30 months, and seems competent. But I don’t know if I’d call this “strong” administrative experience compared to likes of Bloomberg, who ran, and Garcetti, who chose not to.

      Also, she does not have any legislative experience, even on State level. This is probably why she looks so good to certain people “morally”. She never has been in a position where needed to vote for a bill, yet alone INTRODUCE one and try to make it pass. In that sense, she is not in the same league with Senators Harris, Warren and Globuchar, Representative Demings and arguably even Stacey Abrams, who was a Georgia Representative and eventually Minority Leader for 10 years.

  10. Elizabeth Warren came in THIRD in the primary for her home state of Massachusetts, which is of concern if Biden’s committee is weighing electability. She is too old for a Supreme Court appointment. Kamala Harris would be a powerhouse replacement on the U.S. Supreme Court for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as she is both African American and would have decades to serve because of her comparative youth. Susan Rice would be the most experienced and intellectual VP, but the absence of influences you cited don’t seem to offer much hope. Abrahms and Bottoms have no international credentials or experience. Despite her disinterest, which has been expressed often, if I were Joe Biden I’d beg until Michelle Obama agreed to run. There’s also a crazy rumor that Hillary Clinton is putting her bid in…but surely Biden would gently deflect that. Understand your fatigue with this, Marjorie, but we are always interested in what you have to say about our politics!

  11. The suspense is highly artificial and pure political theater. Biden has stated on national television that his VP would be a woman who has faced him in the Democrat primary debates in the past year. Since Amy Klobuchar is out because of her reluctance to prosecute police officers in Minnesota, that leaves only Harris and Warren. Harris is the obvious choice for Attorney-General in these troubled times since she has been AG of a large state. She will prosecute Trump, handle police reform and probably end up on the Supreme Court. I think Warren has always been Biden’s choice for VP in order to unite the left and centrist wings of the Party. The June 21 eclipse will be conjunct Warren’s Sun-Uranus conjunction: she is due for a big announcement which will surprise many but should not.

    • But if Biden picks Elizabeth Warren, that would likely disappoint (possibly even infuriate) many African-American voters (especially here in the South) who were really hoping for a more diverse ticket. Also, it would infuriate many moderate Democrats (who are the actual base according to the data) who aren’t too keen to many of Warren’s proposals (like replacing Obamacare with Medicare for All, abolishing ICE, etc.)

      Also, there is another risk to picking Elizabeth Warren; Massachusetts has a Republican Governor…and he would get to select the next Senator to hold her seat until a special election could be held. Many people take it for granted that Massachusetts is a “blue state” BUT…there are many “ancestral Republicans” (the old-school New England types who identify as socially liberal but fiscally conservative) living there and they will sometimes vote for Republican Senators or Governors if the candidate comes from one of the old established families in the state…or if they think the candidate is moderate enough. So, it’s no guarantee that another Democrat would replace Warren and that could be huge risk – even the data analysts have pointed this out.

      Personally, I still think Kamala Harris is the candidate slated for the VP slot. Harris’s seat is safe because Republicans have very little power in California and another Democrat would easily replace here. Harris identifies as African-American, she has a centre-left voting record, she’s charismatic, and she has name recognition.

  12. I do believe Joe Biden is going to win this November. The data analysts have already said he has the strongest polling position than any Presidential candidate since FDR in 1944. Plus, with over 40 million people unemployed, covid-19 out of control, and with the ongoing protests over fascist police brutality, Biden’s lead in the polls just keeps getting stronger. The data shows Biden has made significant gains with younger voters, White lower-income voters, and with voters over the age of 65. Biden is polling better against Trump than Obama was polling against McCain and Romney at this time. I highly recommend following data analysts Dave Wasserman, G. Elliot Morris, and Harry Enten for anyone interested in updates, projections, and polling averages for the 2020 Presidential Election – all three of them are excellent sources.

    Anyway, I digress….now going back to the astrology regarding Biden’s VP pick.

    Regarding Keisha Lance Bottoms (whom I’ve been trying to get a birth time for; I know a few volunteers from Atlanta, GA who worked on her mayoral campaign and I’ve asked if any of them could ask Bottoms what her birth time is) I noticed that she has the transit of Saturn conjuncting her natal moon right now….wouldn’t that be an indication of some kind of an emotional setback or disappointment of some kind? Of course, this could pertain to something in her personal life and nothing to do with her political career….but I am wondering how it will manifest itself.

    Regarding Kamala Harris (and I haven’t looked at her chart in a long time), if I remember correctly, according her secondary progressed chart showed a progressed sun in Sagittarius (which would be her descendant since she’s a Gemini Rising) on Election Day (November 03, 2020)….wouldn’t that be a strong indication of some kind of leadership role or achieving goals and dreams?

    Last but not least, has anyone taken a look at Val Demings’ chart? She’s supposedly another consideration for Biden’s VP.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  13. Marjorie,

    I read your forecast of Pelosi of late last year, which suggests that she will be facing losses this year. Can I request you to have a look at her, Chuck Schumer’s and Mitch McConnell’s charts again, to see how Congress will be looking in 2021?

    Also, do you think that Joe Biden will select a black female VP and then deliberately stand aside/resign (if elected), so that the Democrats can have the first female POTUS?

      • @ Ragnar1,

        I see you’ve made a mistake in your posting. Here, I’ll help fix it for you: When (not if) Joe Biden gets elected…he’ll be perfectly fine. You’re welcome, no charge.

        Joe Biden / Kamala Harris 2020!

    • “Also, do you think that Joe Biden will select a black female VP and then deliberately stand aside/resign (if elected), so that the Democrats can have the first female POTUS?”

      He is a politician after all.. he has to make all right sounds to get elected .. I can’t see a politician who will put in all efforts and give away the hard won position

    • I really cannot stand any more of the US Election which is still five months away. It is the most mind-bendingly bizarre, time and money- wasting farrago which is repeated in no other country. Let’s just wait to see who the nominees are and take it from there.

    • @ Unmystic Mom,

      Data analyst Dave Wasserman (and he’s almost always right) said the U.S. House of Representatives is almost completely out of reach for the Republicans this year. He explained that there are too many seats for the GOP to defend…plus the current political climate isn’t favoring them in many of the suburban congressional districts.

      It’s the U.S. Senate that appears to be more of a tossup right now. The U.S. House is considered a “safe” Democratic hold according to the models.

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