Joe Biden – can’t escape his astrology + USA crossover + Boris + Kamala Harris

“What you see is what you get” applies to some, but Shakespeare wasn’t wrong in his estimation that “ all that glisters is not gold — gilded tombs do worms enfold.”   The gulf between the public image and the private reality is always most marked with political or celebrity figures, who sell a seductive slice of their personality for mass consumption and bury the rest and in a few cases create an entirely false persona.

  Before elections when feelings are running high it is all too easy to become misled and ignore part of the birth chart that does not fit the brand that is being marketed.

  I was always concerned about Barack Obama’s Neptune – in Scorpio square Mercury and Sun and Jupiter.  Compassionate, idealistic, a dream-maker certainly – but practical?  decisive? having the necessary ruthlessness to push through essential but painful policies – hmm.

David Cameron – all smarm and bonhomie with a charming Libra Sun Venus and Moon Jupiter in Leo. But what did he do with that wayward 12th house Uranus Pluto? It was always going to emerge to catch him out.

Tony Blair dazzled the UK with his boyish enthusiasm in 1997 – Mars Jupiter on a Gemini Ascendant – and for a few months the country was energized.  Then the unbudgeable, control freak started to emerge – Taurus Sun square Pluto opposition Moon.

  Joe Biden won the election on promises of compassion and empathy – and he does have a generous-spirited Jupiter in Cancer trine a Sun Venus conjunction.  But he’s also got Mars in Scorpio square Pluto which is anything but touchy feely – can be ruthless, brutal, hard-hearted and loathes taking advice which will  feel like being manipulated to him.  He has an extraordinarily Fixed, obstinate to the nth degree temperament.

The Telegraph in talking to people close to the administration points to a picture of a stubborn-headed and defensive president and a staff too afraid to question him. One said, “the downside of discipline is if you’re running things like an autocracy, and you broker no dissent internally.” 

   His Inauguration chart does have dictatorial Pluto on the midheaven – which again was mystifying and did not sound like a Democratic president. But the astrology will out one way or the other. This administration chart also has Uranus square Saturn, which he has conjunct in his natal chart – and that combination can be autocratic, not practising what it preaches.

According to reports Biden is good at shutting out ‘media noise’ which can be useful since news outlets can get worked up to hysterical levels and then it all blows over. But it can also mean his antennae are blunted for issues which will damage his reputation.

  It’s worth keeping a lookout over the next month since the Progressed Moon on the Term chart with conjunct the 12th house Mars Uranus which does look exceptionally rattled. And Biden’s Pluto square Mars is catching the tr Saturn hard aspects over the next few months and tr Uranus will oppose the Mars for the final time in this November and again in early 2022.

PS. This post is about the astrology not the politics so I’d be grateful if you would leave out  party political comments.   

Add On:   Boris Johnson has an appealing Libra Ascendant for his birth chart set to New York (where he was born) and a rousing Sagittarius Ascendant set for London. He’s also got a charm-offensive Sun Venus in Gemini and spell/fantasy weaving Jupiter Neptune – all of which obscures the streak of nastiness, hostility and power-driven which dominates his chart – from Mars in Gemini square Pluto Uranus and Saturn.

His relationship with Biden is inherently hostile and tense as well as suspicious with a composite Mars Pluto trine Saturn and Saturn opposition Neptune. And that can’t be fixed.

Biden and the USA:

Joe Biden has his Jupiter conjunct the USA Mercury opposition Pluto so he will present as an encourager and motivator for the country. His Midheaven is conjunct the USA Neptune which will foster a more compassionate tone though it also squares the USA Mars so will provoke arguments as well. Though he isn’t as heat-provoking as Trump whose Sun was conjunct the USA Mars with his Moon in opposition and his Saturn was conjunct the USA Mercury for a downbeat connection.

What may be most important is Biden’s Pluto conjunct the USA ‘leadership’ Leo North Node which should help to shape the USA’s path ahead and bring about a transformation.  Trump’s Pluto is also conjunct the US Node though not as closely and he clearly had a Plutonic effect on the USA – Pluto being destructive and power hungry as well as an influencer.

  Biden’s relationship chart with the USA has a friendly composite Sun Venus Mercury sextile Jupiter; but also an explosive composite Mars square Uranus and sextile Pluto – part of this latter will help in pushing through significant policies of change but will also lead to disruptive discussions and differences.

Add On: Kamala Harris is not a great fit with the USA. Her Libra Sun opposition Aries Moon sit in square to the US Pluto opposition Mercury. And the relationship chart has a disruptive, explosive Mars Uranus square Neptune and trine Pluto which is being seriously rattled over this year and next by tr Pluto in opposition to the Mars and Uranus and tr Neptune square the Saturn this year. She won’t inspire confidence.

Her astrocartography shows her Sun shines brightest in Bejing being on the Midheaven there. Afghanistan is a no no with Saturn on her IC. Iran/Iraq are combat zones with her Mars on the Midheaven. Pakistan and India are troubled areas for her.

For previous post with more detail on Harris see July 3 2021

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  1. What on earth is Biden doing encouraging North Korea in producing plutonium, which almost certainly be used as nuclear weapons? Whose side is he on!

  2. Venus ruler of Libra transits conjunct the US Progressed Mars retrograde at 17 Libra on 31 August 2021. Worth noting that transiting Mercury retrograde conjuncts the US progressed Mars on 9th October 2021. Transiting Mars will be conjunct the US Progressed Mars on 11-12 October 2021. Both Mercury and Mars by transit together with the US Progressed Mars retrograde will be combust the Sun about this time. Jupiter by transit will be retrograde at 22 Aquarius conjunct the US Progressed Mercury in this period. It will be interesting to watch events about these dates.

    The US Progressed Mars is in the US 2nd House of Finances and Libra which rules partnerships and is associated with the 7th house of relationships where open enemies also reside. It’s retrograde motion appears to be weakening the US finances/alliances while benefitting the US foes. A discussion of its potential impact can be found in this article

  3. Please stop blaming everyone..The time wouldn’t have been wright yesteryesterday or today or tomorrow.It had to be done . Talibans have to proof now.They have already asked Erdogan Turkey for help.The Airport when all are gone…Technically
    How will they manage?I am sure Marjorie can give us a hint .Hopefully.
    I knew it . I send love to all Soldiers working so hard to help all people,but were victims.ATribute to them.All Afghans of course who died.
    Hard aspect.All of you who are scilled in astrology.
    Even beginners,Tell us.Awfully important.So silent.

  4. I was thinking about the refugees, the “refugee crisis” of 2015-16, and how refugees are so often referred to in watery terms – “waves”, “flooding”, “streams” for instance. Neptune must surely be involved, if only symbolically? In 2015 Jupiter was in Virgo, opposing Neptune in Pisces, and arguably boosting it’s apparent presence amongst us. During the Great Famine in Ireland of 1845-1849 Jupiter was again in Virgo (crops and the land) opposing Neptune in Pisces in 1849. The Famine produced an estimated one million refugees. At this time large numbers of economic migrants were also travelling to California in the Gold Rush (1848-1855) – Jupiter/Neptune’s riches for a few, and delusions and disappointments for many.

    There are many factors to consider in this current volatile situation. But it seems there may be a Jupiter-Neptune pattern, specifically with the transit of Neptune in Pisces.
    The last Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces was in 1856, as the Crimean War (Britain, France, Turkey and Sardinia vs Russia) was ending and nurse Florence Nightingale was becoming famous. It was also the time of the Anglo-Persian War, which was partly started because of tensions and strife in Afghanistan.
    The next conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is in April 2022, sextile the Moon’s Nodes in Taurus which may represent land, security, and masses of people.

    • Yes, I agree Jane and I’ve also been wondering how the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces in April next year is going to play out because not only is Neptune in the sign of its rulership but Jupiter as the old ruler of the sign will bring an expansion effect. Floods, deluges and storms naturally spring to mind, but also the movement of people seeking refugee status and safety. The last Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius, mid 2009, brought a wave of deep recession across the globe and two devastating air crashes which killed 100s of passengers, both planes fell into the Atlantic and Indian oceans respectively.

      • Thank you VF, I hadn’t looked at that conjunction. A quick trawl for 1856 shows a fairly intense hurricane/cyclone season, including a massive storm that wreaked devastation in Glasgow, and west Scotland. There were also terrible floods in France, apparently one of the major flooding events in French history. It was also the era of endless significant developments in photography, not specific to 1856. The first war photographs were taken in the Crimean War. Large movements of people are already happening, but possibly the conjunction marks a kind of temporary peak caused by the situation in Afghanistan?

        That conjunction in 2022 is sextile the Nodes, but not too far from Pluto in Capricorn. So there are the three mythical brothers, gods of sky, sea, and the underworld, meeting up. Jupiter and Neptune connect in Biden’s 4th house, close to the IC. I am not sure how to interpret this, but it looks significant to me.

  5. It should be pointed out that David Cameron chose to step down as Prime Minister and Member of Parliament, after the EU Referendum. He killed his career, not himself.

  6. I’ve added a sentence to Boris above about his daggers-drawn relationship with Biden; and Kamala Harris’ astrocartography.

    • Interesting add on. The ruthless lying to get to Vote Leave to win become a contender for being PM. His ruthless jealousy of Cameron getting their first. His Mars in Gemini square Pluto/Uranus and Saturn means he his very good at destroying people. Cameron killed himself in the end. Yet I often wonder whether it was Boris who leaked the text. Likewise with the photo clinch which killed off the Health Secretary. I await to see how Boris kills off Raab. Image is important to Boris. I suspect Boris can cut the legs from under someone whilst smiling. Anyone remember is collusion to beat up a journalist with Darius Guppie in the 1990’s ? Yet Biden’s plutonic chart may cut Boris to the core. Biden has the real power. Boris may get a shock of impotency coming his way. Interesting that Boris was born in America and an American may destroy his leadership. He wanted power. However, Covid and now Afghanistan is proving to show up his inadequacies. Saturn also castrates Uranus. He may never quite get the glory.

  7. My guess is that the countries that have most to fear from the immediate consequences of US and NATO withdrawal are Afghanistan’s nearest neighbours such as Iran, the Central Asian Republics and even Pakistan who may find that the Taliban insurgency they sponsored may come back to haunt them. Russia, China and India are probably already aware that the humiliation of the west comes with a lot of risks and a potentially hefty price tag for themselves.

    • “Biden’s Pluto square Mars is catching the tr Saturn hard aspects over the next few months and tr Uranus will oppose the Mars for the final time in this November and again in early 2022.” Thanks Marjorie.

      And thanks Hugh for your very interesting and enlightening comments. I’m finding the “bigger picture” quite hard to understand!

      What I noticed re Pakistan is, using the 23 August 1947 chart, it has a Leo stellium with Pluto, Saturn at 13 Leo and Venus 15 Leo conjunct in the 4th house. When tr Uranus opposes Biden’s Scorpio Mars in November, he will also be having a Mars return, close to his birthday. Perhaps there are further shocks to the rest of the world in store from this President?
      That Uranus/Mars opposition in transit squares Pakistan’s Pluto/Saturn/Venus right at the root of their national chart. Financial aid for Pakistan could become an even bigger issue than it is today? How involved have they been with the Taliban, and how much is currently hidden I wonder.

      For India, using 26th January, 1950, the Mars/Uranus opposition hits India’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. That does oppose Pluto at 17 Leo too, so potentially could be quite an upheaval. Possibly with Pluto and Jupiter involved, that might be an earthquake or other natural disaster.

      I also noticed that Pakistan’s S. Node at 28 Scorpio is conjunct Joe Biden’s Sun and Venus. This is a curious piece of the puzzle, which includes some kind of “fateful” connection between Biden and Pakistan. Worth noting that Donald Trump’s natal Mars is 26 Leo too, with 29 Leo ascendant. His deal with the Taliban sparked this current situation, although clearly it all goes back so much further – and in a region of the world that few of us here in the West understand very well.

      • And further: I just looked at Marjorie’s post on Joe Biden’s astrocartography, 19th March 2021.

        “Joe Biden’s astrocartography puts his Mars/Descendant line through Moscow and Iran; and his super-confident, power-struggling Jupiter and Pluto Ascendant lines are triggered over Beijing. They will be his militant hot-spots at least for argument and ramped up rhetoric.”

        I also noticed that Joe Biden’s Uranus/Asc line appears to run straight through Kabul on the map. Pluto and Mercury cross close to Karachi.

        If you use the 1st April, 1979 chart for Iran, the Moon is 28 Taurus. Russia 8 November 1917 has Moon at 28 Leo. USSR 30 December 1922 has Moon at 27 Taurus opposing Venus at 28 Scorpio. And there is Biden’s Sun/Venus in Scorpio at 27 and 28 Scorpio…..That lunar eclipse (conjunct Algol) on 19th November at 27 Taurus really is looking quite significant. Just one day before Joe Biden’s birthday, Mars Return, and so on. It seems he is very much a channel for this fixed sign shake-up that affects us all, one way or another.

        • Thank you Jane. I watched Biden’s address on the News last night. It was very telling that he addressed American internal politics first. He told the world, as he was addressing his policies. That he wanted America to be the No.1 top trading country in the world. He was going to make America a force in the world – meaning America is first, second and third in his eyes. Then he addressed Afghanistan. I am based in the U.K. I think Johnson must have been beside himself with anger. Johnson has taken us out of the EU at the worse time in its relationship with America. A trade deal that he was counting on.

          • Yes, I agree Johnson was probably thinking UK could rely on the US post Brexit. Big mistake! Apart from anything else, Biden seems to be very pro Ireland anyway.

            One possibly silly thing I think has an effect on the current volatile situation around the withdrawal is that the US is so far from Europe and the Middle East. I once spent a lot of time in the US, partly for work, and always noticed how separate it seemed, and how generally disinterested in this side of the planet. Consequently, they don’t really take on board how much nearer (and more connected) Europe is to the Middle East and central Asia. London to Kabul is about an 8 hour flight. Washington to Kabul is about a 14 hour flight. Somewhere like Lebanon, for example, is about the same flying time from London as the flight from LA to New York.

            Autumn is looking like a very challenging season already.

    • It is going to cause a refugee crisis. Turkey is already racing to build a wall on their Iranian border (because Afghans cross into Iran and then go west towards Turkey).

      If that route is closed off, refugees might try to go north to Uzbekistan from where they can catch a plane to Belarus and walk into the EU via the Baltic states.

      This is going to be bad.

      For Americans who don’t understand why Europeans are so upset at Biden: actions taken by American presidents keep causing refugee crises. Bush in Iraq caused Iraqis to leave. Obama’s debacle in Syria caused Syrians to leave. Now we have Biden causing arguably the greatest refugee wave yet. All heading to Turkey and Europe. You get to saturation point and can’t cope anymore. Both the Turks and Greeks are already at saturation point, as are the Italians. And the Baltic states are too poor to deal with this.

      • This actually may cause a War in Europe. I think Marjorie put up the European Chart last year. Another worrying thing is the media. Which is a cross between Neptune/ Venus/Uranus. Watching the News last night, it struck me how the media are attempting to lead the narrative. They are encouraging those who they speak to, to come to the the European countries. What was even more bizarre was Sky New’s political commentator. He said at the end of his Report. “I want you to really think about this, really think about it”. It was as if we were being asked to take everyone. This isn’t reporting this is playing a political game. They were trying to get the people to take people in. It was the first time I had encountered a reporter looking straight into the camera and telling us to think about how awful it was. We know, it is terrible. However, if you open your door, like Merkel’s Million, the stream would not stop. The U.K. is taking 560,000 from Hong Kong this year and next, another million will saturate this country. I think the media have forgotten about Hong Kong visas.

        • Nel, I think you need to calm down. You’re looking for catastrophes round every corner and expect huge changes imminently. Afghanistan is upsetting but the media will move onto another drama sooner than you imagine.

    • Hello Hugh. I hadn’t looked at a map of that region for years. What you say does make sense. Everyone is in each other’s front yard/back yard.

  8. Insanity.Delaying.Do everything to o take Afghanistan’s home.,.Passports and visa.
    They have never lived in USA,UK Germany France etc.Eu,UK leaders.,..What a huge problem ahead there will be.
    Delaying after 31/8 .means risking the lives of troops,soldiers who has working so hard to evacuate these homecomers US,EU, UK and the rest of the world.
    Insanity.Biden is wright. Thalibans For the moment dictating.Huge problems ahead.
    Good Bless Troops and Soldiers.

  9. Biden’s fixed aspects are exactly what’s needed now to stay the course to undo the damage from the last guy. He is focused on the big picture and needs to be given credit for being country focused and not the golf course. The former guy and Pompeo made a bad deal with the Taliban and Biden is doing his damndest to salvage anything possible.

  10. I can’t help but feel that his personal losses have led to his inflexible and hurried evacuation of American forces before having assured that of civilians, American and Afghan – his blind spot. It is a strength when empathizing – and even making the right choice to leave – but it makes him unable to remain objective and rational in executing the process of withdrawal. If he were merely impatient he could have made sure everyone left asap, but his myopia was focused on the military forces.

  11. A few thought provoking nuggets from the Telegraph. Evans Pritchard –
    ‘One thing you learn covering foreign affairs for more than 40 years is that quick judgments based on emotional scenes invariably lead to false geopolitical conclusions.’

    China and Russia ultimately have more to fear from the Jihadi destabilisation of Central Asia than the US.

    He argues that while the Vietnam retreat was a US humiliation, it also led to Russia over reaching which ultimately led to the collapse of the USSR

  12. I read an answer on Quora several years ago asking if anyone knew or had met Obama and if he was genuine, and the same in real life.
    There were hundreds of responses and anecdotes, all pretty much saying that he was the same person.
    For some reason one story stuck with me, of a guy who worked for some event meeting both him and Biden sometime before Obama was running for president.

    He said Obama was interested, interesting friendly and human off camera, while Biden was all smiles and caring in front of the cameras, but immediately switched off in a not alltogether pleasant way as soon as the cameras did.
    In my observation Obama put his trust or rather, thinking he could work with those that didnt deserve it or, undid him, intentionally or not.
    eg Hilary…And both she and Biden are Scorpios.

    Thats not to say he isnt shrewd or aware of their flaws, he certainly is, but I think he wants to believe in their higher angels, and that leads to his disapointment.
    But watch him and Biden closely, he always looks as if he is holding back both himself, and his reservations.

      • Emily, that is true.

        Many years ago, I fell on hard times financially and a female friend who was a Scorpio offered to lend me money
        even though she had little cash herself. I didn’t take her offer, but I never forgot her kindness.

        When my financial situation eventually resolved itself, I bought a magnificent gift for her 50th birthday.
        She told me, she wept when she opened it.

        • You know as another Scorpio I was going to say, “Emily, you’re gonna need a tough skin with this sign”.

          But equally, use of language is important. If you’re having to alienate one group of people while appealing to the prejudices of another to be an effectual astrologer… – you can be as detached as you want but you won’t get anywhere.

          • Its become a fashion again for people to police language. It restarted in America but has spread of course.
            At the moment the atmosphere makes me think of the 90’s film version of Arthur Millers play the Crucible. Particularly Winona Ryder who did a great job of her character.

        • Astrologically I think Pluto in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces, obviously as an overaching trend, but more specifically Saturn in Aquarius sets an especially stifling tone, the thought police, add Uranus squaring it becomes increasingly orwellian.
          Apologies to all Aquarians, Capricorns, People from Pluto, Saturn and Neptune.

  13. And ironically given his pledge about women, Harris etc, it is the undermining of the rights of Women that will bite him,
    both there and in Afghanistan. Along with scientific observable reality, something he shares with his predecessor, wether he intended it or not.
    He strikes as an oil tanker once set on his course, hard to turn around.

    • When you look at the Asteroids as well its writ even clearer.

      Juno in Sagittarius [foreign women ]conjunct the Ascendant exactly opposite Saturn.
      Venus conjuct the Ascendant from the 12th and combust the Sun opp Uranus.
      And at the base, Ceres bang on the IC/MC, all enshrouded by the Moon square Pluto.

  14. It is popular with the Irish-American vote to be Anti-British, but Biden actually seems to be that way inclined. That is the last thing that the UK needs! Would Kamala Harris be a better fit? I haven’t a clue.

    • In some ways it does not matter about his personal feelings. Biden’s actions in Afghanistan has delivered a more profound shock to European politicians than Trump ever managed. In particular U.K. post Suez foreign policy lies in tatters. Amongst the anger in the House of Commons in Britain last week you could almost detect the underlying fear. Moreover, US actions are undercutting expectations right across the political spectrum as Andrew Rawnsley pointed out in the Observer. Even Europeans who take the default position of criticising US imperialism are de facto expecting the US to play an interventionist not an isolationist role. The current Uranus Saturn square is shaking the old order to its roots. I suppose if those in power ever consulted astrological charts they might have seen the signs coming as the US progressed Mars retrograde would have been an indicator that the US would be more inward looking. The signs of increasing disillusionment with the Europeans can be traced back at least to Obama. Biden’s Mars playing into the Uranus/Saturn Square now looks as though he was destined to be the President to really kick the process into action. Neptune is now in the third Decan of Pisces traditionally associated with Mars so its ability to dissolve structures now has greater force. Neptune at 22 Pisces is also sextile the degree of the Saturn Pluto synod at 22 Capricorn so it is playing into the long term impact of that conjunction as well.

      • That’s interesting Hugh. I read an article last week about a similar theme, ie that Biden’s actions are part and parcel of the continuing isolationist stance the US accelerated under Trump, but I recall this started with Obama who was not particularly warm towards an increasingly eurosceptic Britain while he was in office. The post-war alliance of the Western democratic European nations protected militarily by the US which we have all grown up with, looks increasingly on shaky ground. The world order as we knew it, is fragmenting.

  15. Part of media predicting Kamala taking over from Biden soon.

    Looking at previous predictions on this site, seems a possibility.

    – Biden getting into more troubles because of Afghanistan in Oct

    – Kamala getting a career boost late this year/early next year, along side some stress/issues at the same time.

    Is it good for the country and the world?

    • He will be gone by the end of the year. I intuitively felt it months ago. Jupiter can also mean death and rebirth. Jupiter opposite Pluto could mean that he will overplay his rulership and implode. Many were posting today, stating he may have dementia and this could be the reason. I have Pluto on a Leo IC opposite MC in Aquarius. When I was younger it was a sudden eruption, yet I always managed to mask it. Pluto is a powerful planet, raw anger and a lethal determination comes easily to a Plutonian person. I should know, my Sun is in wide conjunction with Pluto and my IC. People say that when I want to be I am incredibly determined and focussed. Biden is 78, his Pluto opposition is not boding well today, his rating has dropped considerably.

    • Again I don’t think it matters if Biden’s policy decisions were wrong or right. Nor do I think it will make any difference whether he is gone by the end of the year. His astrological chart is playing into the wider aspects so he is the catalyst for changes that will not be easily reversed. Kamala Harris Mars in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius will also pick up the Uranus/Saturn transiting square in 2022 so exactly the same influences will be in play if she replaces Biden.

      • You are right he is the catalyst. Stewart Wilde, who is dead now, posted America would split. He wasn’t an Astrologer, he was a psychic, yet he stated that America would have a profound schism. Uranus/Saturn is the “push me pull you”. The old verses the quest for change. American Conservatism is being profoundly challenged with their Pluto Return. Pluto brought Brexit to the UK whilst transiting Capricorn. Biden has shocked the world. Like Hitler, it only takes one person to change a country’s direction and the course of the world.

        Marjorie is there a world chart? Could it be based on the Indian Great Year?

          • People can compare without a complete literal sense. What Biden has done will go down in history, it is callous and very shocking, even more, because it is the US. Biden has not been in office for a year. If he remains in office, who is to state that there are not more brutal shocks. Leaving aside the politics, Biden’s stunning withdrawal is extremely cruel, in my view.

  16. I note Tony Blair’s chart has Neptune Saturn conjunct in Libra. This probably accounts for his Messiah complex. He wants to save the world but just ends up alienating everyone. There is a potential for deluding oneself and others which can lead to a loss of reputation. Everything concrete he tries to build with his Saturn is liable to be washed away by his Neptune. His Mars in Gemini would make him a forceful and persuasive speaker able to win over others but fails to make good the promises. Lots of 12th House planets as well if the time of birth is correct. Taurus Sun and Jupiter suggests he might be a little too fond of material wealth. Ultimately everything he has touched has crumbled away.

  17. Interesting Marjorie, thank you. Is there a comparison of Biden’s chart with the USA chart? He and his team have to win the next election, for the sake of humanity- the alternative is unthinkable. But those aspects in Biden’s chart may play out very differently as the ruler of a country compared to personal considerations.

  18. I remember that Joe Biden was born with Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Scorpio….and I was curious to see how his Mars in Scorpio would manifest…considering that isn’t exactly a malleable aspect.

    Biden’s Moon is in Taurus….so, I would imagine that would explain why he can be as stubborn as a old mule sometimes. For example. he still refuses to admit that he made a serious mistake in his handling of Afghanistan. So, I don’t see the situation being rectified anytime soon.

  19. Each of the transformational US Presidents have been fixed signs: Lincoln – Aquarius ended slavery, Theodore Roosevelt – Scorpio busted the trusts and robber barons, Franklin Roosevelt – Aquarius brought in the New Deal and a major shift to the left that lasted until Reagan – Aquarius who shifted the US to the right. Perhaps given the travails of US politics they need an intransigent, hard nosed leader to effect any major change. Perhaps Biden with his host of Scorpio planets in the 12th house hidden behind his easy going Sag., ascendant and his moon in Taurus has the toughness to put his agenda in place. He has started well with his stimulus and infrastructure bills – we’ll see.

    • Biden is incredibly Plutonian. He is has certainly erupted the world! Yet America is also going to experience a Pluto return next year. It may not go all America’s way. Biden has shocked the world and then showed his stubborn side. Pluto is deep and can sometimes be unfathomable. This cold lethal assassination of Europe, because that is what he has done, will be met with loss of trust and a certain rebuff. Johnson had to phone Biden, as he didn’t liaise with any of the NATO countries. Trump, Obama and Biden have been seething about NATO countries not pulling their weight for some time. Biden’s cool plutonium bomb has put the wind up Europe. America needs friends and allies though. The Pluto return plays beautifully with Biden’s chart, will he sink America or build it? I think he will be gone to ensure he does not sink it.

        • It was a figure of speech. Many members of NATO were not financially contributing enough to NATO. American has been subsidising NATO. Trump warned Europe and Biden pulled the plug. Afghanistan is as much about American politics as Europe.

    • This is very interesting. I am surprised that people ignore astrology when it comes to politics. It’s as if people think politics happens in a vacuum.

    • Obama tried to work with Republicans and his Neptunian side got played. He seemed to cave to the generals on Afghanistan. The occupation was pretty fraudulent, so the chaos should not surprise anyone. The toxic Gemini flailing and unpredictability was very stressful. A news person just mentioned that the White House was focused.

      • We shouldn’t conflate the withdrawal from Afghanistan with its imbecilic execution. Who pulls out their military without notifying their allies or the Afghan commander? Who abandons an impenetrable base and a billion $ worth of equipment BEFORE getting out civilians? Not to mention choosing the height of the Talibans “military”season. But he wanted to have it done around Sept. 11th to for the optics. He’s a fool.

  20. Biden’s late Scorpio Sun emphasizes his fixed nature. It is sextile US Pluto so he could prove to be the right tough-minded President to lead his country through the Pluto return. But he is not without failings and stubbornness.

  21. The new Moon on 8th August in Leo was square Biden’s Mars in Scorpio and transiting Uranus in Taurus so might be seen as the trigger to current events in Afghanistan. The first provincial capitals fell to the Taliban about that time. Today’s Full Moon at 29 Aquarius conjunct Jupiter and square Biden’s natal Sun/Venus marks the culmination of what began then.

  22. Mars Pluto square in fixed signs means Biden is not going to be budged from his views or decisions easily. The Saturn transit opposite his natal Pluto will if anything stiffen his resolve. Uranus transit opposition Mars suggests a desire to break away from traditional ties or responsibilities. It can also engender criticism from others. As Marjorie says the astrology is all playing out in the events.

  23. I suspect the same combination of planets kept him going after he lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident,
    and then his son Beau to brain cancer.

    I have often wondered about Joe’s tenacity in dealing with such appalling tragedy, which would crush other people.

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