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Jess Phillips is that rarity at Westminster, a politician that tells the truth, brick batting her own chief, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with as much enthusiasm as she does Theresa May. The Times described her as ‘fearless and funny, riotous and rebellious, maverick and mischievous.’

She talks of Corbyn and May as being of a pair. ‘There is an old-fashionedness about both of them. They are of a bygone era. It’s a bit like The Good Life – she’s Margo and he’s Tom. – They’re both in this terrible situation where they’re very traditional, very stubborn, bloody difficult people and they can’t assimilate with groups of people who aren’t like them – or admit when they’ve made mistakes.”

Unsurprisingly she’s been the subject of virulent and unpleasant attack from both the far left and the right. She has nine locks on her front door and a panic room in her constituency office.

Born 9 October 1981 Birmingham, England, five days after Ilhan Omar (see post below), she has the same stellium in Libra of Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, so the same tendency to shoot off her mouth; plus Mars in flamboyant Leo perhaps opposition an Aquarius Moon square Uranus Venus which is volatile but in Fixed signs gives her staying power. Her Mercury is in Scorpio and unaspected, which can have a tendency to single-mindedness.

The difference of a few days gives her marginally better influences than Ilhan Omar in the near future though there are a couple of downers especially from this May which will dent her certainty. But she’s also got some cheer from a lucky break Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Uranus, probably later this year; and some Jupiterian uplift in 2020.

7 thoughts on “Jess Phillips – a breath of fresh air

  1. ‘A breath of fresh air’ – really?

    Her last contribution to a debate in the House of Commons was later shown to be a pack of statistical lies. She’s utterly shameless and very manipulative – many of her constituents have expressed concerns about the way she denigrates the constituency for her own self-aggrandisement.

  2. Jess Phillips needs to be a bit more than an ageist showboater before I would consider voting for her.

    Britains last 6 Prime Ministers first took office at age 54 (Margaret Thatcher), 49 (John Major), 43 (Tony Blair), 56 (Gordon Brown), David Cameron (43), Theresa May (60).

    In fact to find a politician first entering No 10 over state pension age you have to go back to Winston Churchill in 1940.

    The UK may be many things but it is not a political geriontocracy. Hard for a youth obsessed media to realise it but Prime Ministers are becoming more not less aligned with the demographics of the UK where the average age of the population is now 40.

  3. I like her, find her refreshing and would vote for her.

    Corbyn and May – the two most uninspiring party leaders I can ever remember.

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