Joan Baez & Roger Daltrey – two golden oldies doing good

Joan Baez, singer and heroine of the protest culture and anti-Vietnam movement is 83 years old. While no longer touring, she still resonates with audiences, received a Kennedy Center Honour in 2021 and capped her long career with a documentary last year on Netflix: Joan Baez, I am a Noise. It looks back on her sensational life and her relationship with Bob Dylan who broke her heart.

  She was born 9 January 1941 and has a 10th house Capricorn Sun and Mercury in an Earth Grand Trine to Uranus in Taurus in a creative trine to musical Neptune. She has a powerful and influential Pluto in her performing 5th house square a determined Jupiter Saturn in Pluto, sextile her Gemini Moon and trine an 8th house Mars in Sagittarius.

  Her Moon opposition an 8th house Mars tied into Pluto suggests a stressed family background to which she alludes in the documentary but never clarifies.

Roger Daltrey, lead singer with the Who and then a solo artist will be 80 in six weeks. But his latest claim to fame is the £32 million he has raised for the Teenage Cancer Trust over the past two decades. It has built specialist units and funds an array of psychologists, social workers and palliative care nurses and will be promoting a series of shows this March featuring the Who, Noel Gallagher and the Chemical Brothers at the Royal Albert Hall, London in late March.

  He has been reflecting back on a long stint, remarkably drug free through the music business, with a marriage that has last for 52 years, despite his many dalliances away from home which have resulted in four illegitimate children to add to his four produced in two marriages (and now fifteen grandchildren).  

  He was born 1 March 1944 2am in London, growing up poor in post-war Britain. He has a 3rd house, quick-witted Pisces Sun on the focal point of a yod to a 10th house creative Neptune sextile Pluto North Node. A yodal Sun starts with low-self-esteem problems but grows in self-assurance, at times tilting into over confidence. He has an Air Grand Trine of Neptune trine Venus in Aquarius trine Moon Uranus in Gemini, formed into a Kite by Venus opposition Pluto North Node – a thinker and communicator, influential, quite controlling, emotionally intense and detached at the same time.  His Sun is also in a defiant, rebellious square to Uranus and a Saturn Mars conjunction in Gemini in his 7th house of partner. He’ll be short-fused and argumentative and his Gemini wife must be a paragon of tolerance. Strangely for someone who avoided drugs to protect his singing career he has no earth in his chart and should be ungrounded. Perhaps his Saturn sextile Jupiter protected him from tilting too far in the direction of any kind of excess.   

  Very different from earthy Joan Baez but a survivor all the same.

6 thoughts on “Joan Baez & Roger Daltrey – two golden oldies doing good

  1. Liz M I googled Roger’s charity work. It was something he just fell into after being asked to help with fundraising once. He has other charities he is also involved with. He is a very down to earth man. Bit of a temper when younger though. He was a sheetmetal worker before forming the Who. He worked hard in the Who because he thought he could only go back to that kind of work if he was ever told to leave the band. He was told by his bandmates, not to get physical to the other band members or he would be sacked. This was when they were much younger… He still relates to the difficulties working people have and how govts hoodwink us.

  2. Go to Youtube and play Joan singing Diamonds and Rust about her relationship with Bob Dylan and hear her beautiful, crystal clear voice. Beats me why he did not want to stay with her.

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